Top 25 Video Game Developers (2018)


When it comes to gaming discussions, video game fans always support their favorite games but very few reflect on the developers, story line, adventure or the theme of the game.

But who are these game developers who work day and night to ensure everyone is entertained?

Keep in mind that a video game is an art and individuals who develop them are artists.

The enjoyment, the excitement and the feeling that a video game brings can be related to the artists. Below are some top video game developers of all time.

25 Top video game developers

25. Westwood Studios

Westwood Studios was established in 1985 and was closed in 2003. But before its closure, it had made its own name. It has several great popular video games on the market.

24. Midway

Midway is a great video game developer that has been around for several years. It is famous for Spade Invaders among many other amazing video-games.

23. Treasure

Another outstanding game developer that was founded in 1992 is Treasure. It has developed several games that include Gunstar Heroes.

22. SNK

This developer has been around for many years. The studio started in 1978 and it has developed many digital games that include the Neo Geo consoles.

Its headquarters are situated in Osaka, Japan.

21. Origin Systems

The Origin Systems is a video game design company that was established by two brothers and their father in 1983.

Later in 1992, the company was acquired by Electronic Arts, and then went underground in 2004.

20. Thatgamecompany

It started in 2006 by a group of passionate people with a vision of designing games that make you think and feel.

When it was established, it had a deal to create three downloadable video games for the PlayStation Sony network system.

But the company is now earning independent funding.

19. Popcap Games

Popcap is known as the master of giving casual games enough depth to entertain hardcore gamers.

Also, it produces games that are simple for everyone to enjoy. For several years, the company has managed to attract a huge number of fans.

It has over 400 employees that are responsible for designing and developing wonderful games.

18. EA Canada

This is a company that’s famous all over the world. It is responsible for greatest sports games like FIFA, SSX, NHL, and Flight Night.

If you are looking for a developer with a consistency of quality video games, EA Canada is the best.

17. Santa Monica Studio

It was established in 1999, and one of Sony’s best studios. It is responsible for creating some of Sony’s biggest success studios.

16. Neversoft

Started in 1994, Neversoft has survived all odds to remain one of the strongest studios.

In 1998, the developer almost went out of business for lack of money but then it was funded by a different company.

15. Sonic Team

It is known for developing the famous Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is based in Japan and was established in 1992.

14. Rare

Very few studios dominated the industry in the 90s. One of them was Rare.

From its establishment in 1982, Rare has developed fantastic video games that include Donkey Kong 64, Donkey Kong Country, and Banjo Kazooie.

Even though the company is not as active as before, the legacy still remains.

13. Harmonix Music Systems

This is one developer that is a bit unique from other studios. Harmonix Music Systems can be described as the courageous one in the industry.

It has managed to create games that are somehow silly. The company integrated Karaoke into their games and has attracted many video game fans.

14. Sierra Entertainment

This developer has managed to make great PC games for more than 29 years. Some of their games include Gabriel Knight, King’s Quest and Space Quest.

However, due to financial issues, the studio no longer exists. However, its legacy still lives.

13. Broderbund

Broderbund was formed by two brothers in the 80s. The studio’s name was formed by a merger of Swedish, Danish, and German names.

The first digital game created by this developer was Galactic Empire.

12. Insomniac Games

This studio has been independent for a very long time. However, since it develops games for only Play Station platforms, many people believed it was owned by Sony studios.

It was formed in 1994, and for all those years it has been creating games specifically for the Play Station.

11. MicroProse

It was founded in the 80s and left a mark in the gaming industry. Even though it was famous for producing military games, it has also created numerous strategy games.

10. Ubisoft Montreal

Based on the Ubisoft Montreal record, it is a unique studio that has managed to have reliable agreements.

9. Naughty Dog

Naughty Dog can be considered as a modern-day studio. It has managed to create amazing video games for both young and elderly people.

8. BioWare

It was established in 1995 and has remained a top video game developer up until today.

7. Bethesda Game Studios

The company has existed for a long time, and it has been designing award-winning games since 1986.

Some of their greatest games include Oblivion in 2006, Morrowind in 2002 and Daggerfall in 1996.

6. Maxis

It was founded in 1987 and has managed to produce outstanding games that include SimCity, SimEarth, and SimAnt among many others.

5. Blizzard Entertainment

One studio that has remained influential since 1991 is Blizzard Entertainment. It has managed to produce quality video games that attract millions of fans.

4. Atari

Founded in the 70s, Atari is associated with top video games that include Gauntlet, Paperboy and Marble Madness.

3. Konami

Konami was founded in 1969. First, it was formed as a jukebox company but then jumped into the gaming industry.

2. Capcom

Even though Capcom is part developer and part publisher, it has managed to design amazing video games since 1983.

For many people, Capcom has shaped the gaming industry to where it is now.

1. Nintendo EAD

Based in Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan, it is probably one of the biggest video game studios.

Since 1983, Nintendo has positioned itself as the top game developer.

With superb games such as Super Mario 64, the Legend of Zelda, and Brain Age among many others, it has attracted loyal followers from all over the world.

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