10 Xbox Digital Gift Card Ideas for Gamers

If you are searching for the best Xbox digital gift card ideas, you will find this article helpful.

We have compiled everything you need to know concerning Xbox digital gift cards.

The article helps you understand Xbox gift cards, where and when you can get them, what you can buy with Xbox digital gift cards, and the best Xbox digital gift card ideas to consider.

What are Xbox digital gift cards?

10 Xbox digital Gift Card Ideas for Gamers

We also know Xbox gift cards as Microsoft gift cards; They are just like ordinary gift cards.

However, it is a digital code that you can use to buy any digital content such as games, music, entertainment, TV shows, movies, and many others.

A Xbox digital gift card is a perfect gift for a gamer or any person who has a Xbox One console or gaming PC.

You can use it to buy digital content on the Xbox Store and the Windows Ecosystem.

It means you can use the digital gift cards on Windows 10 store or the Xbox One store.

Since there are hundreds of new games available on the platform, most gamers prefer to spend gift card digital for Xbox on new games.

However, you can purchase many other accessories available in the store.  

Luckily, Xbox digital gift cards do not expire.

There are no charges, or fees attached to them.

Who uses Xbox Digital gift cards?

Who uses Xbox Digital gift cards?

The Xbox digital gift card is for Xbox gamers.

People who use Xbox console or Windows 10 to play games can benefit from these gift cards.

It is one of the best ways to purchase bundles and gaming accessories.

You can do so much with the gift card.

However, it is wise to confirm that you can purchase an item with the gift card before purchase.

Ideas for Xbox gift cards have become vital since you can use them to purchase several things, including full Xbox game titles.

Whether it is a new game or an old one, you can buy it using the digital gift card.

Also, if you have specific apps you want to buy, you can use the card.

A gift card is a precious gift for gamers.

People who are lacking some accessories use them to gain the best from the Microsoft store.

Also, if you feel you are tired and you do not feel like playing a game, you can use the card to buy a movie or a TV show.

Apart from the games and accessories, you can use the gift cards on in-app purchases, Game Pass, live gold, and more.

However, a person whose account has expired or no-longer valid cannot use the Xbox digital gift card.

Also, if an account has an outstanding balance, he or she cannot use the gift cards.

What can I buy with Xbox digital gift card?

With a Xbox gift card, the recipient has the freedom to purchase a lot of things.

You can use it to acquire games, devices, apps, software, movies, and much more.

Happily, there are no expiry dates or fees attached to the Xbox digital gift card.

The gift card is good for purchase on Xbox and Windows at Microsoft Store online.

Some things gamers can purchase with digital gift cards are:

*The latest movies and TV shows – Whether you want the latest movies or TV shows, you can use the card.

There are hundreds of family movies, kids’ movies, and others at the store.

*Subscription–If you would like to buy a subscription, you can use a Xbox gift card.

Some subscriptions you can consider are Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, and the famous Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

*Accessories–Every game has one accessory they wish they had.

If you have a Xbox digital gift card, you can purchase accessories and devices that include controllers, Xbox consoles, headphones, portable speakers, watches, keyboards and mice, and other smart devices.

*Apps, add-ons, and games–Even though certain apps may ask for a subscription or a credit card, you can use the Microsoft digital gift card to buy most of the in-app purchases at the store.

You can also get full game titles and and download them straight to your PC or console.

When can I shop with my Xbox digital gift card?

When can I shop with my Xbox digital gift card?

If you have a Xbox digital gift card, you can begin shopping immediately.

There is no wait time for digital gift cards for Xbox. 

For instance, if you purchase the card you can use it in the next minute.

It means there is no wait time for Xbox digital gift cards.

But if you cannot use the Xbox digital gift card right away, you can use it later.

Xbox digital cards do not expire; As long as the Microsoft company serves, your Xbox digital gift card will remain valid.

But there are some exceptions.

If you buy promotional Microsoft rewards and promotional Xbox Live Rewards, they may have an expiry date.

Therefore, if the gift card is non-promotional, it will not expire.  

However, you cannot use a Xbox digital gift card in Microsoft’s physical store.

You can only use them in digital stores to purchase accessories, games, movies, apps, subscriptions, and many others.

You can also use the gift card to trade with others.

Where can I buy a Xbox digital gift card?

Xbox gift cards are vital for any gamer.

You can redeem them to get accessories, apps, subscriptions, and others.

Happily, there are many places where you can purchase them.

Even though you may get some for free, the best way is to look for genuine places to purchase them.

Below are top websites you can buy Xbox digital gift cards.

1. Amazon.com

One of the best places to buy the Xbox digital gift card is Amazon.com.

It is a known online store full of amazing things.

However, the product is only available to customers who live in the United States.

2. Microsoft.com

You can visit Microsoft store online for a digital Xbox card.

Once you purchase the gift, you will receive an email with a digital code that you can use to buy add-ons, games, and more.

3. Walmart.com

Another well-known site to purchase the Xbox gift card is Walmart.com.

Gift cards are available in different denominations based on your needs.

And just like other stores, there are no refunds or returns on electronics.

4. Newegg.com

You can also find Xbox gift cards at Newegg.com.

Whether you want one for your family or friends, the website has magnificent offers.

All you need is to create an account to receive discounts and offers.

5. Mygiftcardsupply.com

Another place where you can purchase Xbox digital gift card is My Gift Supply.

It is a known website that is secure, has good discounts, and email delivery is fast.

Apart from the above websites, there are many other places you can consider.

However, make sure you purchase the gifts from legitimate sites. 

Also, keep in mind that once you have purchased Xbox digital gift card, it is non-refundable and non-returnable.

How do I use a Xbox digital card?

How do I use a Xbox digital card?

If you already have a Xbox digital card, you can redeem it to your Microsoft account.

Then you can spend the balance on Xbox and Windows at Microsoft store online.

With the account balance, you can get TV shows, movies, the latest apps, games, and accessories.

However, Xbox digital gift card cannot work at any physical Microsoft Store.

The Xbox gift card code is 25 characters long and includes both letters and numbers.

1. How to redeem gift cards online: The easiest way to use a gift card is online.

Sign-in with your account, select Microsoft-Store, and then select redeem, and then enter the 25-character-code.

2. How to redeem a gift card on Windows 10 device: Start by signing to your PC, then press the Start button, type store, and then choose Microsoft store.

Select more and then redeem a code; Enter the code and follow on-screen instructions.

To redeem your gift card, go to your order history.

Here, look for the date when you redeemed the card. 

If the card has money, you can purchase various things from the Microsoft store.

But if the gift card is for a particular game or app, visit the library to redeem.

Why buy a Xbox digital gift card?

1. To use it as a gift–A Xbox digital gift box brings life to any gamer.

If you know someone who uses the Xbox console or Windows 10, you can purchase a Xbox digital gift card for him or her.

Players can use gift cards to get any accessories at the Microsoft store.

2. Xbox digital codes are more than just gift cards–Digital gift cards are more than just ordinary gift cards.

It is because you can use them to gain various gaming accessories.

They do not expire; Hence, if you are waiting for a new release, you can use the gift card.

3. Digital gift card provides a variety of spending options–You can purchase full game titles, get apps, purchase a movie or TV show, or use in-app purchases with your card. 

4. You can trade digital gift cards–Another reason you need to buy a Xbox digital card is that you can trade them for others.

For instance, most gamers you digital gift cards to improve their account balance.

Also, some sites allow gamers to trade their cards for others.  

5. Xbox digital gift cards never expire–Most gift cards expire.

But for Xbox gift cards, they do not expire.

Hence, your gift card will remain valid as long as you are a Xbox gamer.

6. Immediate access–With Xbox gift cards, there is no wait time.

Once you purchase them, you can start using them immediately.

These are just a few reasons why a gamer needs to buy a Xbox digital gift card.

Whether you own a Xbox account or your relative or family owns one, buying a gift card is exceptional for any gamer.

10 Xbox digital Gift Card Ideas for Gamers

10 Xbox digital Gift Card Ideas for Gamers

1. Subscription–If the Xbox digital gift card is for subscription, the recipient can receive several free games.

Hence, the Xbox digital gift card is a remarkable gift that doesn’t disappoint.

2. Clothing–There are many t-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing that will help show the entire world your favorite game, movie, or video game character.

3. EA access subscription–Among the best Xbox gift ideas is EA Access subscription.

If the recipient is a fan of the EA game, getting an EA Access subscription will allow him or her to play great EA games for free.

4. Pre-order for upcoming games–You can surprise someone you love with a pre-order for upcoming games or movies.

He or she will surely love it.

5. Xbox credit–Since many games are being released every day, a Xbox credit will allow someone to download games straight to their PC or console.

6. The Outer Worlds–Being a highly rated game, it is a great digital gift card idea for an RPG fan.

7. Accessories–Since accessories are vital for any gamer, you can get one for a young gamer or a veteran gamer.  

8. Movies–There is always that upcoming movie that will keep your friend or relative glued to the TV for hours.

Hence, a movie gift card is an amazing idea.

9. Specific App–Apart from movies and games, gamers would love to have a gift card for a specific app they wish they had.

10. Add money to the account–You can also add money into the account.

Whether the account has an outstanding balance or not, this is a brilliant digital gift idea.

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