Video Games vs Books: Which is Best?

The outcome of video games vs books depends on the person’s learning style.

One way to connect with friends and family is playing video games.

Video games can make you smarter, develop several skills, and make children more creative.

But some people believe gaming is a waste of time, and a perfect way to spend your leisure time is reading books.

Video Games Vs Books–Which one is best for your children

Parents will always advise their children to read books because video games are unhealthy and have negative effects.

Playful cat for video games vs books.

But other people believe books have evolved to movies, TV-shows and now to video games.

Even though reading a book is good and has many benefits, there are multiple ways playing a video game is better than reading books.

Reasons why playing video games may be better than reading books

  1. Video games provide good stories.

Video games and books have similar purposes; they narrate a story.

One reason gaming is better than books is that reading is only one part of the equation.

People must get involved to know more about the story.

With books, you have all the time in the world to read and ensure you comprehend everything.

While I played my favorite video game, I wanted to learn more about its history, so I read a book.

The bad thing about books is that you can skip pages and cheat by reading the ending.


With gaming, it depends on your skills and level of the game

If you have no skills or you are a newbie, you will have problems with your progress.

With books, you only involve your eyes, but in gaming you have to think, see, feel and listen to various elements of the game.

2. With gaming, you get the true picture

When reading books, you may not have a visual idea of the characters.

Particularly when you try to imagine a person, a building, or a king’s castle in your mind.

You can picture a huge castle with many towers and windows, but that might not be how the author views it.

But in video games, you can see everything.

From the simple details all the way to important cut-scenes of the story.


This means gaming can be better than reading books.

Also, some games allow players to change stories by making their own decisions.

3. Gaming is fun

Video games are more engaging than books.

Can you compare sitting in a quiet room reading a book, with an adventure of fighting demons trying to cause havoc on earth?

Gaming is interesting, fun and entertaining.

Also, you can engage a friend or a family member in gaming.

Gaming is enjoyable, and you can change the story to suit your needs.

This means playing a video game is a social activity that does not compare with reading books.

When debating on video games vs books, know which one helps you learn more.

Why reading might be better than playing video games

  1. Books are clever

Though games can engage gamers to grow and enhance their brains, books can do well.

Logic moves games.


Whether you are playing a soccer game or an action video game, it’s all about mathematical calculation.

When gaming, sometimes you may not be involved with the story.

The player is busy trying to beat a certain level and totally forgets about why he or she is there.

Books are more clever than video games.

A book writer can easily construct characters with an intention of educating or satisfying human emotions.

Also, books represent the real world, unlike video games that may involve fantasy or comics that do not represent true world events.

2. Books are not as lonely as described

Gaming could be a lonely activity.

When you win against a computer, you have won against numbers.

In fact, no one cares or knows that you have won.


If you are playing a single player game against the computer, no one will know about your achievements.

No one thinks about you. You are all alone, just you and your video game.

But with a book, you have a true friend. When reading a book, you have an author who cares.

A novel portrays a real human with real intentions.

They also interact in a way a video game cannot.

The words are well crafted by someone who has a good purpose.

When you are reading a novel, you are in a conversation.

This means that books can become good friends with a meaningful purpose.

Some people believe that the devil created video games to promote sex, violence, and alcohol.

3. Books tell real stories

Although video games tell beautiful and exciting stories, most of them are so unreal.

Digital representations that appear on video games are just slaves to the gamer’s experience.

Where on earth can someone kill people and become a hero?

A good book will not only open a new world but also shows you about human culture and traditions.


Reading a book lets the reader see and experience something different but realistic.

Books tell better stories than a video games.

4. Books are beneficial

Video games communicate ideas of death, fantasy, and exaggeration.

But these are not true ideas because the main aim of gaming is to entertain.

A great idea takes time to think.

You need to think and reflect on that concept, but a video game does not offer such luxury.

All the player wants to do is advance to the next level.

But books provide true ideas and gives you time to think on how you can apply them to your life.

Thinking lightbulb for video games vs books.

When reading, you can take all the time you need to learn and understand the author’s idea.

That’s why books are better than video games.

With today’s modern technology, digital books don’t require complex computer hardware to read the book.


The debate between video games vs books is a perfect example of choice.

There are various positive and negative effects of both video games and books.

Books are important since they teach and help people embrace different cultures.

Hence, it is essential to be wise.

Let your kids play their favorite video games that encourage them and keep them away from bad habits.

Also, introduce reading as a culture in your home to show children the benefits of books.

Parents should also limit gaming time by switching to reading time.

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