8 Ways to Make Money in Guild Wars 2


Starting your adventures in Tyria, one of the easiest ways to make money in Guild Wars 2 (GW2) is by completing quests.

Open your world map by pressing on the “M” key and look for heart shapes.

These golden hearts are quest givers that will offer money and items upon completing their quests.

To find out more about their quest and the items you will receive, right-click on the non-player character. (N.P.C.).

You don’t have to ask for the quest, when you are near the quest area, you will automatically receive credit for helping out.

Completing quests is the most exciting way to make money in GW2, plus you can group with people to complete quests faster.

Personal Quests

Guild Wars 2 questing solo
A Guardian Character

Personal quests are optional, you can select not to take part in them if you like.

However, if you want to increase your pockets with coin, take part in these quests.

Personal quests are small dungeons that you can finish on your own.

But if you want to speed up the process, you can ask your friends to join.

Once you complete personal quests you get nice rewards plus money.

Daily Events

Completing daily events grants you gold and gear.

These daily events are special and are awarded once per day.

As a result, daily events pay you more gold than usual for completing each task.

The downside is that once you complete them, players need to wait until the next day.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of dailies including dungeons, PVP and special events.

Gathering Crafting Materials

During your travels in the world of Tyria, you will gather crafting materials throughout each map.

You will collect three types of materials which include metals, food, and wood.

Guild Wars 2 crafting stations
A crafting station for tailor work

To gather materials, you need three types of tools, the sickle, pick and the axe.

Some players will farm different parts of the map only searching for crafting materials.

Once you have enough, you can sell them or learn a profession like Jewelry and turn them into valuable items.

The fastest way to make money is to sell the materials in bulk without crafting items.


If you have time to craft, you will discover rare pieces to build.

These rare pieces could be a magical sword or a set of armor.

These rare items sell like a sliced-bread in the auction house.

The more time you invest in a particular profession, the more options you will have to make money in GW2.

Auction House

The auction house in Guild Wars 2 is a great starting point to make money in Guild Wars 2.

First, if you don’t want to work for your money, you can pay with real cash and receive in-game gems called “Diamonds”.

We can convert diamonds into virtual currency which is in-game money.

Virtual Store–Guild Wars 2 has virtual store where they sell upgrades like extra character slots, character skins and other helpful items.

If you have extra money, I recommend buying buffs for your character.

Here are some buffs you should purchase:

Speed Buffs–Speed buffs are my favorite because they make your character run faster, therefore you complete events faster.

Strength Buffs–Strength buffs are great for warriors and pure melee characters.

You will be able to defeat your opponents much faster.

Armor Buffs–Armor buffs are great for magical characters like the Mesmer class.

The more armor you have, the harder it is to kill you.

Experience Buffs–The experience buffs are great for leveling up faster.

If you don’t have enough time to play the game, use an experience booster.

Time limits your character buffs, so if you will use them, do so when you’re in a group or in a special event.

Things to do in the Auction House

Guild Wars 2 auction house
My Total Gold in the Auction House

Once you have gathered gear and materials while completing quests, you can auction unwanted items like weapons, armor, and random loot.

If at level 5 you took on a crafting profession, look for raw materials to craft items.

Learn how to use the GW2 auction house to see which products are in high demand.

If there’s not enough of one item, you can make lots of money by crafting a few rare pieces.

Buy food created by chefs to give your character a small buff.

There are different foods that may give you a variety of buffs.


I had to throw grinding into the mix but grinding in Guild Wars 2 is not the best to make money.

When I say grind I’m talking about killing anything you see on the map.

You can make coin grinding but it will take longer than completing quests.

Grinding is better for crafting materials or maybe getting a rare crafting piece.


Doing a complete dungeon run can be time-consuming and challenging.

Guild Wars 2 dungeon entrance
Dungeon starting point

However, the rewards you get are awesome.

To make money running dungeons you need a well-equipped team that can know how to play dungeons.

If you get a group of adventurers that are veterans in dungeons, you can make good coin.

I have played in dungeons multiple times with random team-mates and made some good loot.

Edge of the Mists

The server vs server PVP in the Mists is the most popular place to level-up your character and make money fast.

Here’s how it works, you need not be a level 80 character to play in the Mists.

Enter the PVP zone and open your map to see how many people are actively playing.

If you see a group of players running towards the combat, you’re in luck.

The problem is that you don’t see everyone who’s playing on the map until you get close to the combat zones.

Guild Wars 2 Edge of the Mist
The Mists Edge starting location

Follow the group of players into the PVP area and don’t leave the group.

Once you catch-up with an even larger team of players, just follow them around the map.

Be careful though because there are enemy players from other servers with huge groups.

Defeat tough enemy bosses for items and coins and loot as much treasure chests as you can.

After doing this for a while you will level up super fast and collecting valuable treasure.

Don’t forget to add your character buffs for an even better experience in the Mists.

Final Thoughts

Making money in Guild Wars 2 is fun and rewarding when you know exactly what to do.

However, if you need to dig deeper, the following game guide can help you start on the right path: The Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide.

There are other ways to get coin but I’m not positive about them, for example raids, Fractals and other end-game content.

Don’t be tempted to buy gold from spammers you see on the chat channel.

If you pay for in-game gold from spammers, your account could be stolen.

If you follow this money-making guide, you won’t have to pay anyone to make money in GW2.

I wish I had this guide before starting my adventures in Tyria. Life would’ve been much sweeter.

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