Video Games can Help you Learn about Life

New studies have discovered that video games can help you learn.

This means that when kids or adults take part in gaming, it is not just for entertainment.

Games are a vital tool that can educate children.

But parents mostly focus on the negative effects of video games and leave out the positive effects.

How video games can help you learn

We all love to play digital games.

Whether you love them for fun, entertainment or competition, gaming is an important activity.

Games can lessen pain, reduce anxiety and stress, and improve several skills.

However, most media sites and anti-gaming activists only highlight the dangers of gaming.

These game haters talk about how the activity can destroy lives of children and teenagers.

Some people also believe that video games, especially violent games, can influence kids negatively.

However, just like the media, there are positive and negative effects of playing games.

One positive effect of gaming is that gamers can learn many things.

Here are some ways on how gaming can help you learn.

10 Ways on how video games can help you learn

1. Learn personal accountability

We all love challenging games.

This is because they involve us, test us, and teach us how to persevere in tough situations.

When playing action games, the decisions and your actions throughout the game will determine whether you will win or lose.

Hence, you need to be careful, strategic, and always know you are accountable for anything that happens.

This means that gaming helps us to focus on our actions and how to keep moving forward until we achieve our goals.

Even though it is not an obvious lesson like in a classroom, regular playing can help you develop these skills.

2. Video games can help you learn to deal with people

When playing an online digital game, you meet different people from all corners of the world.

Since we are all different, we should deal with people respectfully.

When you engage in gaming, every experience teaches you how to deal with people in real-life situations.

Playing games helps you to interact with anyone from your workplace, school, and even in social events.

3. Learn how to exercise your brain and enhance problem-solving skills

Many people still do not believe that gaming can make someone smarter.

However , research shows that they relate some parts of the brain to memory, strategic planning, muscle control and spatial navigation.

All these parts of the brain can become larger after playing video games for some time.

Even though you may not get smarter instantly, gaming is an activity that can treat several mental disorders.

Some of these mental disorders include anxiety, stress, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Also, gaming can help you improve problem-solving skills and how you can involve them in real-life situations.

There are some games that have been developed with critical thinking, problem-solving, and reading challenges.

Also, there are many educational games and applications to help children and teenagers improve various skills.

4. Video games can help you learn to relax your mind

Many people are always looking for ways to relieve anxiety and stress.

Even though there are several ways to reduce depression and anxiety, gaming is probably the newest form of treatment.

It is fun, entertaining and provides psychological benefits.

They have developed several games to treat depression, stress, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Hence, it is important to choose your games according to your conditions.

5. Teaches patience and perseverance

Repetitive activities are not fun.

However, if you need to repeat an activity several times to achieve your goal, games can help.

This is a common practice when you’re playing video games.

Gaming is fun enough to teach patience and determination.

Some video games are difficult to win, and you must repeat the same level twice to go to the next level.

Games like Dark Souls are very challenging and are made for players to lose several battles before going to the next level.

Failure teaches players that they must have patience, skills and determination to advance to the next level.

Once players overcome these difficult obstacles, the game rewards them with unique items and better abilities.

The ability to tolerate routine and repetition is one that comes in handy.

6. Playing video games can teach you how to socialize

If you feel you are antisocial, gaming is one of the best activities to meet new friends.

Though some people describe gamers as anti-social people, you learn to socialize when you regularly play social games.

The availability of online games has brought many people together.

It is now possible and easier to meet and socialize with someone from another country while playing an online game.

7. You Learn Leadership Skills

People who love to play games can become leaders.

Even though it may not sound logic, there are several leadership skills you can learn when you play games.

For instance, a kid can defeat many adults in a specific video game.

This can boost his or her self-esteem and even feel more like a leader.

This skill can easily be transferred to the real world.

8. Gaming teaches you how to multitask

One common skill that most people gain when they play games is multitasking.

Multitasking is an important skill that can help to increase productivity in any organization.

Based on research, people who play games such as Call of Duty and other popular titles can multitask better than non-games.

When playing games, you need to find your enemies, check your scores, and use your weapons correctly.

These are skills that you can apply in real-life situations.

9. You learn how to start over or let it go

One thing many gamers dislike is finishing a favorite video game or quitting your game to do other non-game related tasks.

Whether it is a simple game like Angry Birds or a complex one, some games force us to learn how to let it go.

It is always a hard decision for a game fanatic to stop playing.

The emotions of walking away or starting all over can be difficult to many people.

Some of these emotions are similar in real life. Happily, playing video games is good practice to know how to quit playing games and attend important matters.

10. Learn how to improve your life

Whether you are a hardcore gamer, if you think like the game itself, you will improve many personal areas of your life.

Playing video games can help to move on, push forward, be patient, solve problems, and use various strategies.


Whether you’re playing an action adventure or math game, video games can help you learn.

Games like online chess help players develop thinking skills that they can use in real life.

Also, children can benefit by playing educational games at home or in school.

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