The Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for a PC Review

The Xbox 360 wireless controller for a PC is an excellent choice for gamers that own consoles and have a gaming PC.

While the Xbox controller is sturdy, it does get dirty quickly if you buy the white controller.


  • Very Durable
  • Strong Vibrations
  • Buttons are Responsive


  • Needs more precision
  • White controller gets dirty fast

Both Wired and Wireless Controllers are Similar

There are two types of Xbox 360 controllers that you can buy, a wired controller or a wireless controller.

This review focuses on the Xbox 360 wireless controller made for both the consoles and computer.

Note: I have tested the wired Xbox controller for a PC which has a long USB cord, and it works the same as the wireless controller.

The Xbox 360 controller works as expected and its also inexpensive.

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You’re getting a two for one deal; you can use it to play on the consoles and your PC.

Although it works nicely, the joystick knob needs more precision.

I bought my first Xbox 360 wireless controller over three years ago.

Today my Xbox controller is still functional but its worn out pretty bad.

So I decided to buy a Logitech-F310 gaming-pad to compare them with each other.

After using the Logitech F310 gamepad, the quality is cheap compared to Xbox 360.

The Xbox wireless gamepad is much stronger and can take more punishment.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers can Last for a Long Time

My advice is to buy Xbox 360 controllers with some type of warranty.

For example, you can buy a wireless Xbox joystick with a three-year warranty.

Buying the Xbox 360 wireless controller was the best investment I have made so far.

My Xbox 360 wireless controller has lasted me for over three years without giving me any issues.

As a result of playing with the controller extensively, it’s showing some wear.

My Xbox controller’s joystick knob tore to pieces.

I used my controller so much that a plastic bit from the knob jammed the rotation of the joystick.

However, the Xbox controller still works, and I could still play if I wished.

One of its best features is the vibration mechanism.

I remember leaving my Xbox360 wireless controller laying on my PC desk, and suddenly it started vibrating so hard that I thought something was going to explode.

While playing video games, the vibration options’ work superbly.

The Xbox controller’s buttons are very responsive and work well together.

Precision is a Factor to Consider

You can map buttons with software like Pinnacle Game Profiler or adjust the controller settings in the game options’ menu.

While playing shooter games, I noticed that playing on the console is more precise than computer gaming.

Maybe the Xbox controller is set up to be more precise on consoles than on a computer.

Probably computer games are less accurate than console games, but that’s just my experience.

When I played Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 on the console, the controller felt more precise.

Another problem with the white Xbox 360 wireless controller is that it gets dirty quickly.

Therefore, you will need to clean your controller often.

I strongly recommend buying the black Xbox controller instead.

But if you can get a better deal with a white controller, then go for it.

In the end, if you own Xbox 360 consoles and play computer games on Windows, the Xbox 360 wireless controller is a perfect choice.

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