Unboxing the EVGA 600w Power Supply (Review)

If you need adequate power to run your computer, the EVGA 600w power supply is a great unit.

However, the power supply’s wires should have been longer.


  • Cables are thick
  • Fits in a Full ATX tower
  • Easy to install


  • Cables could have been longer
  • Not the most powerful

The Powerhouse EVGA 600

The EVGA 600w power supply can handle multiple power sources.

Also, it brings different connectors for fans and PC tower functionality.

I’ve had this power supply for over a year having no issues.

It was easy to install, and it even brings a three-year warranty from EVGA.

The EVGA 600 fits perfectly inside my full ATX tower, and it runs all its components.

Because of its high power, it could run all five of my fans and the rest of the hardware.

Note: Before buying your power supply, check if it’s a modular or non-modular power supply.

This EVGA 600 unit is non-modular, we cannot detach the cables.

Great for Full ATX Towers

The power supply comes with thick cables for more power.

Furthermore, the wires mesh with a wire protector that looks like a sleeve.

Probably the only issue I had with the EVGA 600 power supply was the length of its cables.

The cables reached my motherboard’s power slot, but more extended would have been better.

With longer power supply cables, PC builders have more organizing options.

Besides, they can place longer wires in spots that won’t interfere with hardware.

The EVGA 600 is not the most powerful unit in its series.

EVGA has more powerful power supplies like the EVGA 750 and the EVGA 850.

In conclusion, I recommend this power supply for owners of full ATX PC towers.

Most of all, if you have a small to medium size PC tower, check the power supply’s specifications before you buy.

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