Xbox Game Pass for PC – A Guide for Beginners

One of the most welcomed gaming services is Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Because of the continuous growth of the gaming industry, video game companies are searching for innovative ways on how to reach billions of gamers all over the world.

From the creation of new games to designing great consoles and introducing new gaming plans, the manufacturers are doing all they can to reach as many gamers as possible.

Since most people are moving from a single purchase to yearly subscriptions, the gaming companies are coming up with great deals and unusual subscriptions.

It is to help gamers enjoy games, have wonderful experiences, and engage with each other.

Introducing the Xbox Game Pass for PC is one of the best deals in the gaming sector.

It is an affordable subscription that allows gamers to access many grand games on their consoles and PCs.

Xbox Game Pass is a Microsoft product where you can play games on PCs or consoles once you have subscribed to the plan.

Starting at $1 for the 1st month, you can enjoy your favorite games anytime.

Xbox is one of the affordable and genuine gaming subscriptions.

Gamers can enjoy over 100 games on their PC and over 200 games on Xbox One console.

Earlier, it was just Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One.

But introducing Xbox Game Pass for PC has made the pot sweeter; Anyone can now join the service.

The Xbox Game Pass for PC is available to all.

With a desktop or a laptop, users can enjoy all the benefits that come with the service.

Even though there are minimum system requirements, most people will meet the demands.

To help you understand more about Xbox Game Pass for PC, let take a deeper look.

In this guide, you will learn who uses the plan, when and where you can get it, how you can get the most out of it, and how to cancel the subscription if you feel it is not worth your money.

Also, we will look at the top games for Game Pass for PC.

What is the Xbox Game Pass for PC?


Today, gaming on PC has become very common.

Everyone is looking for ways on how to change their PC to enjoy great gaming.

Also, people are searching for the best games and plans to subscribe.

However, getting the right titles and subscribing to various channels has become a challenge to many people.

Gamers want a place where they can get all their favorite games at an affordable rate.

One of the most preferred plans is Xbox Game Pass for PC.

It is an exceptional plan that allows you to access over 100 high-quality PC games at a good price.

As long as your PC is on Windows 10, you can get the Game Pass for PC.

Xbox PC game pass is a subscription service that provides a wide library of games.

From old to new games, you can get most of the games on the platform.

There are family-friendly games, action and adventure, shooters, and many more.

The service has become popular in many countries because of its benefits.

All you need is to pay for the subscription and download to play the games.

You can play on your desktop or laptop.

Xbox game pass for PC works like the Xbox game pass for the console.

Most of the best games on the console are available on the PC plan.

The deal is marvelous because you can get access to many games.

Also, there are new games added all the time.

Game Pass for PC started in several countries but has attracted many gamers all over the world.

Because of its many benefits, it has become an exciting platform for people who want to access a selection of popular games on a budget.

One of the primary reasons most people prefer the Xbox Game Pass for a computer is pricing.

The monthly subscription is affordable to all.

Also, the library of games is very extensive; Here you will find brand new releases and great exciting titles.

With the Xbox game pass for PC, you download games to your PC.

Since it is not a cloud gaming service, the performance is better and very exciting.

It is also a platform where all the upcoming titles are available on the day of release.

Many third-party titles are available on Game Pass.

Some popular games are Sea of Thieves, Resident Evil 7, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Crusader Kings III, and others.  

As long as you have joined the service, there is no limit or restrictions on the number of games you can download and play.

You can play for many hours and access over 100 titles in a day.

Also, if you are not pleased with the service or the games, it is possible to cancel the subscription.

The cancellation process is simple and easy; You can quickly do it on your computer.

It is also possible to regain access even after canceling your subscription.

You can easily sign-up and start enjoying the games again.

There are no hidden charges or long steps to join.

By visiting, you can get Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Also, there are other sites where you can check for great deals and amazing discounts.

All you need is to have a desktop or a laptop that can run all the games you want to download and play.

Who uses the Xbox game pass for PC?

Xbox-Game-Pass-for-PC-Beginners Badge

If you are new to Xbox Game Pass for PC and you are not sure whether you can use Xbox Game Pass for PC, the subscription is open to all.

We refer Xbox Game Pass for Pc as the Netflix for games.

As long as you have a gaming PC, you can subscribe to the plan.

Although there are a few system requirements, anyone with a membership can play.

It does not matter where you are or the gaming PC you are using.

The service is open to all; All you need is to subscribe to download and play.

Xbox Game Pass for PC is available in various countries that include the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Sweden, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Portugal, France, German, India, Italy, Israel, Poland, Chile, Colombia, and many others.

You can visit the website to confirm whether it is available in your country.

Keep in mind that some countries such as Russia, Turkey, and South Korea have some restrictions.

For instance, in Russia, the membership is only available from the local retailers.

The reasons for restrictions include local laws, technical limitations, or licensing agreements.

If the plan is available in your country, you need to ensure your computer has the latest version of Windows 10.

And, in case you are running an outdated version of Windows, you need to get the latest one.

Besides, make sure your gaming PC is ready to accommodate most of these games.

Keep in mind you may download complex games.

Hence, check the needed system requirements to make sure it can run the games properly.

Once you have signed up, you can access all the games and download them on your PC.

They entitle you to great deals and discounts; Luckily, there are several plans to choose from.

You can pick the ultimate option or stick to the standard plan.

Instead of a single purchase, most people with gaming PCs prefer Microsoft Pass for PC.

It is simple to access, and since you do not stream, the quality is outstanding.

Moreover, there are many unique games for all; The service is constantly improving.

Extra features are being added to help gamers experience the best.

For example, it is now possible to download the Xbox Beta App for free.

The App will help provide access to Game Pass for PC once you have the subscription.

If you are a lover of adventure games or you prefer playing action games, the plan has old and new exciting games.

Also, soon there will be EA Play for those who love sports games.

When should I use the Xbox game pass for PC?

Gamer playing Video Games

The best time to use Xbox Game Pass for PC is when you want to play high-quality PC games.

Since you can access over one hundred games, you can join the platform to play strategy games, RPG, and other popular games.

Besides, if you are searching for a platform that will provide many digital games, you need to consider Xbox Pass for PC.

Xbox Pass for PC is for people who love to play without limiting themselves.

The service also allows gamers to play with friends and chat with them as they play.

There are many new releases and old games, both for experienced gamers and beginners.

The platform is also adding new advanced features to help gamers experience the best.

For instance, introducing EA Play is a bonus to sports lovers.

Also, there are cloud-enabled games to help you play on your tablet and mobile phone.

The best time to consider Xbox Game pass for PC is when you would like to download and play games for several hours.

The Xbox Pass for a computer is the best service since there is no limit.

Since you have access to over 100 games, you can download and play all the games you love.

It is also an excellent platform for beginners.

If you are new to gaming and you are not sure where to start, you can join the platform.

Since there is no limit to the games to play, you can try all the categories.

Also, if you would love to access many games, Xbox game pass monthly subscription is a wonderful offer.

The platform has a library of new and old games to download and play on your PC.

Happily, the list of games is well-curated and updated every month.

Less popular ones are removed, and they add some on the list.

To enjoy the service benefits, make sure you download and play games on offers.

Also, if you need a platform that will help you discover the next favorite games, the Xbox game pass for PC is an outstanding platform.

This is the best place to get a new game the same day they release it.

And since there is no restriction on the number of games to play, it is a great place for a game fanatic.

As long as you are a member, you have limited access to many impressive titles.

Also, if you feel you want to play some of the best RPG games, this is the best platform to consider.

There are many popular RPG games among others.

You can also enjoy free perks such as consumables, offers, and many other extras.

You also earn points when you play games in the Xbox Game Pass library.

Where is the official website for the Xbox game pass for PC?

Searching for a Ghost

Because of the risks that are involved in online gaming, it is important to visit the official website when you require a Xbox Game Pass for PC.

The official website is

The site has all the information concerning the plan and the games.

It is well-designed and easy to navigate when searching for information.

Some things you will find at the website include:

*Overview of Game Pass–You will learn more about Game Pass for PC.

If you are new and you would like to know how to join, or how to download the games and play visit the website.

You can also learn how to connect and play at the site.

Users can explore the site to discover extra features, games, and benefits.

*System requirement–Your gaming PC needs to be ready for the platform.

Although the requirements may differ depending on the games you want to play, you will learn the minimum system requirements needed.

For instance, you need the Windows 10 and Xbox app to play the games.

Other system requirements you need include a memory of 8GM RAM, storage of 150GB, and others.

*Games–At the site, you will discover the best games to play; The library is full of old and new titles.

They have built the games for PC gamers; Happily, it is easy to explore and browse the library.

FAQ–If you have questions before joining the platform, you can find the answers at the FAQ section.

Here, you will learn everything you need concerning Xbox Game Pass for PC.

And since Game Pass for PC is under Microsoft, you can learn more about the other products or join the Xbox gaming community.

If you are stuck, seek help from the Xbox support section.

Why should I use the Xbox Game Pass for PC?

Looking for Questions and Answers

Xbox Game Pass for PC has become the talk of the town by gamers using a gaming PC.

It is a service that has provided the gaming community the best service they have been looking for.

It has a rich library of PC games; The price is reasonable, and you can enjoy new titles the day it releases them.

This is something other gaming services could not provide.

The service gives users access to 100 games on PC.

Also, there are games added and removed every month.

Xbox Game Pass permits you to download games in its library.

If you are not sure whether to subscribe to the platform, here are some reasons you need to use Xbox Game Pass for PC.

1. The Vast Library of PC games

The primary reason to use PC Xbox game pass is its library.

There is a wide range of games ranging from action games to adventure.

You can explore the library and play all the new games from your PC.

The library is among the best for the collection of games.

There are new games and you can view recommendations, filter, and discover more.

Here, you can access some favorite games; There are major series that appear on the service.

This makes it an amazing opportunity for beginners searching for an outstanding gaming platform.

Apart from Xbox games, there are many third-party games to enjoy.

Happily, all the games are amazing and worth a download.

Would you love to try Age of Empires or Wasteland, you can find all your favorite games on the platform.

2. New game releases come directly to the Game Pass

Another reason you need to use Xbox Game Pass for PC is that the new games are available on the platform from day one.

You need not wait for several days to enjoy the new games.

Even with a wide collection of games, the new releases are always available to members.

This makes it interesting and exciting since you need not pay extra charges to download and play the new game release.

3. Cost

Price is another reason you need to use Xbox Game Pass.

We consider game Pass for PC the best deal for experienced gamers and novices.

It is affordable for people who are joining and also to those who are already members.

Compared to other gaming platforms, Microsoft beats them all.

The monthly cost is cheap and affordable for all.

Moreover, you can access, download, and play a lot of games.

4. Have a stable program

We know game Pass for PC to maintain a stable collection of games.

Unlike other gaming services, here you will find new titles coming in and old ones going out every month.

Stability makes it possible for members to keep subscribing.

Since members are sure of new exciting releases, they are always ready to keep subscribing.

5. Game pass for all

As long as your PC is using the latest Windows 10 version, you can join the service.

It is not a service for a chosen few.

It is open to all and has enhanced the mindset of subscription in gaming.

Now, you need not have a console to subscribe to the program.

You can enjoy old games and new ones with a simple gaming PC.

It also allows cross-platform.

You can play dozens of games at your beefy desktop or simple laptop.

Also, you can play games on the compatible smartphone or tablet from Beta.

What is the Price for Xbox Game Pass?

Is the product price worth it?

Even though the price is expected to change, Xbox Game Pass for PC costs $4.99 per month.

Starting at $1 for the 1st month, it is affordable for someone looking for a reliable gaming plan.

And unlike other versions, the Game Pass for PC will soon contain the basic EA play subscription.

There are no hidden charges and once you join, you can start downloading your favorite games.

It has a massive library that includes all the Xbox game studio titles.

From the most popular games to new releases, you will have all at no extra cost.

If you have some extra cash, you can consider Game Pass Ultimate.

This service is available for both PC and Console.

How to get Xbox Game Pass on PC?

Today, the gaming sector has to evolve from the single purchase model to subscriptions.

Gamers spend money on a yearly subscriptions.

Paying a monthly fee or a yearly subscription gives you access to more games than a single purchase.

Moreover, there are many deals and discounts where you choose a subscription.

One of the best gaming plans for gamers on PC is Xbox Game Pass on PC.

They rolled out the Xbox Game Pass for PC in Mid-2019.

Although it is like the game pass for the Xbox console, it is different.

This is because you do not need any special PC to play the games.

Nevertheless, it gives subscribers access to numerous games.

All the games are available at no extra cost; All you need is to subscribe to play.

However, you need to note that for you to install Xbox Game Pass for PC on your desktop or laptop, your PC should run on Windows 10.

Happily, you can use the Windows update tool to have the latest version of Windows OS.

Now, to help you get Xbox Game Pass on PC, here are a few steps you may take.

How to Install Windows Xbox App

1. The first step is to visit website and sign in using the Xbox account.


2. The next step is to download the App.


The new App is to help gamers access the games faster and with ease.

Once you have downloaded the app, you also need to download the installer on the computer.

3. After reading the Microsoft software licensing terms, you need to acknowledge by checking the box.


Then the Xbox Game Pass will install.

You will receive a message to inform you they have installed it.

Now it is time to play; However, you need to become a member.

4. To be a member, you need to sign-in.


A Window with a list of known Microsoft accounts will appear.

You can select one account and sign in.

However, you can prefer to sign in using a different Microsoft account.

5. After signing in, it is time to play.


Click the lets play button and it will move you to the home screen of Xbox Game Pass for PC.

You can click now to sign up or click any game to open the information screen.

6. When signing up for Game Pass for PC, you need to choose how long you want to play Game Pass on your PC.


Then it will prompt you to choose a payment option.

They will also inform you that it will renew your subscription every month.

After payment and subscribing, you can now explore games.

7. If you want to play any game, just click the game and you will get the option to download and install it.


Now access the Xbox Game Pass for PC anytime through the Start Menu on your computer.

How to use Xbox game pass on PC?

Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription service is amazing to all PC gamers.

If you love to play and explore new games, this is one of the best subscriptions you can consider.

If you already have Xbox Game Pass on your PC, the next step is learning how to use it.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran gamer, finding games is simple and straightforward.

There are 2 main options on how to find games on Game Pass on PC.

The easiest one is downloading the free app.

But, if you have no time to download the app, you can access the games via Microsoft store.

Even though finding games in Microsoft store is cumbersome, it needs no installation.

Just go to the store and start searching for games.

a. Accessing Xbox Game Pass on PC games via the App

If they already subscribe you to the Xbox Game Pass on PC, you can access the games via the app.

This method is easy to use, user-friendly, and the most common.

No matter which games you want to download and play, using the app is straightforward.

The only major step is to download and install the app.

To get started, you need to download the app on Windows 10.

Go to the Microsoft store and search for Xbox Beta App.

If you had installed the app before, you are good to go.

After getting the app, log-in with your account.

The interface is better and you can easily find the games you need.

Everything is well displayed and you can play on your PC.

Choose the games you want to play, download them, and start playing.

After installing games, you can easily start playing through the app or through a short-cut created when installing.

b. Accessing Xbox Game Pass on PC games via the Microsoft Store

The other way you can access Xbox Game Pass on PC games is through the Microsoft store.

As stated above, it is complex, but it needs no installation.

We find all the games playable on Game Pass in the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft Store App store is available on every Windows 10 by default.

You do not need any extra installation.

If you are new, the best way is to access the games via the app.

But if you do not have time to download and install the app, this is a good option.

The first step is to open the Microsoft Store and on the Store Homepage, click the menu button at the right section of the window.

Here, you can select “My Library” to see the content you own.

Search for Game Pass and click on the option.

Here, all the games included will display.

Now you can choose the games you want to download and play.

Does Xbox game pass work on any PC?

Tech Specs for a Computer

Xbox Game Pass can work on any gaming PC.

However, you need to know the system requirements before you get Xbox Game Pass on PC.

Therefore, when shopping for a gaming desktop or planning to upgrade one, you need to consider the OS, the Processor, Storage, Memory, GPU, Monitor, and others.

1. The Windows

For Xbox Game Pass for PC, you need to have Windows 10.

This is to ensure you have the best gaming experience.

The OS will ensure you play over 100 high-quality PC games on your computer.

Also, since new games are added often, it will be easier to play all the games with ease.

Therefore, make sure you have the latest update on your computer.

2. The processor

One of the most important components for a gaming PC is the processor or CPU.

When you are planning to play Xbox Game Pass or any other games, you need to have a good processor.

In most cases, a gaming computer requires i5 or i7 processors.

With Xbox Game Pass for PC games, the recommended processor is Intel Core i5-8300H.

This is a good processor for many games; You can play action, adventure, and other games with ease.

Keep in mind that a processor is a difficult component to upgrade.

Therefore, when searching for a gaming PC, pick the best processor you can.

This will ensure your computer lasts for a long time.

2. The Memory

Although Xbox Game Pass can play on almost all gaming PCs, you need to check your memory or RAM.

For games to run smoothly, you need to have enough RAM.

With at least 8GB RAM, you will run everything smoothly.

Also, 16GB RAM is a good amount for most games.

Happily, with RAM you can always opt for more.

3. The GPU

Another essential component that sets the gaming PCs above other PCs is the GPU or video card.

It is an element that boosts gaming performance.

3GB VRAM on graphic cards is an excellent choice.

For Xbox Game Pass for PC, the recommended one is NVIDIA GTX 1050 or AMD Radeon RX 560.

4. Other important components

The other vital components you need to check include storage drive, monitor, power supply, and cooling fans.

Although all home computers will have all these parts, you need to ensure all can handle your gaming activities.

Therefore, make sure you have the best.

For instance, you can consider 150GB for the storage drive and a 1080p monitor.

In general, a gaming PC operating on Windows 10 OS, has an i5 processor, 8GB RAM, storage drive of 150GB, 1080p monitor, and a GPU of NVIDIA GTX 1050 or AMD Radeon RX 560, is good for Xbox games.

How to Cancel Xbox Game Pass on PC?

Cancelling a Subscription for Xbox

Xbox game pass for PC provides access to many games.

As long as you have subscribed, you can continue downloading and playing the games.

But when you are done with it, you can easily cancel the subscription with several clicks.

Below is a simple guide on how to cancel the subscription.

It is simple, quick, and anyone can do it.

How to cancel Xbox Game Pass on PC

1. The first step is to open the app.

You can do this by typing Xbox into the start Menu.

Then click the app to open.

2. At the right corner of the app where there is your profile picture, click on the settings.

3. Here, you need to select Account, and then “Manage” to access your subscription settings.

And a web page will open.

Choose your Game Pass subscription and then select manage.

4. Then cancel or turn off the recurring billing.

Either canceling the subscription or turning off the billing will have the same effect.

5. Once you have done that, you will receive a final confirmation box.

The box will open where you need to select Cancel.

After canceling your subscription, you cannot download or play games.

Hence, you will need to set-up a new subscription once you want to regain access.

Signing-up is the same as stated above.

Although you will have to subscribe before you set up a new subscription.

Top 10 Xbox Games for Game Pass

Subscription services are outstanding things.

Whether you want to watch movies, TV shows, or play video games, the subscription service is the best way to go.

With a single price, you can get more than you can imagine.

However, you do not have all the time to play all the games or watch all the movies.

Hence, you will need to keep scrolling to find the best to get the best movies or games to play.

The same case with Xbox games for Game Pass for PC.

You need to have the best to ensure you use your subscription to the maximum.

If you have invested in Xbox Game Pass for PC, we have a collection of the best games you can play first.

From strategy games to action games and many others, here are the top games for game Pass for PC.

1. Outer Worlds

One of the most popular games for Game Pass on PC is Outer Worlds.

It is a single role-playing action video game that was released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and now Microsoft Windows.

Here, you can build your own story or lead a team and have your own motivations, missions, and ideals.

It is a game where you decide your own destiny.

Being an action role-playing video game, you can create your own character to make the story line interesting.

But you need to unlock a ship to act as a central hub space.

Even though as a player you cannot control the ship directly, the ship helps since it serves as a fast travel point.

In the game, there is shooting, dialogue, and melee combat.

Outer Worlds is a game full of the world experience.

If you are an RPGs lover, this is an amazing video game to play.

You can start on your own and build a party of companions.

Hence, find your ship and start exploring different stations.

The characters, experience, and melee combat are some of the best parts of the game.

This is because each part has its own interesting personality.

To have the best experience, your system should have an 8GB memory, Windows 10 version 18362.0, and an i7 processor.

2. Halo: The Master Chief collection

Halo is a great military game that is published by Xbox game studios.

Being a first-person shooter, it is one of the best games you may want to play at Xbox game studios.

With all Halo-reach, Halo-combat evolved, and Halo 2 launched on PC, this is a great package for someone who would like to download and play a great military game.

We consider halo the simplest action shooter game on Xbox Game Pass.

If you are a beginner, this could be a friendly game to start with.

However, you will encounter many challenges.

In this game, they put you against many aliens.

Keep in mind that the aliens’ work is to destroy humans.

Hence, you need to fight them to stay alive.

But don’t mistake your goals for shallow storytelling.

It is an amazing first-shooter game full of experience.

Apart from fighting the aliens, there are many other handles you need to overcome.

The game is well optimized for keyboard and PC mouse support, great PC features, and up to 4K UHD.

This means it is a great game for PC gaming.

3. Gears 5

This is an outstanding third-person game full of unbelievable characters.

With several modes, we consider Gear 5 one of the biggest and greatest games for Xbox Game Pass for PC.

There is a game mode known as Escape.

In this mode, they trap you in a swarming nest.

You need to be smart and fight your way out.

Keep in mind you have a limited amount of time.

It is an amazing game that you can play with friends.

Other great modes you can consider are PvP modes and Horde mode that are also amazing.

Therefore, if one mode is not your thing, you can consider the other modes.

The games play well on PC and you can customize your gaming experience with the updated accessibility features.

To have an exceptional experience, have an integrated mouse and keyboard, your system should have 8GB memory, an excellent processor, and running on Windows 10.

4. Alien Isolation

Thanks to gameplay, atmosphere, and the aliens, Alien: Isolation is among the top 10 games for Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Whether you are a novice or a veteran gamer, you will enjoy the game as long as you love horror games.

The game has an amazing story line.

In space, you may scream, but no one will hear you scream.

This is a great game that has been developed to be scary and atmospheric as it is the case in movies.

If you are a fan of aliens, this could be a great game to play.

As Amanda, you head to the space station to look for answers when people close to you disappear.

But things turn so bad after setting foot in space.

Not only will you need to fight aliens, but also humans.

The game is full of terrifying moments, and you need to do all you can to survive.

Keep in mind you are in unfamiliar territory; It is an engaging game full of great episodes.

Now is the best time to play it your PC as it runs smoothly, especially with Windows 10.

It is a first-person horror game full of fear, tension, and entertaining scenes.

5. Cities: Skylines–Window 10 Edition

This is a game where they place you in charge of a growing city.

You need to handle everything, including groundbreaking, design, building, and managing the city.

Hence, you need to challenge yourself on how to grow a small town into a big city.

Whether you have construction and management skills, this is a game you can play for hours without getting bored.

The primary task is building a city.

You need to plan bus lines, road networks, and bus parks.

Since you are the mayor, the fundamental challenge is balancing the essential commodities.

Include schools, water, electricity, healthcare, police, and much more.

The citizen will keep you on your toes.

Therefore, you need to balance and ensure they have everything the citizens need.

Another enormous challenge is managing the city traffic.

Since you want to have the best city, the use of an interactive transport system is important.

This will help in road planning to ensure trains and busses move freely.

Cities: Skylines is an excellent game, especially if your city is growing.

It is even more beautiful when you are flying over-viewing the building, cars, and other properties.

But when you think you are through, a new challenge will always pop up.

Hence, you need to be thinking of new policies, zone to create, where to add more social amenities, and much more.

6. Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Another action role-playing game to download and play once you subscribe Xbox is Middle-Earth: Shadow-of-War.

From the combat to the characters, this game is so fun.

Thanks to the interesting story, you can enjoy the game even if you are not an experienced gamer.

The tension, fear, and fighting will make you play the game for hours.

If you would like to know what was happening in the early days of that ancient land, you need to play the game.

There are many noble characters that you can use to form a massive army of orcs and non humans.

You need to have strategies that will help you conquer your enemies.

Happily, with a new army, you can get new weapons to ensure you win battles.

You can play this award-winning game together with 100 others on Xbox Game Pass on PC.

All you need is to make sure you pick, download, and play the best games.

If you are searching for a great action video game, Middle-Earth: Shadow-of-War is just like the title.

Here, do not expect things to be easy; You will need to fight to survive.

Hence, expect terrifying moments, losing and winning.

Though it is a continuation of the previous game, the open-world environment makes everything interesting.

7. Final Fantasy XV

Because of the excellent chemistry between the characters, Final Fantasy Windows Edition is one of the best for emotional storytelling.

It is a game that comes with a lot of content needed in any action role-playing game.

Some additional features to expect include Insomnia City Ruins, the first-person mode, additional achievements, and many others.

Since they expect you to do a lot before the end, it is important to use your time wisely.

Therefore, explore the field and make allies before you reach the endpoint.

However, there have been some issues concerning the game.

Compared to the previous modes, most people believe the experience is incomplete.

But that doesn’t mean it is an incomplete game.

From the music to the beautiful scenes, the game is an action role-playing game.

With the latest windows version, an integrated mouse and keyboard, and a memory of 16GM, you can play the game with ease.

8. Hotshot Racing

For people who love speed and racing, Hotshot racing is one of the best games you will find on Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Since racing game veterans developed it, it has an all-new driving experience.

Although the gameplay revives the classic experience, it has turned into the modern era.

With 16 racing circuits, there are turns, twists, and straight paths to take.

Also, go through a jungle, coastal line, and several dessert environments.

If you love to race in classic racing, you can choose Grand Prix or Time Trial modes.

But if you prefer the alternative model of racing Cops and Robbers or Drive and Explode are some modes to consider.

The modes come in single-player, four-player, and eight-player.

However, Time Trial comes in single-player only.

It may be difficult when starting, but once you get familiar, it becomes fun.

9. Human Fall Flat

If you are searching for an exciting game that will challenge your creativity, you need to download and play Human Fall Flat.

Because of the many puzzles in the game, players must be creative and smart to succeed.

Human Fall Flat is a puzzle video game where you can play solo or team up with 8 of your friends.

By operating giant machines and huge devices, the game has brought an industrial uprising to humans.

By creating private or public lobbies for up to 8 players, you can have online multiplayer mayhem.

You can work straight, carry, climb, push, or break the objects.

One reason the Human Fall Flat is popular is because you can play with friends or online players.

By working together, you can achieve various tasks.

It will help you discover extra levels, interact, and obey all the rules.

However, there are many challenges and puzzles you need to overcome.

The game has also been customized.

You can choose your character and many other things.

Hence, make sure you select wisely to explore different levels.

To experience the best experience when playing the Human Fall Flat game, your system should have Windows 10, the memory of not less than 1024mb, and a storage space of 500MB.

10. Sea of Thieves

This is an active-adventure game developed and published by Xbox.

It is an interesting game for someone who loves pirate activities.

Sea of thieves provides a unique pirate experience.

You can be an explorer, adventurer, or a conqueror.

From fighting to sailing, the game is not normal seafaring you know.

Here, you need to fight and loot to become a legend in your own way.

Happily, there are no set rules; You can approach the world the way you want.

Whether you will sail solo or as a group, the journey will not be smooth.

You will encounter other crews who can become your foes or your friends.

It all depends on how you respond.

The Sea of Thieves is an open world video game full of unspoiled islands.

Being a gigantic game, you need to have strategies on how you will hunt for treasures, gather cargo, fish, hunt, and many other activities.

With over 10 tales to play, you can expect unforgettable stories.

It is a game that will offer hours of an amazing experience.

Moreover, the game is constantly growing and evolving.

Hence, you need to check every month to discover new content.


Xbox Game Pass for PC is one of the most preferred gaming plans.

Since you can access over 100 games, it is a superb choice for all.

Whether you are getting started or you are an experienced gamer, there is so much on this platform.

Whether you are an experienced gamer, the service has a significant feature for all.

Also, there is a wide library of PC games.

And with EA Play joining soon, the service will become one of the best gaming subscriptions.

And now, with cloud-enabled games, you can get all your favorite games on your mobile phone and tablet.

With the Xbox Game Pass App, it is possible to pick and play more games while watching TV or anywhere else.

All you need is to have a reliable internet connection.

Therefore, if you are a Windows PC gamer, Xbox Game Pass for PC has so much to offer.

And with the library growing every month, it is a service worth your money.

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