Video games vs Real Life – New Generation

Video Games Vs Real Life

Today, video games are more popular than in the past.

Happily, the love for video games is not limited to a specific age group or gender.

Young and old, men and women are playing their favorite online games.

Video games have changed how people live; It has changed actual life.

Video Games Shaped the World

More and more people realize the real-life benefits of playing video games.

Based on various studies, playing video games comes with physical and mental health benefits.

They are even more helpful to young kids and elderly people.

There are various skills and lessons you learn by playing video games.

These are skills that can help you in real-life situations; But how can video games help you in authentic life?

Video games vs Real Life–The Relationship

Video games have become a great way to connect with family and friends.

They make real life more interesting and entertaining.

Playing video games helps in developing various skills, making someone smarter, and helping children to become creative in actual life.

However, some people think playing a video game is a waste of time.

They believe the best way to spend leisure time is by watching movies, reading books, or chatting with friends.

Gaming has Benefits

Even though watching a movie or reading books has numerous benefits, gaming is part of our life.

Today, people are studying to become video game programmers, developers, and to work in video game publishing companies.

This means video games are now part of our careers.

Additionally, there are a good deal of big gaming stores all over the world.

Also, smartphones are everywhere.

It is now possible to play your favorite video game at your home or when on the move.

Are video games becoming part of Us?

A friendly mouse with a peace sign

Video games have already become part of society.

Schools, colleges, and sectors such as real estate are using video game tools in training for enhancing their work.

Ways how gaming is now part of our Lives

*Smartphones are everywhere–Smartphones have presented themselves as a great platform for games.

People can now play video games at home, on the move, while sleeping, and all the time.

*The rise of virtual reality–Being fully submerged in a computer-generated environment has changed the way people view gaming.

They now place gamers in real-life situations for educational purposes.

*Games as Educational Tools–Several games and gaming tools are being used in real life.

For instance, there is a game tool currently being used for architectural visualization.

*E-sports–It has become a new sports category standing on its own.

It is like a normal sport with vast crowds, tournaments, fans, and media coverage.

Will video games replace real life?

Video games cannot replace actual life but will be part of it.

Since gaming is moving from gaming consoles and PCs to online gaming and mobile phones, it will remain part of our lives.

For example, the rise of virtual reality is changing everything.

Today, there are virtual games that place gamers in real-life places and people.

Moreover, many video game tools are being used to improve people skills.

For example, games are being used in schools, colleges, and institutions to help children and trainees.

How video games can help you in authentic life

Decision Making

Decision Making Objects

Video games have changed the way people think.

Certain games have a direct impact on thinking behavior.

Most strategy-video games challenge the mental skills of the player.

They help you decide faster and make sensible decisions.

With real-life, video games introduce ideas and thoughts that can help you make better decisions.

Whether you are young or an adult, regular gaming can help in decision-making.


Many video games require a player to manage over one thing at a time.

For instance, you need to deal with all visual distractions, continue playing, and make the right decisions.

This helps to develop various life skills, such as multitasking, teamwork, and many others.

It can easily reflect on your productivity at home, in your workplace, and in school.

Quick thinking

Another way playing a video game can help you in real life is by becoming a quick thinker.

Shooting video games requires the gamer to think faster to avoid being killed.

In actual life, most gamers make faster decisions without losing accuracy.

Also, they make correct decisions even in unrelated gaming tasks.

Better observation

Better observation skills

Many video games, especially action games, can help in boosting your visual awareness and observation.

This is because action video games keep changing the brain pathway that handles observation or visual processing.

In real life, video game players are more sensitive to various color shades.

The skill gained helps you be aware of changes in the environment.

Risk-taking Ability

Another way playing video games can help you in real life is by being a risk-taker.

Gamers are always brave and normally take calculated risks.

They use their resources to win more and unlock various stages in a game.

For instance, in action video games, shooters need to explore the enemy’s territory, attack, and loot.

These players need to take risks so that they can advance to the next level and gain new equipment.

These games help users to handle tricky situations in a better way.

And since experts believe risk-taking is among the most important qualities in life, playing video games can help.


Gaming has become a socializing platform.

By playing multiplayer online games, players can communicate through voice chat or video.

This has helped many individuals improve their socializing skills.

Also, some games help encourage friendships online and on social media sites.

The chief aim of a video game is not just playing but to enjoy a shared experience.

Final Thoughts

Even though there are people who do not think video games are now part of our lives, gaming is now one of the biggest entertainment industries.

Video games bring entertainment, education, and employment to many people.

This means we cannot ignore the gaming industry.

Moreover, gamers develop a lot of skills that include multitasking, faster decision-making, socializing, and others.

All these skills are very helpful in actual life.

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