Werewolves in Video Games – Beware of a Full Moon



Have you ever been attacked by a werewolf? Hopefully not, but werewolves in digital games are very common. Especially in role-playing games like “The Elders Scrolls III Bloodmoon” or “The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.”

Werewolves are usually muscular with large fangs, and they stand up straight like humans. In video games, werewolves attack in packs but they also have one strong leader. Some of their collective abilities are claw and mauling attacks.

In some digital games like Skyrim, players have the option of turning into a werewolf or a vampire. Due to these favorite features, werewolves in digital games have become popular.

Also, there are a variety of games that name their treasure (loot) with names of werewolves. For example, a magical potion could be called ” The Blood of the Werewolf.” Therefore drinking this magic potion can give players werewolf abilities.

Some creative modding (game modifications) communities have created mods that allow you to ride werewolves. Similar to “Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor,” you can mount a Worgen and engage in combat.

What are Werewolves?

Werewolves are folkloric or mythological creatures that could transform into wolves or therianthropic hybrid beings which resembled wolves, out of their volition or after being afflicted or cursed.

These creatures referred to as lycanthropes are called Werewolves. There are many tales about these beasts, and the stories are fascinating.

The common denominator of these tales was a Christian explanation of fundamental European folklore that started during the medieval age. The colonialists also helped to spread beliefs about these creatures to their colonies.

Persecution of the creatures as well as associated folklore significantly contributed to the development of witch- hunt phenomena. This event took place during the early years; werewolves related to wolf charming.

When the infamous trials ended, Gothic horror genre and folklore studies focused on werewolves. It’s important to note that werewolf fiction genre includes medieval romances such as Guillaume de Palerme.

Werewolf Names

The term werewolf is a compound of two words; were and Wulf (man and wolf respectively). The name Weriuuolf is the sole evidence of existence and reference to the creatures in German literature.

Lycanthropy is an ancient Greek word that refers to the ability and actual act of changing into a wolf. The term lycanthropy as described by Galen is a case where a patient had qualities of wolves such as ravenous appetite.

The Werewolf History

Folklore involving these creatures reside in ancient Europe. The event arose in Christianization context and understanding of pre-Christian legend in Christian terms.
The first standard origin is rooted in Proto Indo European traditions, where lycanthropy is understood to be an element of the warrior class’ initiation.

Is it a Medical Condition?

Modern researchers have attempted to diagnose werewolf behavior as a medical condition. In 1963, Lee Illis, a doctor says the creatures could have been referring to people suffering from congenital porphyria.

Does it mean that werewolves were, in fact, ordinary people with a a congenital medical condition?

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