What is Video Game Trolling? (Beware of Trolls)

Most people are not aware that video game trolling is part of our gaming culture.

However, it is something that most people hate.

Some people try to make it a great experience for themselves.

What is video game trolling?

A troll is an individual who upsets other people or starts a quarrel online.

And with video games, trolling is part of gaming.

There are people whose aim is to upset other players or to annoy others in a multiplayer game.

Some corner-tap people, while others destroy creations of other players.

However, sometimes games can deliberately troll players because they have the power to do it.

Some people are masters of trolling. They will start a drama show to upset players.

They can send texts or tea-bagging just to irritate other players.

What is a video game troll?

A video game troll is not different from Internet trolls.

This is because a game troll is a person whose intention is to cause maximum disruption during gaming.

Basically, a troll will take a fun game experience and make it frustrating or difficult.

The game troll may want his or her victims to cry or be annoyed instead of having fun.

Trolls love the feeling of dominating other players’ emotions.

However, most video game trolls are unskilled at the games they play;Hence , they prefer to troll instead of gaming.

Trolls vs Gamers

The other reason for game trolling is when a player knows they cannot win the game.

Whether the game is competitive or just for fun, there are people who dislike losing, so these people act as trolls.

You may block the troll, kick the troll, or mute them.

And if the troll sees that they have annoyed you, then you become a victim of a game troll.

No one wants to continue playing a game with a troll. And once you quit, the troll wins.

Can trolls get banned from video games?

According to recent studies, they have harassed four out of ten online gamers when playing games online.

Trolling has become widespread that some gaming websites have removed their comments or ban them completely.

Trolls can be banned even though it is not an easy task.

There are several ways that can help prevent trolling or predict when trolling is about to happen.

There is also a machine that has identified trolls.

Most video game sites believe that trolling is a negative behavior that can become a norm if not checked.

How to notice a gaming troll

You may be enjoying your favorite multiplayer game when a disturbance comes out of nowhere.

This is a troll whose aim is to prevent you from enjoying the game or to make you frustrated.

Sometimes, the disturbance can spread so quickly that you may start fighting the trolls.

Once you engage them, the trolls will feel they have won and they will continue annoying you until you quit or feel so irritated.

Even though it is difficult to identify a troll, there are some ways on how you can identify one.

Video game trolls are annoying

Some troll tactics may include standing in front of the door to prevent players from entering the house.

One of your team-mates becomes frustrated and attracts more monsters and kills the whole team.

Some trolls aim to promote certain links, sites or other promotional materials (spam).

Hence, if you spot those promotions, it is better to avoid them.

Keep in mind that trolls thrive on attention, and their main aim is to get every gamer emotionally assaulted.

So, if you can ignore them once you spot them, they will go away.

How to outsmart a video game troll

As stated above, one reason we have trolls is to seek attention.

Therefore, the best way to outsmart them is to ignore their actions.

Here are other ways to outshine a video game troll.

Ignore the troll as it does not exist.

Even though it is difficult to ignore something that prevents you from having fun, you can outsmart a troll by moving to a different zone.

Be a champion of insults

You can be a bigger troll by trying to outdo annoying trolls.

Make them angry and prevent them from hurting others.

Become a good troll.

Since video game trolls target online multiplayers, you can team up with other players to kick the troll out of the server.

You can also become a good troll to fight the bad actions of trolls.

Since video game trolling has become a common thing in gaming, most people would like to be masters of trolling.

So, how do you become a gaming troll?

• Be professional–although the word professionalism may not apply in such an activity, as a troll you need to perform your activities as a professional to defeat the genuine trolls.

For instance, you need to frustrate the trolls until they become very annoyed.

• Do not be nasty–if you ask gamers about a troll, they would describe it as an awful human being.

However, a troll is someone who just wants to make fun of other people.

Once you find that trolling is fun, you can start acting as a video game troll.

Hence, if you would like to be a troll, do not be nasty; Make the process fun.

• Be innovative–Trolls motive is not to win. They may lose the fight but win in making fun of others.

As long as they achieve what they want, they are pleased. Hence, as a troll, you need to be creative.

For example, if your aim is to defeat other trolls, learn to be creative.

By being smart, you will achieve what you want with the other gamers.

• A new digital game is a new opportunity–although there are many ways on how you can troll players and other trolls, every game is different.


While there may be more annoying than good video game trolls, this is a great sign that you’re playing a popular game.

For instance, trolls targeted an online video game known as Elder Scrolls Online.

Instead of playing as annoying trolls, they would pull out a banjo and begin a hipster concert.

This means that there are many opportunities on how you can troll people in video games.

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