TP Link AC5400 Tri Band Gaming Router (Review)

TP Link AC5400 Tri Band Gaming Router is fast but may have a weak signal.

Gaming has become very popular all over the world. 

Unlike the past where people would play games without the internet in their homes, today it is not possible to enjoy playing your favorite game without being connected to the internet. 

Gamers need a reliable Internet connection to enjoy gaming. 

Happily, there are several modems that can ensure you play your popular video game with ease. 

One of the most popular modems you can have for gaming is the TP Link AC5400 router.

TP-Link AC5400 Tri-Band Gaming Router is one of the best gaming routers on the market. 

It is considered by many gamers because it has amazing speed, safe, and we trust the brand.

So, if you are looking for a reliable gaming router, TP Link AC5400 router is a good choice.

However, just like any other router, there are several problems associated with this modem. 

So, to help you make an informed choice here is a product review of the TP-Link AC5400 router.

Who can use TP Link AC5400 Tri Band Gaming Router?

The TP-Link AC5400 router is a gaming device designed for gamers. 

If you are a serious gamer worried about your internet speed, this might be your device. 

It is a router that will ensure it connects all your devices; So, with this router, there is no downtime. 

Also, it has a powerful antivirus that ensures all your devices are safe from any cyber threats.

Even though it is a power device, there are a few drawbacks pinpointed by the users. 

One major drawback is the router’s software/app; it hasn’t been updated for a while.

Some users have wasted a lot of time trying to connect to the Internet. 

Also, they say that Wi-Fi keeps dropping; This might disappoint during game time.

What’s included in the box?

TP Link AC5400 router looks like a complicated device, but it is simple. 

The package only contains the router, since it does not need other fixtures to connect; The device is affordable and a good one for gaming.

However, some users claim that the speed is disappointing; Compared to other gaming routers, the device speed may be slow. 

Also, the router keeps dropping, and the range is terrible; Hence, you might need to consider the speed and the signal range before getting one.

Overview of Features

TP Link AC5400 router is an affordable router designed for gaming. 

From speed to signal range, you can enjoy the best internet connection when you have this gaming router.

With Quad-core processing, this device has power; This means you can enjoy your gaming with confidence. 

The Wi-Fi speed is excellent and a good one for gaming, HD streaming and other browsing tasks. 

It is double wired connectivity; This means it is faster than other gaming routers.

Also, with TP-Link AC5400 router you will defend your devices from cyber threats. 

Users will browse within the VPN server; Hence, you can stay safe while gaming or browsing.

How to install TP Link AC5400 Tri Band Gaming Router 

The gaming router installation is simple and quick; Being a TP-Link product, it is among the best products on the market.

There are 8 antennas, 1 Ethernet cord, and a power adapter; Happily, the package comes with an installation guide to help you complete the installation with ease.

First, you need to connect the antennas, insert the code, and the power cable. 

Once you are fully connected, contact your internet service provider.

Alternative Products

They make TP Link AC5400 Tri Band Gaming Router for gamers. 

No matter the game you like, this is the best device for you.

They build it for serious speed, the Wi-Fi is amazing, and the range is outstanding.

It is also compatible with several internet providers; With the router, your devices are safe and you can browse with confidence.

However, there are some issues concerning the modem. 

TP Link AC5400 router is perfect, but the Wi-Fi signal keeps dropping. 

This can be so frustrating when playing your favorite game; Also, some people claim it is a waste of money because of the signal and the speed.

Everything might be good from the installation to the Internet, but it might disappoint after a few months. 

So, it may be a good idea to consider several alternative products. 

Similar Routers

Some of the best alternative products include Tenda AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Router, High-Speed Wireless Internet Router with Smart App, MU-MIMO for Home (AC6).

Users can try the Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 AX11000 Tri-Band 10 Gigabit WiFi Router, Aiprotection Lifetime Security by Trend Micro, Aimesh Compatible for Mesh WIFI System, Next-Gen Wifi 6, Wireless 802.11Ax, 8 X Giga.

Tenda AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Router, High-Speed Wireless Internet Router with Smart App, MU-MIMO for Home (AC6) is just like TP-Link AC5400 Tri Band Gaming Router but has several advantages. 

The speed is great, and the signal is amazing; So, if you feel you need an alternative, this might be a good choice.

The other great alternative product is Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 AX11000 Tri-Band 10 Gigabit WiFi Router, Aiprotection Lifetime Security by Trend Micro, Aimesh Compatible for Mesh WIFI System, Next-Gen Wifi 6, Wireless 802.11Ax, 8 X Giga. 

It is a powerful device designed for gamers; The installation is simple and straightforward. 

In addition, you can use it for other tasks since the signal and the speed are satisfactory.


TP Link AC5400 router is not a bad router for your entertainment and work tasks. 

However, keep in mind that there are four issues with this router.

Faulty-The router may lose Internet connection frequently making you reboot it constantly.

The signal range may not be the best in big homes or at work.

WiFi– Also the WiFi signal may drop frequently and may slow down your network.

A few users complained about slow speeds and having problems with customer service.

Would I buy this router? Yes, but I would first check that the software/app has been updated.

Also verify that the software package is compatible with your PC’s operating system.

Are you enjoying this router? Or is it the worst device you ever bought?

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