Video Games in Prison – Games Behind Bars

Today, many countries have decided to incorporate gaming in schools and in prisons.

Even though gaming in school can help children learn and discover new things, gaming in prison is a bit different.

In most cases, video games make prisoners busy and also bring the prisoners together.

They are also very helpful since most inmates are depressed or might be struggling with mental disorders.

Video Games in Prison

Playing video games is an excellent activity that can help people struggling with stress.

This means that it is a great strategy to help prisoners feel relaxed and relieve stress.

Even though digital games are believed to have many negative effects, the positive benefits are very important to the inmates.

Gaming in prison is a good distraction for prisoners who don’t have any motivation and may become disruptive.

Playing games can bring inmates together. They will not only be able to bond with one another but also cope with personal situations.

When prisoners are inactive, they can be involved in planning an attack, bullying other prisoners or even start fist fights.

And since there are many prisoners who are convicted for several crimes, they won’t hesitate to start fighting other prisoners and guards.

In prison, there are different kinds of prisoners with their own criminal background.

Apart from engaging in physical video games, gaming can be useful. There are many benefits that prisoners can reap from gaming.

Benefits of video games in prison

From ancient video games to the new virtual reality technology, gaming in prison has sparked controversy and excitement.

Researchers all over the world have continued to learn the effects of games on prisoners and the society as a whole.

Happily, there are many studies that can prove that digital games can help inmates in many ways.

Most of the convicts live a bitter life due to the bad choices they made in the past.

Some are in prison for murder while others believe they do not deserve to be in prison.

Fortunately, gaming can help them relax their mood and feelings, and also help them come together despite what they are going through.

When someone is playing a game, he or she is able to abandon life issues and step into a different world.

The virtual world is stress-free, interesting and very entertaining. Here are some benefits of playing video games in prison.

1. Staying in shape

We all know it is not easy for someone in prison to stay in shape.

Stressed or depressed individuals who have lost hope in life may not be able to stay healthy or in shape.

They need to be motivated and engaged in activities that can boost their emotions. The good news is that gaming can help to keep them in shape.

There are video games that allows them to customize their workouts.

Also, gaming can help get rid of stressful thoughts and motivates prisoners to eat and be engaged in physical activities.

Even though it might not work for all inmates, games could be the best form of motivation.

2. Bringing people together

Prison is a lonely place where inmates need to come together and socialize.

It is a place where everyone is new and probably is looking for a friend.

Without something that can bring convicts together, they may not be able to bond.

Some people claim that gaming is an anti-social activity for individuals who do not want to mingle with others. But this is not the case.

If gaming is introduced in prison, it can bring people together and have a less stressful environment.

It encourages teamwork, communication, and helps inmates develop several skills.

Some games allow prisoners to connect online. This can help prisoners to socialize and stay motivated in tough situations.

Competitive video games are also fun to watch people play.

This means that for prisoners who are not playing, they can feel part of the team by cheering for their fellow inmates.


There are several inmates who are behind bars but would like to continue with their education.

Gaming is one of the best strategies to continue their studies.

Modern games available today are more education than entertainment.

There are specific digital games that have been designed for teaching specific subjects.

These games also allow gamers to interact, relate and exchange ideas.

This could be a great platform for inmates since they may not have teachers or other learning resources.

Even though games cannot substitute official learning materials, it can give prisoners ideas of what they need to learn in class.


Living in prison is one of the most stressful places on earth. Life in prison is not like at home or school.

There are many rules and the freedom is minimal.

Most of the time prisoners feel stressed and some have developed mental disorders.

The best way to help those struggling with stress is to provide activities such as video games.

Even though there are some games that might not be allowed in prisons, most of the games can benefit the inmates a lot.

Besides, there are several games that have been developed to help individuals suffering from mental disorders such as depression, pressure, and anxiety.

5. Inform about technology

Inmates are not exposed to technology as regular people are in the outside world.

Even though there are several forms of entertainment in prison, they may not be as informative as everyone would expect.

But with video games, inmates are able to learn more about today’s technology that affect our daily lives.

Also, technology is growing rapidly, and with gaming in place, it is possible for inmates to be well-informed.

6. It is fun

Whether you are at home or in prison, we all want to have fun.

And playing video games is fun. Gaming provides us with amazing worlds that most people would like to explore.

Since most inmates are bored most of the time, one way to kill the boredom is playing the video games.

They are also excellent for exercising the brain and keeps the mind healthy.


Video games in prison are not the same as the one regular people play at home. Inmates are not allowed to play violent games.

Most of the games they play are educational and serve a purpose for inmates. Keep in mind that not all prisoners like playing games.

Video games in prison can keep their minds active and at the same time lessen the violence in prisons.

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