Why do People Play Video Games?

Today, video game players spend many hours dodging bullets, fighting monsters and saving the world.

But what drives them back to these gaming experiences?

Researchers all over the world have spent several years analyzing the effects video games have on gamers.

Do games discourage or encourage violence, promote laziness or inspire creativity? These are some questions most people ask.

However, very few people ask why most people love to spend hours playing video games. What drives people to kill aliens or play a soccer game until four in the morning?

So why do people play video games?

Based on recent studies, people who play video games are happier than non-gamers. Gaming is an activity that makes people feel satisfied, joyful and relaxed.

Also, in addition to the happiness that comes from gaming, there are several reasons why most people love to play games.

Stress relief

Today’s life is full of stress. There are many stressful events that make people look for alternative activities to feel relaxed.

And one of the best activities an individual can do to get rid of stress is to play a digital game.

By playing your favorite game, you will be able to live in a visual world and forget what’s happening in the actual world.

This is the main reason why most people love fantasy and action video games.

Mirror-neurons & Saving the world

Mirror-neurons are some nerves in the brain that allow people to put themselves in other people’s shoes.

When you feel like you are someone else, you feel and experience these emotions.

Also, when you play a game, you can experience the same emotions as the hero of the game.

And when a hero saves the world or kills bad people, you feel like you have accomplished something

This means video games can influence people to do the right thing.

Self-esteem boost and Problem solving

Most video games contain puzzles and challenges that give a lot of people self-esteem boost once they resolve them.

When playing a game, you can spend hours trying to solve a particular mystery, and the moment you resolve it, you definitely feel like a winner.

Even when playing games that do not contain puzzles, most people feel satisfied when they master all the game rules.

For instance, defeating other players in the Call of Duty game can make someone feel more superior and uplift their self-esteem.


Apart from entertainment and the fun that comes with video games, some people engage in gaming to recover from unsuccessful goals.

For instance, when someone fails to live his or her dreams, he or she can run to a fantasy world to get another chance to achieve their dreams.

If you have always dreamed of being a hero or a superstar, but you have not achieved that in real life, gaming can help you achieve it.

Video games allows people to relieve their dreams.

Running away

There are some people who love playing digital games because they fear the world.

A teenager can be seen playing games just because he or she cannot socialize with their friends.

Other people use gaming to run away from real life troubles and family issues.

For instance, based on research, some men love playing video games to avoid getting into problems with their nagging wives or girlfriends.

Dopamine rush

Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that is responsible for emotions, sensations, and movements.

Our brain works in a manner that does not care about the things that we are addicted to, as long as we provide the dopamine.

One activity that can provide dopamine is gaming. Many people like playing video games because it raises their emotions and feelings when battling for a reward.

Regaining control

Another reason why people love playing games is looking for an area they can regain control.

People who feel like they lost control of their real lives look for ways to regain control.

And since the digital game environment is controllable, most people feel satisfied.


Have you ever been in an event but you have nothing in common with individuals around you?

Gaming can help people bond faster and easier. Based on research, more than 50 percent of adults in America play video games.

This means you can bond with other players around you while you’re completing tasks or quests.

You can play, discuss or challenge each other while waiting for an event.

Are video games good or bad for adults?

Contrary to some claims that video games are for children and teenagers, it is important to note that gaming is also beneficial to adults.

Research shows that adults who play games at least two to three hours a day are happier than those who are not engaged in gaming in any way.

Gaming is an activity that relaxes the mind, relieves stress and connects adults to their inner-self.

Some benefits of video games for adults include:

• Video games have an easy route to escape stress. As we get older, we are faced with many life challenges.

Bills, loans, work and a family to take care are just a few tasks that can make someone stressful. Playing a game can help you forget about those troubles.

• Gaming can help you make friends. If you are always busy and you have no time for social life, you can make friends while gaming.

Today, modern games allow people to engage with other players from around the world.

• Digital games help to improve hand-to-eye coordination. Based on various studies, adults who play games have better spatial-coordination and finer motor-skills than non-gamers.

This means apart from enjoying your favorite car-racing game, you can also become a good driver.

• Gaming can turn exercise into a game. Even though working out in the gym is important, sometimes it can be boring. Happily, you can now stay healthy and fit by playing digital games.

Final Words

More and more people are playing video games than ever before. This is because of all the benefits that video games offer to players.

It is beneficial and a fun way to avoid frustration and life issues. Adults who play games often are more relaxed and are able to deal with stress.

For instance, when waiting for a doctor’s appointment that is taking longer than expected, you can play your favorite game.

If you never thought of playing video games as an adult, give it a try, there are many wonderful video games out there.

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