Where to Find Computer Parts Reviews: Best Sources

Finding the best computer parts reviews can help users save time and money.

Having a slow gaming computer is one of the worst things a gamer can expect. 

It is something that can take away the fun of gaming. 

But before you replace your gaming PC with a new one, you need to learn about personal computer (PC) parts. 

Today, most gamers dislike buying a pre-built gaming computer. 

Building or upgrading a gaming PC is the most common and popular way.

Happily, there are many sites where you can learn how to build a gaming computer.

Also, you can easily read reliable PC part reviews to ensure you get the best for your PC. 

What is a computer parts review?

For building a gaming computer, it is important to have knowledge of PC parts.

With knowledge, users can save on cost, time and can build a powerful gaming PC. 

The only place you can get information about computer parts is from PC part review websites. 

There, they will recommend you on the best components to help you build your gaming computer.

Whether you are on a tight budget, PC part review websites can suggest the right hardware when building your system. 

Keep in mind that building a gaming system requires knowledge. 

And it is impossible to have all the information you need all the time. 

In addition, there are new and more advanced parts that you should research. 

For example, when a new part is launched, the PC part review website creates a detailed evaluation to help you learn about the new hardware. 

They also match it with the current parts on the market to tell whether it is worth buying.   

Who creates computer parts reviews?

Whether you want to build a new gaming computer or you want to keep up with the latest PC hardware, you can get the information you need online. 

Thanks to PC part reviews, you have all the options for PC components. 

There are many reliable websites that provide information on all computer parts. 

The sites are trustworthy and balances the reviews. 

Who creates these reviews?

PC part reviews are created by computer experts who sell or promote high-quality PC components. 

For instance, Tom’s Hardware.com is a known review site that offers great information regarding PC parts. 

It is a great resource for both English and non-English speakers.

Can PC part reviews be trusted?

There are so many PC part reviews; But there are very few that can be trusted. 

This is because some do not have updated information on PC parts or the content is not from experts. 

It is therefore important to search for trusted PC part review websites. 

Before you choose or buy a PC part from a specific site, do your investigation and ensure the information you get is accurate. 

Most people go straight to Google when looking for a specific PC part. 

Even though Google has all the information, it is important to know the best sites to trust. 

If you do not know the most trusted sites for PC part reviews, below is a list that may help you. 

Top 10 Computer Parts Review Websites

1. Amazon.com 

On top of the list of the best PC parts review websites is Amazon.com. 

It is a website that is known for selling some of the best products around the world. 

Hence, if you are looking for trustworthy computer hardware reviews, this is a good site. 

Whether you are an expert or someone looking for a PC component for the first time, Amazon is a nice place to start. 

2. Bestbuy.com

Bestbuy.com is a well-known site that provides great PC part reviews. 

From computer hardware to already built computers, you can find amazing information on the site. 

Everything on the site is well organized, and it is simple to find the parts you need.

3. NewEgg.com

If you are looking for great computer parts that fit your budget, NewEgg.com is a nice place to start. 

The reviews are reliable, helpful and unbiased. You can also get great deals on the site. 

4. Ncix.com 

No matter what PC part you are searching for, you can get great reviews on Ncix.com. 

It is also a site where you can get amazing deals on pre-built computers and other PC accessories. 

Ncix.com is known for rewarding faithful customers. 

5. Ebuyer.com

For someone looking for quality computer parts, Ebuyer.com has everything you need. 

It is a top PC part review website because it keeps updating its list regularly. Whether you are looking for a hard drive or a motherboard, there is plenty of information on the site. 

6. Gamespot.com

Another popular site where you can find PC part reviews is Gamespot.com. 

It is famous and a beginner-friendly website for people who have never built a gaming computer before. 

Apart from computer component reviews, you can find reviews on video games, movies, and consoles. 

7. TomsHardware.com 

When searching for expert reviews on computer components, TomsHardware.com is number one – It has the hottest reviews. 

This is the place to learn how to build a new PC from scratch or upgrade your computer hardware. 

The reviews provide comparisons, benchmarks, and technical specs. 

Generally, Tomshardware.com is the best site for PC part reviews. 

8. PGmag.com

PGmag.com is another helpful resource. 

It is a site that provides reviews for all computer hardware. 

If you are searching for a particular component, you can get it very fast on this site. 

The reviews are amazing and give simple explanations; Also, the site is best known for expert reviews. 

9. PCgamer.com

PCgamer.com has many reviews for PC parts and other gaming electronics. 

The reviews are well-presented to ensure you get what you want; In addition, it is also a good PC parts store. 

10. PCPartpicker.com

Another great review site is PCPartpicker.com. 

The website is among the top ten PC part review websites because of the content it provides. 

The reviews are high quality and describe all aspects concerning computer parts. 

They also provide reviews for several electronic devices.

So, if you are a beginner or an expert, the site has amazing computer parts reviews.

Final Words

Sometimes consumers want to buy PC parts cheap.

However, in the long run these parts can easily malfunction.

I recommend paying a little extra for good gaming computer parts.

After all, you’re building a computer that will work and last a long time.

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