Video Games in the Olympics – Sports Challenge

The thought of playing video games in the Olympics may seem outrageous, but gaming is all about skills.

The amount of video games we are witnessing today is arguably unavoidable.

Whether it is mobile gaming or home consoles, the industry has moved to a level most people could not have imagined.

The exposure to gaming every day seems to bring in new and unseen elements in gaming.

This means that digital games might become a sport not only in our society but at the Olympics.

Video Games in the Olympics

Video Games in the Olympics - Sports Challenge

Competitive gaming, also known as e-Sports has become popular all over the world.

And many people believe this is a serious sport that might become a medal event at the Olympics very soon.

With a trial run already taking place, the International Olympics Committee is planning to add e-Sports to be a competitive sport in the Olympics games.

With technology advancements in the gaming industry, the concept of adding video games in huge sporting events like the Olympics is possible.

However, there are some people who believe video games might be hard to follow.

There are also non-gamers that say it may not be as fun as other entertaining sports such as gymnastics.

A New Olympic Sport

But event planners together with game developers are attracting a young audience to participate directly and indirectly in these events.

And the best way to bring in game enthusiasts is by having video games in the Olympics.

Even though gaming in the Olympics might outrage some parents, it will pull millions of game lovers all over the world.

Nowadays some e-Sports players have psychologists, trainers, and institutions. This is to help them focus well on their particular set of skills.

This means that the sport has all the qualities required to be in Olympics.

For someone to be competitive in e-Sports, he or she needs mental and physical discipline.

e Sports is Serious Business

e Sports is Serious Business

Some people may not think e-sports is a serious activity, but it is.

It is a sport that requires physical skills, muscle memory, and hand-to-eye-coordination.

The player needs to think and use strategics in order to defeat opponents.

Today, e-sports has become very competitive, some people take five to eight hours to train a day.

This is because a small mistake can cost a whole team fame and fortune.

This means that gaming is no longer an entertainment sport.

Some people take it as a professional sport and earn good money through ethical gaming.

Will video games ever be in the Olympics?

Some people believe gaming is not a sport or an activity that can resemble traditional sports such as swimming, cycling or diving.

Most of these sports are self-explanatory. Even a small kid can easily follow and enjoy a sport like swimming.

But when it comes to gaming, a lot of explanation is needed, and moving a joystick cannot be classified as a physical activity.

It has also been proved that most digital games do not have a definitive lifespan. This might be a problem to Olympic organizers.

But when you ask gamers whether games will ever be in Olympics, they have a good reason to say yes.

Hardcore Gamers vs the Olympics

Hardcore Gamers vs the Olympics

However, hardcore gamers could give many reasons as to why gaming should have been included in the Olympics many years ago.

First, there are several Olympic sports that are not physically compelling and require hand-to-eye-coordination skills and mental strength.

Sports like shooting or curling are more like video games.

Also, the Olympic organizers need to consider the number of game fans who will be interested to watch their favorite digital games in the Olympics.

Besides, the Olympics have included odd sports such as live Pigeon-Shooting, Pistol-Dueling, and Tandem Bicycle Sprints.

All have at one time been Olympic sports.

Video games that might be played in Olympics

Being a funny idea to most people who are not involved in gaming, there are many reasons as to why e-sports should be in the Olympics.

Which are the games that might be played in the Olympics if the committee gives a thumbs up?

Here are four video games that the International Olympic Committee may want to consider.

1. Call of Duty

This first-person shooter game has attracted millions of fans all over the world.

The game is engaging, interesting and more of a sport than entertainment.

Since the game has a worldwide appeal, no country could have an advantage over the other.

It is also a fun game to watch other people play, particularly if they are experts.

Based on research, Call of Duty is a world-recognized game where some people have already gathered around 1.5 million dollars in prize money.

2. Dota 2

Dota 2 Wizard

Another popular multiplayer online game is Dota 2.

It is popular among teenagers and adults making it a possible candidate to be included in the Olympics.

It is a game that can have more than 800,000 individuals playing it at the same time.

A good number of people participate during peak hours.

Apart from being entertaining to play, it is a digital game that everyone would be happy to watch.

It is a game just like curling. Competitive Dota 2 gamers have made around 24.5 million dollars in prize money.

3. League of Legends

Just like the Dota 2, League of Legends is an amazing online multiplayer.

Studies show that you may find around 27 million players logging in each day to play this competitive game.

Similar to sports like football, tennis or basketball, players in League of Legends start off on low levels and gain experience as they move along.

The game is engaging, interesting and one of a kind to watch people play.

It is one of the best choices people can play in the Olympics. It also has a massive competitive scene for it.

League of Legends is very popular in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Studies show that League of Legend players have made more than 18.7 million dollars in prizes.

4. Super Smash Bros

SuperSmash Bros will be one of those Video Games in the Olympics

Another popular game that is fun to watch people play is Super Smash Bros.

Even people who play the game can admit it is more fun to watch someone play than playing it.

This means that if gaming is allowed in the Olympics, many people would love to watch gamers participate in Super Smash Bros.

Even though the game does not have many competitive scenes like other games, it would be entertaining to watch individuals smashing buttons in search of an Olympic gold medal.

Final Words about Video Games in the Olympics

If video games are included in the Olympics, the move can set a new standard for many traditional games to be considered as well.

Some traditional video games may include, chess, checkers, poker and other classics.

This technological breakthrough could show people that gaming is a sport just like many others.

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