Violent Video Games do not Cause Violence


When our current president claimed that violent video games might be a contributing factor to numerous mass shootings in America, more and more studies were carried out to determine the suggestions.

However, the President’s logic did not agree with the research. Studies conducted decades ago and recent studies have not shown a clear connection between violent video games and real violence.

Video games can be classified as a hobby or a form of entertainment. Hence, whether a kid loves playing educational video games or violent video games, he or she doesn’t all of a sudden turn into a murder.

In fact, video gaming, especially the violent ones offers numerous benefits. By engaging in video games, you and your child can reap mental, physical and social benefits.

And the claims that violent video games may cause violence is not true or backed by any proof.

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Why are violent video games related to violence?

Most people, especially parents are in great fear due to the rise of violent video games.

Also, society fears that kids, teenagers, and young adults can be influenced by violent video games.

The high rate of mass-shootings, the rise of bullying in many schools, and the violence on women is something people should be concerned.

Nowadays, around 75 percent of school-going children are engaged in violent video games.

This means that kids are introduced to violence at an early age, something that was not there some years back.

In these games, characters are involved in blood fistfights or gun battles that are very violent.

Even though research has proved that real violence and violent video games are not connected, parents, teachers, and society at large think otherwise.

For example, a study conducted to students who engage in violent video games showed that whatever is portrayed by the videos don’t influence the players in any way.

Whether a video game is bloody or extremely horrific, it doesn’t necessarily encourage kids to act violently.

Actually, the research suggested that kids should continue playing video games because they help to minimize social violence among other benefits.

According to researchers, gaming offers many mental and physical benefits. And, the activity does not influence kids, teen or even adults in any way.

People who associate real violence with violent video games have no evidence to show the relationship.

Also, it is essential to keep kids busy with fun and entertaining activities such as video gaming and other sporty activities.

Playing digital games also keep the young minds out of the idle street or engaging in bad habits such as smoking, drinking or sexual activities.

Reasons that shows Violent video games do not cause violence

Whenever violent video games are mentioned, the first thing that comes to someone’s mind is bloodshed. It is also linked to stealing, robbery, and violence against kids and women.

It is very hard for someone to associate health benefits from a violent video game.

Whether the topic is discussed at school, church or at the hospital, people always associate violent video games with crime and horrific acts.

However, based on many studies, there are many benefits of engaging with a violent video game, than the influence it causes.

Even though there are some cases where young people are influenced by digital games, the fraction is very small compared to the overall population of gamers.

Benefits of engaging in violent video games

1. Violent video games helps the children to acquire some skills such as quick problem solving skills, faster decision-making, multitasking and many others.

For you to win in a violent video game, you have to fight great battles and at the same time use your weapons wisely.

This means you need a strategy, skills and must be creative. One of the main reason why violent video games are popular is that they are very challenging.

Kids and teenagers love challenging entertainment.

2. Violent video games are very inspiring. Though it is a debatable point, a kid playing a challenging game and emerging the hero will feel so inspired.

The encounters in the game are not easy. It involves a lot of thinking, concentration, and skills. For some parents, playing a video game is a waste of time and money.

But this is not the case for a young boy who feels motivated and inspired after playing an action video game.

3. A great channel for expressing frustrations and disappointments. Violent video games offer one of the best channels for young people to express their educational disappointments.

One significant thing most parents need to understand is that violent video games are similar to sports. When kids are involved in gaming, to them it is a sport.

They hardly ever take it seriously. In fact, it is a great channel to relax their mind after a long day.

When young people play a digital game, they feel good, entertained and fulfilled. It does not have any influence on their real life.

4. Violent video games can be used as an educational tool. People who claim that violent video games are worthless, do not understand the topics, themes or the stories behind the games.

The makers of the games provide great entertainment and educational stories that keep the kids attached to the games.

Also, the video games have managed to keep children busy and entertained. Playing a video game is an activity that can keep your little ones busy, entertained and educated as well.

5. Kids learn the expense of destruction, fights, and violence. These are all great benefits that critics of video games ignore. Violent video games teach young people the disadvantages of war.

When a game involves action, arms, and killings, kids are able to see the effects of violence. They develop a good attitude that violence is bad and not accepted in society.

A few last thoughts

The violent video game debate is a topic that will not end soon.

Some people continue relating video games to real world violence, while studies and researchers continue providing more benefits of engaging in gaming.

It is therefore important for parents to understand the benefits and the disadvantages of specific video games.

Every activity can influence people positively or negatively. This means balancing your children’s lives is the most important thing.

Ensure you put some rules and understand the video games they play.

With proper understanding, parents will learn that violent video games do not cause violence, but promote children’s growth and development.




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