Why do Men Play Video Games? Women are Asking

Many men love playing video games more than women.

Based on research, the part of the brain responsible for addiction and reward is more active in men than in women.

This means playing video games, especially, action games is an activity that attracts many men.

Studies also show that men have natural tendencies to be fighters, hunters, and victors.

And that is one reason they are more excited when they play video games.

But women are more emotional and find social connections when they are stressed.

A stressed lady will feel better when she talks to someone rather than playing a game.

But when a man is stressed, he copes well when playing a simple video game.

Gaming is a fantastic activity that motivates men more than movies or music.

Why do men play video games?

For some years, video games have been getting a bad reputation from both men and women.

However, there is a large portion of women more frustrated than men.

This is because their men spend a lot of time playing digital games.

Instead of concentrating more on their relationship and education, gaming is men’s first choice.

Even though this might not be the case for everyone, both male and female enjoy playing games.

There are several reasons men love playing video games.

For some, gaming is entertaining, fun and a good way to reduce stress.

Here are some reasons men play video games.

1. Men are competitive

Naturally, men are competitive.

Whether small or big, a man will always look for a chance to be a winner.

And since video games provide a good opportunity for men to compete, they spend hours competing.

Gaming is a neutral ground because most players start as beginners and advance to higher levels when they get more experience.

2. Easy to gain video games

The Internet has provided a simple platform for people to play their favorite digital games.

It is easy to buy, rent and even play online games.

With the internet, it is possible to check the latest news on games, consoles and other gaming products.

Easy online access has made it possible for men to be engaged in video games.

Also, the availability of Mass Multi-player Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPG) has allowed men to compete with more players.

Men want to compete with everyone and remain at the top of the scoreboards.

3. Friends

Today, video games are no longer for lonely guys.

Some years ago, most people believed that men who play games are for the shy and less-popular type of men.

But things have changed.

Today, most guys are engaged in one or more games.

Also, famous consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have large online gaming communities.

These game communities connect players to other gamers around the world.

It is possible to play with a friend in Australia or compete in an FIFA game.

Either way, gaming is an interactive activity where people make new friends.

Strangely but surely, video games have been ranked as one of the best social hobbies.

4. Fun and entertaining

One main reason most people love video games is that they can keep them entertained for hours.

Gaming has gotten better over the years because of significant developments in the gaming industry.

Today’s modern games can keep players busy for hours playing adventure video games.

They are engaging, entertaining and fun.

No matter your age, you can find a quality game made just for you.

Is it bad for men to play video games?

Based on recent research, there are negative and positive effects of gaming.

Even though there are many positive effects of gaming, playing video games for long hours may not be good.

It can lead to addiction and eventually affect your health.

Below are several ways video games can affect men that play games for a long time.

Sleep deprivation

A man’s work schedule takes up a majority of their time, many sacrifice sleep for gaming.

It is important to note that frequent disruption of your normal sleep patterns can affect your health.

Hence, playing too many video games for too long is bad.

Always mentally preoccupied

Men love to play violent and action video games.

Most of these games are interactive and always encourage gamers to proceed to the next level.

Hence, playing games for too long can occupy the mind and have negative effects.

This can cause a lack of motivation towards work and family duties.


Video games are fun and entertaining.

However, they are very challenging.

When gamers are stuck, and they cannot move to the next level, they become angry, stressed and frustrated.

Game related stress can easily be transferred to your family and workplace.

Also, going through these kinds of emotions every day can hurt the body, mind and soul.

Poor personal hygiene

Some men neglect their personal hygiene especially when they are very busy playing video games.

Hence, when they are engaged in playing games the whole weekend or the entire night, it is easy to overlook their personal hygiene.

Playing games all the time can make them less-compelled to take care of their own bodies.

This can lead to health problems that include tooth decay, acne, and many other health problems.

Bad eating habits

Men may neglect to eat properly like nutritious meals while playing their favorite video games.

The situation might be worse if they are addicted to digital games.

Fast-foods will definitely be their meal of choice.

Also, gamers love energy drinks to keep them energetic the entire night.

This can lead to many health issues such as diabetes and obesity.

Headaches, migraines and backaches

Because of prolonged attention, many gamers suffer headaches and migraines.

Also, since the controller cord is not long enough, gamers are required to sit in one position for a long time.

Sitting in one position for a long time can cause back, neck, shoulder, hip, and knee injuries.


For a long time, they have associated gaming with children and teenagers.

However, today many men and women understand the benefits that come along with healthy gaming.

It is important to understand that playing video games is something you should do in your spare time.

For men or women that plan on playing games for a long period, it’s essential to understand the health risks involved.

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