10 Video Games Based on TV Shows (Tuning In)

Video games based on TV Shows have always been a popular trend.

Before, these types of games were not well-received.

But today, video games based on movies, books, and TV shows have become common.

Relationships between video games and TV shows

Video games based on TV-shows differ from movies and comic books.

They are among the best-selling video games because of their hype, fun and popularity.

At first, the course worked because many people were familiar with new video games.

After fans accepted a few, the trend continues today.

Also, most of the shows are about curious stories that glue people to their computers.

If you are a fan of video games based on TV shows, there are many games you can enjoy.

Below are 10 uncommon TV-shows that attracted many gamers.

10 Video games based on TV shows

1. Dallas Quest (1994)

This is a family drama that made everyone tune into their TV.

Dallas Quest is an amazing adventure that puts players in a role of being a detective.

They track down a secretive map that can lead to a South-American oil field.

Through various commands, gamers can investigate the estate, and navigate the jungle.

There are also several puzzles to solve mysteries.

It’s a fun game that can keep everyone guessing and in suspense.

2. Alf (1989)

Do you remember ALF the extraterrestrial?

He is back again in another form. 

Happily, he still has his enchanting cat-snatching tricks.

The video game spins around the famous Alf looking for necessary parts to repair a spaceship.

Alf wants to travel to Mars to see his girlfriend.

The journey is tough as there are city streets, dark caves and many waves of foes to fight.

It is an amazing game that introduced underwater levels and Alf needs to learn to swim.

3. The Adventures of Gilligan’s Island (1990)

For many people, having a digital game based on the famous Gilligan’s Island was strange.

The game places players in the character of Skipper, then followed by Gilligan.

He passes through the island performing several tasks that include finding a wedding ring and building a hat.

Just like the TV show, the video game involves a lot of walking and several dangers such as tigers and gorillas.

The game has tried its best to portray the theme of the show.

4. Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit (1994)

Another favorite TV show that everyone remembers is the Home Improvement show.

T. Allen had a big task of battling an army of mummies, scorpions, and velociraptors.

Playing the game, the story begins with power tools.

It has tried to capture the entire spirit of the TV show in a good way.

However, there are some changes that have made the game fun, interesting and amazing.

For instance, there is no instruction-manual in the box.

Instead, gamers are left with a fake booklet.

So it is said that “Real Men do not need instructions,”.

5. Desperate Housewives (2006)

Desperate housewives is one of the strangest video game based on its TV show.

However, for people who love the TV series may end up enjoying the game.

In the game, they require players to create their characters (new housewives, husband, and kids).

It is an interesting task because it represents the soap-opera show.

Some objectives of the game include gardening, shopping, housekeeping and socializing.

Also, the gamer has to keep checking on the neighbor’s dark secrets.

At the same time, the player can have an affair with individuals on the block including your maid or the mailman.

6. The office (2007)

The Office is one of the biggest TV shows around the world.

Not as a surprise, fans probably expected a video game based on the show.

But many people asked, how would an office video game work?

They mix the gameplay with the TV-show’s humor and some similar scenes.

Also, there are many quotes from the show throughout the game.

Even though it might not act as a real office simulator, it is an interesting game to play.

7. Little Britain: The Video Game (2007)

Some people believed that it would be a great idea to create a video game based on the Little Britain TV show.

Even though there was no story to progress through the video game, it involved different characters from the comedy.

However, adding mini-games to the comedy style of the show did not work; It received bad reviews.

8. Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine (2008)

The Iron Chef America was a popular TV show that had many people attached to the TV.

The game involves a series of mini-games that the gamer has to complete quickly and efficiently.

With some voice acting, the Iron Chef America is a faithful version you will probably never find.

Even though it is fun and entertaining, there are several critics surrounding it.

9. Murder, She Wrote (2009)

Another exciting TV show that has led itself to the popular field of gaming is the Murder, She Wrote show.

The game released 5 murder mysteries that players must solve and look for the culprits.

To get clues, players need to watch how the conversations unfold and observe locations until they find clues.

Even though the video game sets up different types of plots, the player has to solve unique puzzles.

But the good news is that the game became popular and later they developed Murder, She Wrote 2.

The second installment came out years after the original game.

10. Grey’s Anatomy: The Video Game (2009)

2009’s Grey’s Anatomy the video game has attempted to bring in all the drama of the show.

The game has romance and occasional medical aspects.

Even though it might look like a complicated game because of the surgical procedures, it’s simple to play.


These are just a few video games based on TV Shows.

If you like funny video games you can try the South Park series like “The Stick of Truth”.

You may also want to check out some movie-based video games which many gamers have enjoyed.

The key to finding a good video game based on a TV-show is knowing the publisher.

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