Video Games with the Best Stories

Finding video games with the best stories could be tough.

The reason is that there are many games today with short boring stories.

According to research, playing video games can offer many benefits to kids and adults. 

It is also an activity that has negative effects. 

Based on studies and research, most digital game developers base their games on real-life stories, movies, or TV shows. 

One of the most loved games is a digital game with a story. 

Apart from offering entertainment and education, digital games with stories are addictive and very interesting. 

If you are searching for a game that is not boring, search for games with good stories.

Some years back, gamers could play regular games for several hours without complaining. 

But because of the growth of the industry, game-play alone is not enough. 

Gamers are now looking for video games with better challenges, good graphics, and the best stories.

A video game with a boring story-line will not attract tons of players.

Are stories important in games?

We all love to read stories or following a lovely story on TV. 

This is because stories are sweet, entertaining, and sometimes they are based on real-life issues. 

Kids and teenagers love short and interesting stories. 

Hence, the best strategy for game developers to attract many people to play their games is to introduce stories into them.

The advancement of the gaming industry has forced developers to manufacture good graphics, sound, and advanced stories.

More and more storytellers are being involved to ensure that the stories in the game are unique, interesting and make sense. 

Games need Engaging Stories

A video game without a juicy story cannot match one that has a unique and demanding story-line.

Video game stories are more than entertainment. People want fun and more challenges. 

This is because there are many video games on the market and people want to choose the best.

In addition, gamers want to be part of the story. 

Even though a game might be based on a particular story, a gamer would like to determine how the story ends.

This makes it fun and interesting for everyone.

Most stories in video games are about adventures.

However, video game developers have tried to incorporate popular movies and TV shows to make the game entertaining. 

A video game with a good story can keep players up all night playing games.

This is because of the game’s suspense and action scenes.

Are all video game stories the same?

Game stories are not all the same. But the best stories in video games have a unique twist. 

This is because they place the gamer at the center of the story. 

On some games, the player becomes the hero in the story.

Depending on the genre of the video game, the story is different. 

But the most important part about playing a video game is that the gamer drives the story forward, instead of just sitting back and watching. 

Do stories in video games have a purpose?

Stories in video games have different purposes.

There are those that are used to educate people while others are for entertainment. 

But the main purpose of having a story in a video game is to keep the gamer engaged for several hours. 

Without a good story, a game cannot sell or capture the interest of players. 

Keep in mind that gamers want to be involved with games that are complex and different from the older video games.

Games with the best stories are loved by both young and old. 

They keep everyone entertained and ensure players get involved. 

These digital games are also more challenging and engaging than other games. 

Whether you love action video games or strategic ones, you can play video games with the best stories. 

Top 10 video games with the best stories

1. Uncharted 2-Among Thieves–if you are looking for a video game with a fascinating story, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is one of the best. 

With many explosions and gunfights, the adventure makes the story very interesting.

2. Hotline Miami–Hotline Miami has a story that forces gamers to play the game for many hours.

The nightmares and the suspense of the game make the story one of a kind. It is a video game to remember.

3. Final Fantasy 6–Apart from improved graphics, the game gets better because of the story-line.

It is a game that makes the player feel engaged throughout the entire story. 

The availability of several villains makes the game one of the greatest stories in games.

4. Alan Wake–Any gamer would expect to have an amazing story from a video game that stars a novelist. 

And this is exactly what Alan Wake offered. It is an intense game that will leave you wanting more.

5. Undertale–being that it’s a weird game with goat-people, Undertale has an interesting story. 

The story is unique, strange, and educative. One interesting thing about the game is that player’s actions can easily impact the narrative.

6. Soma–if you are looking for a video game with a lot of suspense, Soma has it all. 

In many video games, the suspense is normally created by fighting demons and powerful opponents. 

But with Soma, it bases the game on a story. There are no demons or monsters involved in the story-line.

7. Gone Home–can you imagine a video game story-line with no characters. 

The game is about a young girl who is coming home from school. 

She is expecting to find her parents but finds everything has changed. It is an emotional story.

8. Mass Effect 2–The game has one of the best adventures stories. 

The theme, the graphics, and the sounds make the story even more interesting. 

The same goes to the rest of the Mass Effect game series; they all have compelling stories.

9. To the Moon–A heart-warming story that makes players use their imaginations and open their hearts.

The story is about two doctors with a wish to fulfill. It is interesting, challenging, and one of the best.

10. Life is Strange-Before the Storm–has one of the best story-lines ever in a video game. 

The game is astonishing, where you can play over and over just like in a movie with an captivating story. 

The unique thing about the game is that every move or decision you make flows with the story.

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