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What is a Video Game Designers Salary? Designing a Fortune

Today, being a video game designer is one of the best careers. Apart from the fun and the excitement that comes with it, it is a job that pays very well.

Happily, the sector is evolving fast and new tasks for designers are coming up every day.

However, a video game designer’s salary depends on various factors that include the place of work, the person you are working for and your work experience.

There are several types of digital game designers that include the basic game designers, level designers, lead designers and the screenwriters. Each level is paid differently.

What is a video game designer’s salary?

A video game designer’s work is to create puzzles, challenges, story lines, and level divisions in a particular video game.

A designer works together with artists, programmers, and other technical staff to create a new game and advance older video games for re-release.

In addition, they present new digital game concepts to management.

When it comes to a game designer’s salary, the salary starts low but there is a good potential for gaining momentum. The starting salary is around $37,000 annually.

But after completing 3 to 4 projects, the salary can rise to $85,000 per year. And after five to six projects, the salary can rise to $100,000.

Some companies offer bonuses for great projects as well. And once you have completed several projects successfully, you can become a producer or an executive producer.

This position attracts a 6 figure salary. You can also decide to open your own video game studio.

Happily, if you have the training, skills and you can prove your ability to create a video game, you will have no trouble getting a good paying job.

If you do not find a job in a large digital game studios, there are many smaller companies joining the industry every day.

What are the challenges of working as a video game designer?

Even though working as a video game designer is fun and entertaining, there are some challenges related to the job.

One of the challenges is working for long hours to deliver projects on time.

Most of the projects have deadlines and the designers together with other related technicians need to work hard to deliver on time.

The other challenge is that a designer needs to be up-to-date with the industry.

The video game sector is growing super fast, this means that when the designer is creating a game, he or she must consider changes in the sector.

There is also a misconception that most designers spend most of their time playing video games.

This is generally not the case because the task is challenging and requires a lot of research.

What are the benefits of being a video game designer?

Apart from earning a good salary, there are several advantages of being a video game designer. For instance, the designer career is filled with fun and excitement.

Here are some reasons why video game designing has become one of the most loved careers.

1. Working in a casual environment

The gaming environment is one of the best. This is because you will be working with a team that enjoys designing and playing video games.

They are creative, dedicated and passionate. Designers experience satisfaction by creating games that educate or motivate people of all ages.

This makes the job environment different from other careers.

2. A degree is not so important, but you need it.

Even though most digital game designers obtain a university degree, it is not so important.

In many colleges, you might not find specific courses that offer a degree for video game design.

Most employers hire designers if they are creative, show innovation and are capable of creating a game.

But having a degree is good as it will increase your chances of being hired in a large gaming studio.

3. Use creative and analytical thinking.

Being a game designer, you need to be creative. You will have to imagine various parts of the game such as the theme, rules and the structure.

Also, there are several specialized areas such as script writing, level design, level mechanics and design of the gameplay that need technical knowledge and artistic skills as well.

Hence, as a designer, you need to be analytical and well-organized when designing a video game.

With these qualities, you will be able to solve issues like how a game character reacts to a problem in the game or how a gamer will move to another level of the game.

4. Gaming is part of the designing job.

Another advantage of being a video game designer is that playing games is part of your job. You need to be passionate about the games you create.

Even though it is not something that is encouraged, it is a requirement. As a designer, you need to have an early preview of the game you are working on.

You also get a chance to play other designer’s games before they are released to the public.

5. Having a good salary.

At the end of the day, a designer takes home a fat paycheck. Today, there are very few careers where you can earn a good salary like a video game designer.

Even though the salary differs on specialization, company, and country among other factors, designers enjoy everything that comes with the job.

6. The industry is growing very fast.

Another major benefit of being a game designer is that the field is growing very fast. This means that you will be taking part of creating future games.

People in the gaming industry are constantly learning new things every day. Also, with technology advancing every day, it provides job security.

For the last 10 years, the gaming industry has grown to become one of the richest sectors in the world.

7. Being more than an entertainer.

Apart from designing entertaining video games for children and young adults, you can create educative games as well.

Also, studies have shown digital games can be used to help in depression, weight and stress problems.

Other games are used in schools, health sectors, and the military training. This means that being a designer is more than an entertainer.

A video game is a vital tool that can be used to educate and enhance our society.


Today, digital game designers can earn a competitive salary similar to other high paying careers. Remember that you must start from the bottom until you get some experience.

Once you have some skills under your belt, you can start applying for better positions as you become a more experienced designer.

Whether you are a video game designer in Washington or in Florida, expect to earn a good salary.

You will also be surrounded by talented individuals that work as a team to create amazing video games.

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