What is Video Game Clipart? (Game Art)


Viewing a video game cover or box with text but with no pictures might not look appealing or presentable.

Due to advancements in the industry and the high number of video game producers, it is very important to make the covers appealing and attractive.

Even though there are techniques that can make text look unique such as color and font size, the page or the cover may not look appealing as it could when pictures are applied.

One way to make a digital game cover, poster, box or a page appealing is using graphics or artwork.

Apart from making it appealing, the artwork must support the theme of the page. For instance, action video game covers have images with excitement and motion.

In fact, most gamers are persuaded to purchase a specific game by the cover image.

So if the cover is not well-presented or it is not appealing, the video game might not make high sales.

Unfortunately, not every person can produce good and original artwork for their games.

And for a video game cover to look professional, you need to use quality and highly attractive images. The best way to make a digital game cover attractive is using clipart.

What is video game clipart?

Clipart can be defined as a pool of ready-made artwork images.

You can buy large libraries of video game clipart that are normally arranged and organized alone for the video game themes.

They include action clipart, horror clipart, adventure clipart and many others. There are also many sites that offer free collections of video game clipart.

Digital game clipart come in many forms that include printed and electronic. However, most video game clipart today are available in electronic form.

Video game clipart are normally designed exclusively for illustrations. The images can be hand-drawn or digitized with art software.

Looking at the 1990s clipart, there has been a great transformation. The clipart of today are digitized and their main products are illustrations.

Why is video game clipart used more than other images?

In most cases, video game images are the right choice for illustrations. With digital game clipart, they look and feel like high quality cartoons.

They are universal and they are able to approach a specific subject. Whether you want a soldier jumping out from an airplane or an adventure image, it can design it.

Clipart are well-designed to be placed in any layout. Unlike various images, clipart can fit well inside a body of text, and there are several shapes of clipart.

With video game clipart, there is a massive amount art available. This means no matter what type of clipart you are looking for, you can easily get it.

Another advantage of using video game clipart is that they look like commercial animations. This means that they are probably the best form or images to represent a video game.

Also, most of them are royalty free. This means they are cheaper and it helps to add interest to the cover, page or video game box.

What are the formats of clipart files?

There are many formats of clipart files but the most common are JPEG files and Vector files.

• JPEG – with JPEG, the images cannot be resized without changing the entire quality. This means that the resolution of the files should be high so that the images can appear clear and smooth.

• Vector – unlike JPEG images, vector art can be resized without losing the quality of the image. It’s designed to have a flexible arrangement of individual shapes.

For you to open a vector file, you will be required to have a software program that can open and edit it a vector image.

Some people think there is no difference between vector images that are used in digital game clipart.

The truth is that most vector images can be classified as clipart but not all clipart are made out of vectors.

Video game Clipart – When it is prohibited

Many video game designers face a dilemma of when it is illegal to use video game clipart.

First, clipart can be classified as professional images, simple drawings, and technical illustrations among other definitions.

Even though the definition is flexible, it is not the case when it comes to the rights of use. The right to use these images depends on the copyright owner.

Hence, digital game designers need to draw a line between video game clipart that is legit and those that can cause legal issues.

Some clipart that are used every day by the designers are:

Free video game clipart – there are numerous free clipart sites where you can get video game images.

However, most free clipart are vulnerable to many uninvited guests such as spyware. It is not easy to get free clipart for professional or business use.

Hence, free video game clipart are not reliable.

Published clipart – most of the video game clipart you see online are published clipart.

It might be hard to know the source of the images but if you would like to use them for commercial use, you need to get permission.

You will have to contact the publisher to track the source. Most of them are unique and are great for commercial use.

Copyrighted clipart – copyrighted video game clipart are not open for everyone.

For instance, it is impossible to get permission to use an image of Disney’s Mickey Mouse on your video game cover.

It’s also illegal to copy such an image or cartoon character for your own use. Copyrighted clipart are off-limits unless you have an agreement with the holder.

Right protected/Right managed clipart – in some cases, a video game designer might want clipart that has never been used before.

Once you acquire the clipart, the seller promises not to sell the image to any other video game company. Your rights to the image are protected.

Even though the clipart is more expensive than regular images, you will be the legal holder of the image.

Editorial use of clipart – these are images for sports, news, and entertainment. These images can be used or edited for the video game industry.

However, most of them are protected. You will need to get permission from the copyright owner.

Final Thoughts

Before using clipart for video game projects, it is important to find out if they are copyright protected. You should also ensure that the image matches the video game theme.

There are various digital outlets on the internet where you can buy a license and download all kinds of clipart. You can also hire an artist to create clipart for your projects.

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