Vampires in Video Games are Blood Thirsty

What Are Vampires?

Vampires can be defined as creatures from folklore that survive by feeding on human being’s life essence, blood.

In popular European folklore, they were believed to be resurrected creatures that had the habit of visiting close friends and relatives.

According to the folklore, they would also visit neighborhoods that they once lived in, with the objective of causing disturbance or killing those who had aggrieved them.

They were bloated, had dark complexion and wore shrouds. However, today’s vampires are gaunt and pale in complexion.

The latter allegedly came into existence in the early nineteenth century.


According to Oxford English Dictionary, vampire first appeared as an English word in 1734.

Before its appearance in the dictionary, the word and subject had already been extensively discussed in German and French literature.

Folk tales

Are you aware that vampirism has been in existence for thousands of years?

Ancient Mesopotamians, Romans, Hebrews, and Greeks told tales involving spirits and demons.

Modern vampires are believed to have descended from these spirits and demons.

Interesting facts about vampires

1. Count Dracula is the most renowned vampire legend.

2. Countess Elizabeth Bathory is the most famous female vampire.

She used to maintain her own vitality by bathing in young girl’s blood.

3. It is true that they actually exist. The theory is reinforced by tales told by ancient Babylonians.

4. A vampire has no reflection.

If a vampire chooses to stand before a mirror, there’ll be no reflection of it.

5. The name vampire was derived from Vampir, a Hungarian word.

6. Dracula is the most popular written work about vampires.

The work was done by Bram Stoker.

7. When vampires gather in a group, they are referred to as a clan or cloven of vampires.

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