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If you are a gaming enthusiast and would like to settle for the best video games, read this article to get familiar with the many features of top selling video games.

The video gaming market is enormous and the internet has indeed given a new dimension to it.

If we look at the evolution of video gaming, it certainly has evolved and grown over the years.

The days of unwieldy consoles and joysticks are now being replaced by easy to use computer games.

You can use the conventional keyboard, mouse or even have a gaming keyboard installed to make the best of these.

Choose your Games Wisely


If you spend some time and do some researching for identifying the top-selling video games, you will undoubtedly have dozens of games to choose.

Video games may come in different genres.

It could range from action games to role-playing games.

On the other hand, you could choose games based on sports, strategizing and much more.

Within each genre, you could have different sub-genres.

However, when you choose the best video games from different genres, there are a few things in common.

These common attributes indeed separate the grain from the chaff.

It would be interesting to list down some common denominators or attributes which could help you to choose a good video game irrespective of the genres to which they might belong.

The Quality Of Video And Audio

There are a few main reasons why we play top-selling video games.

We certainly love the video and audio which are the main pillars on which any video game rests.

Hence, when choosing a video game, you must ensure that it has the best combination of video and audio.

Both are complementary to one another, and therefore you must spend some time knowing more about the quality of both these aspects.

Today’s games depend on quite a bit on graphics and depth and image resolutions.

Hence, these two aspects should also be kept in mind when identifying that superb video game.

Who Are The Publishers?


There is no denying the fact that each day you could see dozens of new games created.

However, if you are a gaming enthusiast looking for quality over quantity, you must follow the publishers of the games.

Publishers are important for some reasons.

Quality publishers will not be willing to risk their goodwill with cheap games with low-quality graphics, sound, and videos.

Further, whether you are playing top-selling video games online or offline, you can be sure about the quality of support and assistance which you could receive.

Whenever there are regular updates, quality publishers ensure that you have access to all tools.

Game Platforms

The platform on which the video games are built is also an important point to consider before investing in video games.

Platforms are specialized computer systems and software that are made to keep specific needs and requirements of the games.

Most modern day personal computers, laptops, and even mobile phones have hardware configurations to support almost all major video games.

However, the software component could be different from hardware to hardware.

Therefore it lies on users to spend some time on it and ensure that they choose the best software configurations.

However, they must be sure that the software and hardware are compatible and there is no mismatch.

Storage Space

Storage space is essential for games which play off-line or which come in consoles.

You must always look for video games which provide enough space.

While space might be good enough, new updates can take a significant amount of space.

Therefore you must always look for video games which have futuristic planning in mind.

Space comes at an extra cost, but it’s worth it because of the benefits which they offer.



Top selling video games can be great only when they can offer the best of gameplay.

You could have a significant story-based game that may sound perfect.

However, if it does not come with the required gameplay, gamers won’t be happy.

Therefore if it’s an adventure or strategizing game, then there must be perfect coordination between gameplay and storyline.

In fact, there are some fascinating and highly successful video games which might lack the best of a storyline.

These games, however, make this up with fantastic gameplay.

A typical example is the massively successful “Angry Birds.”

Though it may not be famous for the storyline, the sheer brilliance of gameplay makes it highly accessible.


Today mobile phones have become an integral part of the video gaming experience.

Therefore good quality video game must ensure that the end users can play the game on their mobile devices.

You must always look for Android and iPhones which have the software and hardware configurations to support different types of video games.

Further, you must also be sure that the mobile phone devices have the best of internal memory, storage, and space.

A Challenging Game


Video game players enjoy top-selling video games which challenge them to the limits.

They would like to move to the next level or complete the game to overcome obstacles.

However, the game should have a challenge for the player.

The game should not be so easy that it gets completed within a short period.

There are many such games which test the skills, patience, perseverance and analytical as well as survival skills.

The Halo Series is one such example which according to many provides them the best of challenge without making it look impossible.


There is only one thing constant about video gaming today, and that is change.

Therefore you must always look for games which are continually changing as far as experience, technology, and other various factors.

How should video games change in the future?

I think they should be more educational, with less violence. Let me know your thoughts!

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