Why do you Play Video Games?

Gamers can spend many hours playing their favorite video games.

But what drives them to keep playing day and night?

Most people would like to know what drives people to playing games for long hours.

Based on many studies, there are things that encourage players to play digital games.

Some people play to reduce stress and depression, others enjoy playing games because it is fun and entertaining.

Why do you play video games?

First, video game entertainment can offer people hours of joy.

Since there are a variety of game genres, gamers can choose their favorite games and spend a whole day playing.

Digital games are fun.

However, there are some people who view gaming as a simple activity for passing time.

Some gamers are not emotionally connected to the game.

They play just for enjoyment.

Uniting with entertainment, gaming is a good remedy for boredom.

Even though entertainment and boredom sound similar, they are different.

There are many people happy with their lives, and just use video games as entertainment.

However, there are some who are bored or stressed because of life issues.

Gaming is also a stress reliever.

Many people enjoy playing games because it occupies their mind and makes them feel more relaxed.

For others, it is a means of finding an opening through mental and physical aggression.

For instance, playing an action video game or solving a puzzle is a nice place to put all your negative energy.

There are other people who like to play calm and relaxing games to soothe their nerves.

Is it good to play video games?

The debate whether it is beneficial to play games has been around for a long time.

However, more and more people are playing video games everywhere.

Some play games at home, others at school and some while traveling.

While others think video games can cause mental or physical issues.

Society thinks games, especially the violent ones can influence kids the wrong way.

But after they conducted professional studies to determine the effects of gaming, they have proven that gaming has vast positive effects.

Apart from being a good form of entertainment, gaming is an activity that has many benefits.

From relieving pain to increasing the brain’s capacity, gaming is essential.

Even though some games are violent, challenging and very complex, they have several positive effects..

What are the benefits of playing video games?

1. Gaming can train surgeon students

While some people would like to see aspiring surgeons reading books, playing simulation games are helpful.

Research shows that games can help train surgeons to pay attention to details and identify important components.

Individuals who play over three hours every week make fewer errors during a practical procedure than non-gamers.

2. Digital games can help overcome Dyslexia

Based on recent studies, people with reading problems need to play video games more often.

Reading fluently is a key component of people suffering from dyslexia.

They should encourage kids and other individuals with this problem to play games that have stories and word puzzles.

3. Gaming improves your vision

Most parents don’t recommend their children to spend a lot of time staring at the TV or computer screen.

It can damage their eyes.

However, scientists have discovered that playing video games, especially the violent ones can improve the vision.

Apart from concentrating and paying attention, you need to spot the smallest details.

This can boost your eyesight.

4. Video games can make children physical

Even though gaming is performed sitting, it can make kids physical.

While they play sports games such as football, tennis or basketball, they gain interest in doing physical moves.

5. Gaming can slow aging

Video games are challenging, complex but entertaining.

In most of these games, you need to use your brain to win or to proceed to the next level.

These games involve problem-solving, strategic thinking and memorizing.

So, if elderly people can take part in gaming, it can help reduce aging.

6. Helps ease pain

One way to relieve pain, especially in children is distracting their mind.

And one method to distract people with pain is paying attention to a game.

Also, an engaging game can help the body produce a pain-killing response.

Actually, some hospitals are planning to use video games to help people suffering from chronic pain.

7. With gaming, you make social connections

Some years back, playing game was an isolated activity.

Gamers were isolated and could not find other gamers to play a game.

But today, things have changed.

Gaming has become a new social connection where people join a team and fight monsters.

The growth of multi-player online games has given birth to a site where people make new friends all over the world.

Today, over 70 percent of gamers play with friends online or offline.

8. Gaming helps people make quick decisions

In any team, there is one group leader assigned to make important game decisions.

If you would like to make faster decisions, start playing video games.

Studies show they force people who constantly play games to make accurate and faster decision to win the game.

This skill is easily transferred to the real world.

9. Gaming can help reduce stress

While parents think playing violent video games can induce stress, studies have proven otherwise.

A study that tracked players for around six months found that gaming decreased adrenaline response by over 50 percent.

Also, players who smoke, eat junk food or drink can enjoy gaming.

Gaming can help control most of the bad addictions.

10. Gaming can address Autism

Playing video games that incorporate the whole body to control on-screen movement has shown to help address autism.

Also, playing online multi-player games can lead to social interactions for individuals with autism.

Do you play video games or are you a casual player? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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