Trolls in Video Games – Big, Bad and the Ugly

Trolls in video games are available in many shapes and sizes.

This means a single description cannot fit them all.

Normally, trolls are huge, strong, and act as villains in video games.

Because of their massive strength and aggressiveness, gamers want to play as trolls in video games.

Game developers started creating games that allowed players to role-play as trolls.

Everquest was the very first online game that I could play as a troll.

The down-side to playing as a troll is that you align yourself with an evil faction to play as a troll.

Today there are games that you can play as an honorable troll without being evil.

Fortunately, trolls have given us many animated movies and children’s books.

This means there are a lot of things people know and do not know about them.

What are Trolls?

Trolls in Video Games

Trolls have tromped through imaginations of many generations.

They popularize a troll in Norse-mythology.

We can describe it as a being that lives in mountains, caves and isolated rocks.

They live together in families and are hardly supportive of humans.

Later, the trolls in Scandinavian-folklore become beings.

Here, they lived far from people and were not Christian.

We considered trolls dangerous to human-beings.

But depending on your source, their appearance may differ.

In some situations, trolls are hideous and slow-witted, and in other instances, they are like people and behave just like human beings.

They also link trolls with specific landmarks that are believed to have been formed after they exposed trolls to sunlight.

Trolls eat humans, livestock, stones and anything they could get.

Trolls are not perfect according to many fairy tales.

They are creatures who can smell human blood, hate sunlight and turn into stones when exposed to daylight.

Sometimes, they toss stones to fight.

There are many theories, descriptions, and families of trolls.

Some trolls are a source of musical-inspiration; But humanity will remain stuck with trolls.

Whether we like them, trolls are here to stay.

Just like many other unreal creatures, trolls contain masses; Some are friends others are foes.

Five Facts about Trolls

1. There are many theories about the origin of trolls.

But the fact is that trolls originated from Norse-mythology.

They are terrible and fearsome creatures that likely eat humans.

There are many other creatures that have similar legends, such as the Ogres found in England.

2. There is a theory that the reason legends are widely spread is that human beings had interactions with the Neanderthals.

The Neanderthals are the basis of Ogres, Trolls and other Legends.

Even though the theory was considered true in recent years, some people still believe the Neanderthals and humans had a connection that caused the multiplication of Trolls.

3. Trolls are ugly and horrible creatures; The cute and the funny trolls are just a modern idea.

Generally, Trolls are dangerous and very scary.

To see a clear picture of Trolls, look at the Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit movies and books.

4. Today, a good definition of Trolls can be found on small collectibles such as the plastic dolls that have bright synthetic hair and big child-like eyes.

They created these dolls in the 50s by a Danish Fisherman who was very poor and could not afford a Christmas gift for his daughter.

So, he created one, and it became popular.

5. Today, there is one Troll Museum in New York City.

It is fascinating and is being visited by many fans and people who want to learn more about trolls.

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