Video Games Help with Stress (Game Therapy)

A lot of things have been written about the gaming industry.

However, most of the articles about video games are negative.

We all fear that when children play video games, they become violent, anti-social and aggressive.

But there is no proof that gaming can influence children in a bad way.

However, there are many benefits of playing games.

Gaming is a relaxing activity that can reduce stress.

How do Video Games Help with Stress?

Stress is the main contributor to heart-related diseases.

It is also important to note that if it’s not treated early, stress can lead to fatal consequences.

Due to many life challenges, people are looking for ways to relieve stress.

Some people prefer to exercise while others choose to go to the SPA.

Even though there are many beneficial ways on how people can relieve stress, most of these ways are expensive and some need a lot of time.

According to recent findings, playing digital games, even the most violent games is one of the best ways to relieve stress.

Actually playing 15 to 30 minutes every day can help your mind forget about stressful things.

How can video games relieve stress?

The world we live in is a stressful environment.

Every day we encounter stressful situations that can affect our mental and physical health.

Happily, video games can virtually replace our real world and take us to a game world.

If you can get your mind off the stressful things even for a few minutes every day, your mind can be at peace.

The mind will refresh and be ready for another session of stress.

Actually, a good number of institutions are considering having digital games in their offices to help their members get rid of stress.

People who play games during their break time or after work are more productive than people who do not play games.

Gamers helping each other

Another way video games relieve stress is through teamwork and cooperation.

When people come together to enjoy a social game, they leave their stressful activities behind and have fun.

Also, they can share their lives as they play the game which can make them assist one another.

One perfect way to reduce stress is communication.

While you’re gaming, people communicate, assist each other and have fun.

The best thing about gaming is that it helps people to have fun and inspires them as well. Gaming is just like an exercise.

And when someone exercises his or her mind, bad thoughts, feelings, and emotions are driven away.

Gaming is also a form of counseling. Some reports show that it is more effective than the normal counseling.

Stress Relieving Games

1. Casual video games – casual games are games that you can pick and play for a few minutes and you are done.

They include short games, simple challenges, or games that you can stop and save.

Casual games are fun and enjoyable because they reward you instantly and you don’t have to play for a long time.

2. Cooperative video games – these are games that you can invite a friend or a group of players to participate in your game.

These games are beneficial to people suffering from stress.

They also help you socialize with others inside the game.

Cooperative games also provide challenges to all the players that are not stressful or overwhelming.

This means that as you have fun playing with other players, you make new friends who you can share your life with.

Another advantage of playing cooperative video games is that gamers can assist one another.

They can offer suggestive support, and help each other to develop problem-solving skills.

These benefits can make you forget about real-life problems while your playing.

Studies have also shown that cooperative gaming can relieve stress and bring positive feelings among gamers.

Happily, you can play these games on various gaming platforms that include computers, consoles, mobile devices, and online.

3. Stress management video games – there are several games that have been designed to help people learn how to manage stress.

Even though they might not be as popular as others, they are very helpful for stress relief.

Some games educate gamers how to meditate and others show powerful skills that can be used in many stressful situations.

However, digital games that teach stress management skills are very rare, you will need to do some research on the internet.

4. Video games that improve personal skills – these are games that enhance brain power.

The benefit of playing these games is that you build executive functions that can help you solve issues.

You are able to focus, stay organized in your life and have strategies on how to relieve stress.

Games such as puzzles or mysteries can help you build stress solving skills.

5. Video games you enjoy – Any type of game you enjoy playing can be your stress reliever.

Even though there are many video game genres, you need to play the stress relieving games so that you get rid of stress.

You need a game that will provide a relaxing world where you can forget about real life issues.

Hence, if you have a favorite game, play it when you feel stressed, and let your feelings out.

Gaming situations you should avoid

Avoid games that make you do repetitive boring tasks and may get you upset.

Lower the game’s difficulty if it’s hard to play.

If you’re playing a game that makes no sense to you, or you feel it’s not fun, look for another digital game to play.

Don’t join groups of players online that are stressful and always have negative things to say about other players.

You’re never obligated to play with other gamers.

There are online games that are made for playing by yourself.

If you feel a video game is not worth playing, look for one you can enjoy.


Hence, if you are stressed, don’t think the SPA is your only option.

It is possible to relieve stress by playing a game on your smartphone.

With only 30 minutes of game time, you will be able to free your mind from stressful thoughts and be able to take care of your well-being.

Apart from relieving stress, there are also many hidden benefits of playing games like making friends.

But the most important thing is to choose and play a casual or simple video game that can take your mind off the stress.

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