Turtle Beach X12 Gaming Headphones (Review)


The Turtle Beach X12 Gaming Headphones have excellent quality sound and chat functions.

While the sound effects perform well, the durability of the headphones is poor.


  • Great Sound
  • Sound Amplifier Box
  • Microphone for chat


  • Can break easily
  • Cheap plastic material
  • Good Sound Effects

My Turtle Beach X12 gaming headphones do a good job blocking outside noise.

The ear cup cushions have stable foam, and you can hardly feel them.

As a result, the sound quality is excellent while playing video games.

You can adjust the volume through an amplifier box.

First of all, the amplifier box has four functions.

Users can adjust the volume for the sound and chat settings.

Also, there’s an on and off button for the microphone feature.

If you’re going to play a game that requires a microphone, just flip the switch on.

The Turtle Beach X12 headphones have long cords.

Therefore, you can sit far away and play your favorite video games.

The Headphone Plastic is Weak

It’s essential to note that this headphone is very delicate.

If you over-extend or stretch the headphones out too far, they can easily break.

I believe that the material that holds the ear-cups is weak.

The weak plastic material is what caused my headphones to break apart.

Since the plastic piece that holds the headphones was flimsy, it broke quickly.

My Turtle Beach X12 headphones broke in a little over a year.

The good thing is that I found a way to fix my headphones easy and cheap.

I cut out a piece of hard plastic in the exact shape of the original one.

Then I bought a strong plastic bonding glue named Gorilla and pasted it together.

As of today, my Turtle Beach X12 gaming headphones are performing well.

I recommend buying a newer Turtle Beach headphone model with stronger or reinforced material.

Also, check customer reviews to make sure you’re getting durable gaming headphones.

Last Updated on August 22, 2020 by Tony

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