5 Xbox One Racing Wheel Features Gamers Crave

If you love Xbox racing games, you need to learn more about Xbox One racing wheel features.

A racing wheel is a principal controller in racing games.

In this post, you understand who can use the racing wheel?

When and where can you purchase the racing wheel?

How to use it and the best features more gamers crave.

Who uses the Xbox One Racing Wheel?


If you want to enhance your experience while playing your favorite racing game, you need to use a racing wheel.

It is a device that has been designed specifically for racing games.

Because of improvements in technology, the Microsoft Xbox racing wheel is one of the best accessories for racing games.

A Xbox racing wheel provides the best gaming experience when playing racing games.

From 270-degree wheel rotation to embedded software recognized by the consoles.

What games can I play with a racing wheel?

A racing wheel is a controller that makes Xbox racing games better.

It gives you an incredible amount of control over your racing car.

However, it is necessary to know the best games you can play with the Xbox racing wheel for Microsoft.

While most games can work with Xbox One racing wheels, it is good to check the general information about the game.

Some games you can play with the Xbox One racing wheel include:

  • Dirt Rally
  • F1 2015, F1 2016, and F1 2017
  • The Crew
  • Forza Horizon 2, and Forza Horizon 3
  • Forza motorsport 5
  • Project Cars
  • Nascar Heat 2
  • The Crew Wild Run

When Should I use a racing wheel?

Hyperkin S Wheel Wireless Racing Controller for Xbox One Image.
Image Source: Microsoft.com

If you love playing Xbox racing games, you can start using Xbox One racing wheel.

It is an accessory that will take your gaming experience to the next level.

Since they are high quality, customized, and well-designed wheel for racing on Xbox One, you enhance your gaming.

The good news is that there are many Xbox One racing wheels on the market.

Before you get one, do a bit of research to ensure you pick the best for your favorite racing games.

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, there are many great racing wheels to consider.

As a fan of racing games, it is essential to invest in a quality racing wheel.

A genuine Xbox racing wheel will enable you to feel the changes in the terrain and comes with force feedback.

Where can I buy a Xbox wheel?

Some of the best places to buy Xbox One racing wheel and pedals are Amazon.com, Best Buy, Walmart.com, Gamestop.com, Hori USA, and eBay.

One of the primary reasons you need to purchase a Xbox racing wheel from the above sites is because of the price.

It is cheaper to buy from these sites.

Also, they are well-known retail stores that provide genuine products.

Moreover, most of them, such as Amazon, have warehouses through the US and other countries.

1. Amazon.com–The best site to look for a Xbox racing wheel is Amazon.

Here, you will find all types and probably purchase at the lowest price.

Amazon is the best retailer in the world; If you want a speedy delivery, visit Amazon.com.

They also know Amazon for its wonderful customer service.

By going through reviews, you can tell it is one of the best places to buy a Xbox steering wheel.

2. Walmart.com–Walmart is another big retail store that you will find a game racing wheel for Xbox.

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel for Xbox One Image
Image Source: Walmart

It is a great store that has exceptional discounts.

No matter the racing wheel you want, you can find it at the store.

3. GameStop–This is a well-known American video game retailer.

It is among the best gaming stores to search for consoles, video games, and accessories such as racing wheels.

Hence, if you are searching for a genuine racing wheel, visit Gamestop.com.

4. Best Buy–Another great store known for knowledgeable staff is Best Buy.

Here you will find many electronics such as Xbox racing wheel and others.

The site is well-designed and easy to navigate.

5. Hori USA–If you are searching for gaming accessories such as controllers, arcade sticks, and others, one of the best online stores to visit is www.HoriUSA.com.

It is a store with high-quality products and among the best places to shop for racing items.

6. eBay–If you have ever bought something online, eBay is one of the most popular online stores.

Whether you want a pre-owned one or a brand new racing wheel, the site has high-quality products.

Why use a Gaming wheel?

If you want to experience the best when playing Xbox One racing games, you need a racing wheel.

Xbox has manufactured several racing wheels that act just like the ordinary steeling wheels.

However, they have extra buttons to help you play the games you love.

*Enhanced experience – A racing wheel provides positive feedback when racing.

You will get real-world experience as a real racing car.

*Competitive gaming – If you are planning to take part in a racing game tournament, you need a racing wheel.

It is one of the best gadgets you need during competition.

*Accuracy – Compared to a keyboard or a joystick, a racing wheel provides more well-defined gameplay.

You can be assured of accuracy when using a racing wheel control.

How do you use a racing wheel?

Logitech Racing Wheel G920 for Xbox.
Image Source: Logitech

A racing wheel comprises a steering wheel and pedals.

All you need is to connect the set to your PC or Xbox via an input.

It is an accessory that helps to control the game properly.

After purchasing a Xbox One racing wheel, the next step is learning how to use it.

Happily, most racing wheels are plug and play.

However, you need to make sure it is compatible with your gadget.

Also, the racing wheel comes with a manual to help gamers using it for the first time.

However, once you plug it in, using it is straightforward.

Does the Gaming wheel work on PC?

Even though there is a Xbox racing wheel for PC and a racing wheel for Xbox One, most of them can work well on PC.

They have been designed to work perfectly on PCs.

However, it is essential to ensure your racing wheel is in the correct mode.

Compatibility mainly depends on the make and the operating system of your PC.

Some racing wheels are cross-compatible, but others are compatible with just one device.

Therefore, pick a racing wheel that fits your PC specification.

Also, consult the manual to ensure you select the correct mode for your PC.

To connect the racing wheel to the PC, all you need is to connect the steering wheel USB cable to a USB cable on your computer.

Then connect the pedal unit to the steering wheel and reboot the computer.

5 Xbox Wheel Features Gamers Crave

Racing Wheel Overdrive for Xbox One from HORI USA Image.
Image Source: Hori USA

If you love racing games, all you need is a racing wheel that will engage yourself in racing games.

But the key challenge is to pick the right racing wheel; It is because there are many available on the market.

Xbox One racing wheels are costly.

But you need to understand that you get what you pay for.

Therefore, if you want a racing wheel that will provide the ultimate immersive experience, you should be ready to pay for more.

To help you when shopping for a racing wheel, here are the main features that gamers crave.

1. Size–One of the most vital features to consider is the size because it impacts the gameplay.

Although a smaller size can be perfect in a smaller space, you need to select a size ideal for you.

You do not want a small steering wheel to feel more like a toy.

Any gamer wants a racing wheel that gives you the realistic experience you hope to get.

Therefore, the size of the racing wheel is a crucial feature.

2. Pedals–The pedals are vital as they bring the experience you need when racing.

Therefore, make sure you research more about pedals; Good pedals should work like real car pedals.

3. Customization–Pay attention to how much customization you can do with your racing wheel.

An excellent racing wheel should give you the freedom to program the pedals and face buttons.

For instance, some offer a degree rotation of 180 while offer provides a degree rotation of 270.

4. LED Indicators–Some racing wheels have LED indicators.

They signal when to shift gears and are very helpful when playing high performance racing games.

Also, if you are a beginner, LED indicators are helpful when playing.

5. Leather grips–To get the best from Xbox racing wheels, leather grips are necessary.

Just like regular car wheel, the leather grips will ensure you hold the wheel more securely.

A plastic racing wheel does not make the experience more realistic.

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