Video Games are Helpful in many Ways

Video games are helpful in ways parents don’t see.

Parents worry a lot about video games, but their concern is unnecessary.

They believe that gaming can interest but also cause harm.

According to mothers, gaming can make children neglect important activities such as sleep, school homework, and exercise.

Some teachers and lecturers also believe that gaming, especially the violent ones leave negative effects.

But are the effects of playing digital games all that bad?

And can video games be helpful in any way?

Video games are helpful

Several studies show that video games are helpful as reading a book, playing a piano or exercising.

Gaming is also an activity that may sharpen your kid’s brain and improving their decision-making skills.

This means that most mothers are wrong with video games and their effects.

Also, games are not harmful to adults and elderly people.

They can help you live a happy, healthy life.

Based on research, gaming can help slow down aging, help to reduce pain, and eases stress.

Ways video games are helpful to you and your children

1. Gaming can slow down aging

Male or female, kids or teenagers, adults or elderly, we all have one thing in common, we are getting old.

And as we get older, there are several advantages and problems.

Exercising and eating well can make your body feel young.

But most people are not aware that exercising the brain is also important.

Studies have shown that gaming can help keep the brain in shape.

A study that involved 680 healthy participants aged fifty and up, were asked to play video games.

They were supposed to play certain games for ten hours for a duration of 5 to 8 weeks.

The study showed that 10 hours of gaming suffices to slow down aging.

It was also concluded that tasks that required someone to exercise his or her mind can help the mind stay sharper.

2. Video games can make you a better decision maker

Another way gaming is helpful is turning gamers into better decision makers.

Video games, especially the action fast-paced games make players react faster than normal.

These games teach people to become better in collecting sensory data and converting it into accurate decisions.

So if you want to change the way you decide, playing Call of duty or other fast-paced games is a good idea.

3. Gaming can improve your eyesight

Mothers believe their kids will go blind when they play games in front of their computers the entire weekend.

Also, some people believe that playing video games can cause serious eye problems.

However, studies show that gaming can improve your eyesight.

Playing action games help to enhance an ability known as the contrast-sensitivity function.

It helps people to differentiate colors and drive well at night.

4. Playing video games makes people social

One stereotype with gaming is that people who play games are social rejects.

But this is not the case.

Research shows that gaming can make people less anti social.

Even though people who play video games are always indoors, that does not make them anti-social.

Researchers discovered that gamers are highly social individuals.

Actually, they form stronger relationships than non-gamers.

5. Playing digital games can improve the ability to learn

Contrary to some believers that gaming can make children perform poorly at school, studies have found that playing video games can enhance brain flexibility.

People who play games can boost their intellectual skills.

This is because gaming requires constant thinking and player input.

6. Video games can improve hand-to-eye coordination

Most professions need better hand-to-eye coordination.

Whether you are a driver, a pilot or a surgeon, the skill is very important.

For example, surgeons depend on the skill to perform a successful operation.

Surgeons also ensure they do not interfere with other body organs.

Hence, aspiring surgeons are recommended to play simulation games as part of their surgeon training.

It is said that game simulation improves their hand-to-eye coordination.

Gaming also helps drivers and pilots as well.

7. Gaming helps to improve focus and attention

The biggest worry most mothers have is that when their children are in school, their children are thinking about playing video games.

Parents believe kids who play games most of the time do not listen to their teachers.

To tell whether gaming can help or harm a kid’s attention, they conducted research.

Their research comprised two types of groups, non-gamers, and gamers.

The task was to perform some tasks that included pattern discrimination.

After the study, the gamers performed better than non-gamers.

They concluded that gaming improves several abilities such as paying attention and focus.

8. Gaming can help depressed people

Some years back, researchers did a study to identify whether gaming can treat depression.

The study was done with a video game known as SPARX.

It is a game designed to offer therapy to depressed teenagers in an attractive and enjoyable manner.

Over 160 teenagers within the ages of fifteen took part in the experiment.

All of them had shown some signs of depression.

Half of the group received traditional counseling and the other group played SPARX.

The game required for players to create avatars to get rid of world enemies.

After the study, the group that played SPARX welled at recovering from depression than teens who received traditional counseling.

9. Video games can help people stay fit

The advancement of gaming has led to introducing motion-control gaming.

Nintendo has introduced the Wii systems that can help people stay fit.

We have discovered that game motion-control video games are as beneficial as daily exercises.

10. Gaming can help in relationships

Psychologists believe gaming is one of the best activities that can build relationships.

Although many guys would like to play video games with their male friends, girlfriends would love to game with their boyfriends.

We know that the more people invest in friendship, the happier the relationship can be.

And hence, playing video games is a great activity that can bring couples together.

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