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Welcome friend, my name is Tony, and I created this free guide called “The Video Game Guide.”

I also created two free e-books on this website called “How to Build A Gaming Computer” and “How to Start a Video Game Blog.”

These e-books are massive in size and provide quality information for readers.

The “How to Build a Gaming Computer” guide is related to this e-book.

I recommend that you read both e-books to get familiar with the subjects.

It’s common to hear about how gamers get frustrated because they can’t find the information they need about gaming.

This huge book tries to answer the most common questions a video gamer might have.

For example, should I get a PS4, Xbox or gaming computer? 

These questions are tough because everyone has different answers. 

This book will guide you in the right direction where to find information.

If there is anything that I missed about gaming, please let me know.

I’m always looking for ways to help the gaming community. 

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Terms of Use

The Video Game Guide is not an official manufacturer guide or any trademark research system. 

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The Video Game Guide and would like to thank all contributors that helped us create this guide.

We also want to thank the article contributors in for helping us create this e-book. 

The most important “Thank You” goes to all game developers that create enjoyable games. 

Keep doing a great job creating fun games for the gaming community.

How to Use this Guide

As a gamer, you can use this manual as an advantage over other players. 

Learn about the best game review websites and information about modern games. 

You can build an excellent gaming PC by visiting sites that specialize in building PCs.

As a computer builder, you can enjoy all the favorite computer part stores. 

You can compare prices on gaming parts and computers.

“The Video Game Guide” comes with a gaming computer guide to help you build computers.

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you will have the advantage of knowing the gaming industry inside out. 

You can use this guide to start a business or improve a current one.

As a photographer or video editor, you can build a powerful computer for both gaming and video editing.

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No matter what type of games you like, you will need to get familiar.

With the gaming industry to get the best deals. 

“The Video Game Guide” offers top quality advice on where to go for all your gaming needs. 

We can use The Video Game Guide in a variety of ways for the creative individuals. 

You don’t have to be a gamer to use this guide.

For example; a photographer can build a powerful PC for video editing. 

A small business owner that needs to find out the best places to shop for computer parts will find this guide useful.

The best part about “The Video Game Guide” is that it continues to grow over time as we add special secret bonuses.

These gifts may come as standalone e-books or images to complement the overall package. 

We hope you enjoy this guide, remember that we are always updating our e-books to give readers the best advice possible.

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Table of Contents

Page iii = Terms of Use

Page iv = Acknowledgments

Page v = How to Use this Guide

Page vi = Introduction

Page vii = Table of Contents

Chapter 1 = Computer vs. Console

Chapter 2 = Buy or Build a Gaming Computer

Chapter 3 = How to Build a Gaming Computer

Chapter 4 = Where to Find PC Building Guides

Chapter 5 = Where to Buy PC Building Guides

Chapter 6 = Building a Gaming Computer

Chapter 7 = Where to Find Computer Part Reviews

Chapter 8 = Where to Buy Computer Parts

Chapter 9 = Buying a Gaming Computer

Chapter 10 = Where to Find Gaming Computer Reviews

Chapter 11 = Where to Buy a Gaming Computer

Chapter 12 = Buying Games

Chapter 13 = Where to Find Gaming Reviews

Chapter 14 = Where to Buy Video Games

Chapter 15 = How to Play Video Games

Chapter 16 = Where to Find Video Game Guides

Chapter 17 = Where to Buy Video Game Guides

Chapter 18 = Congratulations and Next Steps

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Computer vs. Console


Choosing to buy a computer or a console is based on your budget and convenience. 

If you don’t have enough money to purchase a console, you can build a gaming PC. 

Do you have the money but don’t care about upgrading a PC? Then go with a console.

When you buy a console, you don’t have to worry about its parts or hardware, just dive in and start playing games.

The downside to consoles is that you have little control of its inner parts.

NOTE: You can purchase an external hard drive for the Xbox.

One console. For the PS4 console, you can upgrade the internal hard drive.

If your console stops working, it’s required to send it to get fixed or get it replaced. 

Since you can’t upgrade parts, your console becomes outdated, and you have to wait until the next generation console is up for sale.


With a gaming computer, you can build or buy it and have total control over its parts.

You can upgrade any part at any time to make your gaming PC stronger and faster.

Owning a gaming PC is flexible because you can install particular parts or hardware that enhances your gaming experience.

For example, you can add more USB ports to the back of your computer with a PCI card.

If you are a hardcore gamer that performs specialized tasks like online gaming, streaming, or video editing, you need to upgrade.

Some gaming fans go over the top and build two gaming PCs into one monster system to stay ahead of the game.

NOTE: Before choosing between a computer or a console, find out if it can play your game on that system.

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Buy or Build a Gaming Computer

Buy a Gaming Computer

Buying a Gaming Computer is like purchasing a console; here are some advantages of buying over the building.

  • No Building Hassles
  • No Researching for Parts
  • Reduce testing the PC

The best part of buying a brand new top of the line gaming Computer is that you don’t have to worry about building it. 

Buying a brand new gaming PC saves you time and lets you play games right away.

Another good part about the purchase of a PC is that you don’t have to research each part. 

Studying computer parts takes time and knowledge to figure out which parts to buy.

You don’t have to test a brand new gaming PC to see if it works; They set everything up by the manufacturer. 

Do a few things to make your computer work, for example; connecting the monitor, keyboard, mouse and other cables to your PC.

Build a Gaming Computer

Building your gaming PC lets you take control of how to create a computer to your specific needs. 

Here are some advantages of building a gaming PC over buying. 

  • Flexible Customization
  • Know your Parts and Brands
  • Gain Computer Knowledge

Building your computer will give you a chance to customize it to your preferred gaming style. 

For example, let’s say you play strategy games with significant graphics. 

You will need to invest in both a good CPU and video card for best performance.

NOTE: Learning about computer parts is beneficial for the long term when you need to upgrade your gaming PC.

As you research each part for your computer, you will get familiar with different brands and models. 

Learning about brands and models lets you compare other similar models to get the best parts.

Also, you will upgrade your computer with the right computer parts quickly.

Assembling your gaming PC gives you technical knowledge about each part of the computer. 

You will know what’s inside your computer and feel confident about the installation.

But the best part about building your gaming PC is that you’re playing your favorite games on your very own creation.

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How to Build a Gaming Computer

Building your gaming computer takes time and dedication. 

PC Building means that you will have to learn about computer parts and how they relate to each other.

It’s best to learn about the overall picture before learning individual steps.

Your first step should be to see how computers work and the needed components to make them work. 

First learn about the computer’s peripherals (monitor, Keyboard, mouse, etc.)and how they contribute to the operation of the computer.

NOTE: The best way to build or disassemble a computer is to have a step-by-step manual that guides you through each step.

Then you can start learning about smaller computer parts and their functions. 

You will need a building guide that will show you the construction process. 

Building guides could either come from a book, video, e-book, a manual, and even a training course.

On the following chapters, you will have access to where to find building guides. 

We recommend learning how to build a gaming computer from reputable sources. 

The same goes with buying guides; we have gathered some of the best places to go to learn about building gaming PCs.

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Where to Find PC Building Guides

Depending on how you prefer to learn, some websites provide training videos.

Some sites contain only step-by-step written procedures with detailed information.

NOTE: “Digital Games Hub” provides you with a step-by-step manual on how to build a gaming computer.

Honorable Mentions

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Where to Buy PC Building Guides

Official PC building guides are probably the best option for beginners.

These step-by-step manuals go into details about computer parts and installation.

NOTE: When buying a PC building guide, make sure it’s up-to-date with the latest technology.

If you’re familiar with computers and their parts, there’s no need to spend money buying guides. 

Do some research on the Internet, and you will find free PC building manuals.


Honorable Mentions

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Building a Gaming Computer

Here are a few points to consider before building a gaming PC.

  • Get a Step-by-Step Manual on Building a Gaming PC
  • Study the arts
  • Research each Part
  • Find Reputable Part Stores

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or a professional; you need some guidance to build your PC. 

“The Video Game Guide” provides you with a manual on how to create a gaming computer. 

You can also find videos on that visually explain how to perform specific tasks.

Similar to buying a gaming PC, you need to know each part thoroughly so you can purchase the proper parts for your computer.

Since you will build a gaming computer, you need to know if the computer parts are compatible with each other.

NOTE: Before building your computer, look at other modern gaming PC components to know what you need.

Research each computer part to find out which famous brands are better suited for your playing style.

A brilliant strategy that most computer builders use is to shop for parts when they are on sale.

Usually, when a new model emerges, the previous part model will drop its price.

When shopping for parts, buy parts from reputable stores where they have good warranties and return policies. 

Computer parts are not perfect, and some get damaged during shipping.

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Where to Find PC Part Reviews

It is important to find reliable sources that have quality consumer and professional reviews.

Some of the best places to find customer reviews are in larger retail stores.

NOTE: When you find a PC component with lots of reviews, look for similar parts from that brand or model.

User reviews are great to know if the product works, but you also

need a professional opinion. Some companies test and compare PC parts for a more accurate review.

For Consumer Reviews


For Expert or Professional Reviews

  • Reviews

Honorable Mentions


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Where to Buy PC Parts

The warranty you get on PC parts is probably the most important factor. 

PC parts are not perfect and you may never have to deal with a defective part, but it’s better to be safe.

NOTE: Don’t buy a part just because it has multiple reviews; the part might be outdated or too old.

If you already have an account with a PC part store, and they have good warranties, then stick with them. 

Before making a purchase, ask if you could get a bulk discount on your parts.

For example; if you’re building one or more computers, tell them that you plan on buying many parts. 

Buying in bulk can help you lower the overall price or the delivery of your parts.


Honorable Mentions


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Buying a Gaming Computer

Here are a few points to consider before the purchase of a gaming PC.

  • Know your Games
  • Know the Parts
  • Get a Good Warranty
  • Buy from a Reputable Store

First, find out if they can play your favorite games on a computer.

They don’t make games the same, so do your research.

It’s a good idea to know some major parts of the computer to compare brand names.

Make sure that the computer parts have familiar brand names and are not generic or nameless. 

Research some computer parts to see if they are up-to-date and you’re getting the latest technology.

NOTE: When buying a gaming PC, make sure it has excellent customer and technical service plans.

Computer parts sometimes wear out, and you will need to replace them. 

Get a good warranty when buying your gaming PC to replace parts quickly. 

Find out what the warranty covers and their return policy. 

The best way to get a great warranty for your gaming PC is to buy from a reputable source. 

In the following chapters, we give you a list of favorite companies that sell gaming PCs, and they offer solid warranties. 

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Where to Find Gaming Computer Reviews

We do not recommend going to the manufacturer’s website to find gaming PC reviews.

Some computer manufacturers will write and post only their best reviews.


Honorable Mentions

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Where to Buy a Gaming Computer

We had some bad experiences with Dell gaming PCs and their customer support. 

We’re not talking about Alien brand gaming computers, but brands like the Dell XPS for gaming.

The best way to choose where to buy your gaming PC is to see who has the brands and models you like at fair prices.

For example;They sell some gaming computers with a 120g SSD, while others with a 250g SSD.

NOTE: Some gaming stores offer a PC building simulator where you can virtually build your PC.

Examine how the gaming PC is set up and does it have room for upgrades. 

A good setup should look like this; 120g SSD or higher with a 1t or larger hard drive with 16g of memory or greater.

An excellent way to measure the quality of a gaming PC is to look at similar ones and see what they have. 

Look at the popular ones and copy their structure and components.

Popular Retail Stores


Dedicated Gaming PC Stores


Honorable Mentions


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Buying Games

Probably one of the most important aspects of gaming is to know where to buy your games. 

You should think of buying games as a long-term goal.

Once you purchase games, you will be building a library of games with your chosen game store.

NOTE: Some games are sold only by their publisher, and you will have to buy it from them directly.

Not only will you be building a game library, but you will build a relationship with its gaming community. 

Each gaming store will have some communication between players.

For example; gaming forums, game reviews, game guides, exclusive perks, and more.

One of our favorite digital games stores is the Steam Powered Store where you can purchase all kinds of games and get huge discounts.

No matter which gaming store you choose, keep in mind that you will be building a game library that will grow.

Choosing the wrong gaming store may cause you problems in which you may lose access to your games, the game store may go out of business and lose all your investments. 

You don’t have to buy games from just one gaming store, show some love and buy from the ones that appeal to you.

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Where to Find Gaming Reviews

There are tons of gaming review sites, but we recommend visiting the most popular gaming websites.

Popular review sites have dedicated teams that play the games and make informed reviews.

NOTE: When searching for game reviews, compare reviews from different websites to get a more precise game review.

Smaller gaming review sites may not have the latest game reviews or might focus on one game genre. 

For example; there are gaming review websites that focus only on MMO massively multi-player online games.


Honorable Mentions


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Where to Buy Games

If you can’t find your favorite games on a general store, try searching for them on the publisher’s website. 

After purchasing a game online, it’s a good idea to keep the receipt.

NOTE: Decide whether you want to build a digital game collection or a physical (CDs) game collection.

If you need to replace your hard drive, install the game all over. 

Some receipts contain download links and keys that you will need to install your games.


Honorable Mentions


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How to Play Games

Buying games are part of the battle, to win the gaming war you need to be prepared.

Video games that require many strategies and tactics may take some time to master.

If you find yourself stuck or you just want to finish the game without wasting too much time;We suggest reading gaming guides.

Many excellent gaming websites provide free step-by-step manuals for you to play your game. 

The problem is finding a quality site that you can trust and that will give you the right information.

“The Video Game Guide” has gathered some of the most popular websites that will assist with your gaming needs.

NOTE: There are Wiki gaming websites that provide tips and tricks on how to play games.

If you’re looking for a more professional gaming guide with super quality advice and strategies, then we suggest purchasing one from a trusted source.

In our experience with gaming guides, some websites offer better tips and tricks opposed to official gaming manuals.

Official game guides may show you how to get on the right path with details, but some websites can offer you shortcuts, cheats and better ways to play from experienced players.

We suggest buying an official guide if you can’t find any other guides on the Internet that may help you.

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Where to Find Gaming Guides

Some of the best gaming guides are free.

It all depends if you enjoy watching a video or reading an article.

Gaming guides are best for people that don’t have enough time to experiment.

NOTE: Some unofficial game guides are free and are created by regular players wanting to help others.

The downside to unofficial game guides is that they may not be entirely accurate. 

Our best advice to you is to find a trusted source where you feel confident about its content.

You can also join gaming forums and wiki websites that allow you to search for and add gaming tips. 

If you can’t find a forum or “Wiki” site about your game, you can create a “Wiki” website yourself.

  • Fandom.

Honorable Mentions


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Where to Buy Gaming Guides

Official gaming guides an excellent source of information, especially if they come straight from the game publisher.

If you’re planning to purchase a guide, check to see if it comes as a bundle with the game.

NOTE: Official gaming guides are perfect to get familiar with game mechanics but won’t provide advanced gaming techniques.

At game launch time, some games offer official game guides as part of the gaming package. 

Go to the game publisher’s website and check to see if they sell manuals at discounts.

There are a few sites that sell unofficial guides for different games.

Sometimes the problem with these websites is the quality of the content. 

You may get more junk than actual techniques on how to play the game.


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Congratulations and Next Steps

Congratulations on becoming an informed gamer, you have earned the badge of Commander. 

Not only do you know how to build a gaming PC, but you know where to find the best games.

There are other computer components that you can purchase for your gaming PC or console that enhances your gameplay.

For example if you love playing racing games like “FORZA” you can buy a racing wheel that connects to your PC.

These gaming components can be purchased separately and can easily be installed into your gaming PC or console. 

Keep in mind that if you have a gaming PC, you can buy peripherals like monitors, keyboards, and mice that are made specifically for gaming.

For example; you can purchase a gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 144mhz or higher to get smoother graphics. 

There are other components like game-pads and keyboards that are specifically made for gaming.

We suggest that you use “The Video Game Guide” as an entry level into getting familiar with the gaming industry. 

As you gain more gaming experience and do more research, you will be able to make your mark in the gaming world.

We hope you found “The Video Game Guide” useful.

If you have suggestions on how to improve this guide, please send us an email at


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