Unboxing the Antec VP450 Power Supply


The Antec vp450 power supply didn’t just surprise me, but its power impressed much more.

Don’t let the brand or its looks fool you; this power supply can run a full ATX tower PC.


  • Can handle high power demands
  • Can fit in small, medium and full ATX tower computers


  • It can fit in a full ATX tower, but the cables are too short
  • Its cables are short and must be placed in a small or mid-ATX tower

The Small but Powerful Antec VP450 power supply

I had the Antec 450W power supply installed in my full ATX PC tower for almost a year.

However, It wasn’t a good idea because the main power supply cable was too short.

As a result, I had to run the main power supply wire over my video card.

Consequently, this can cause a short and damage the hardware.

Due to this, I had to wrap a plastic strap around the cable to prevent a short.

The Antec VP 450 power supply Under Pressure

To my surprise, the Antec power supply continued to run my full ATX tower with no problems.

However, I don’t recommend buying it for a full ATX tower because of the cables.

The cables that come with this power supply are short better suited for a mid-tower computer case.

My gaming PC case was a full ATX tower that made the cables difficult to connect.

Most of all, don’t place any wires on top of hardware like the graphics card.

To connect the power supply to my motherboard, I placed the cable over my graphics card (not recommended.)

I ended up buying an EVGA 600w power supply for my full ATX tower.

Probably, I would have kept the Antec power supply if the cables were longer.

Therefore, I do recommend this power supply for a gaming computer because it has the power to run a full ATX gaming PC.

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