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The video game graphics evolution teaches us that Pac Man graphics are old and ugly.

We have all fallen in love with video games.

Whether you like a classic video game like Super Mario or you enjoy playing Candy Crush on your phone.

But even as games offer the best form of entertainment in the modern world, the industry has evolved.

For example, last year the digital game sector made around 91 billion dollars in revenue.

This is something people could not have imagined years back.

Video Game Graphics Evolution

When we look at the changes in the gaming industry, we can give thanks to the video game designers.

The evolution in this sector is impressive especially when you look back when the first commercial video game hit the market in the 70s.

Video game graphics have matured to a point where some games look realistic.

The graphics have taken in-game characters and the environment to another level.

We all love the presentation, the story-line and everything that comes with modern video games.

Today, game developers and publishers sell video games based on their graphics.

The game designers need to be creative and innovated to come up with a convincing design.

Without modern graphics, a video game might seem old-school or unattractive.

Here is a short list of how gaming graphics affected games.

Donkey Kong (1991)

Donkey Kong from Nintendo came up with something new for gamers.

Even though the big ape was the villain, the main character was Jumpman.

But today, it is a different case; Most of us can recognize the famous Mario.

The introduction of Mario has changed everything, making the game an all-time video game.

Doom (1993)

Doom is a game that offered something different to players.

The game graphics introduced a new era of technology.

The three-dimensional gameplay was very inspiring.

This horror video game is still in the most’s list influential games in history.

Halo: Combat Evolved (2001)

When you play Halo, you can definitely tell the difference from the previous games.

Some people consider the game like a rite-of-passage for gamers.

From military science fiction to multiplayer, first-person shooter, and the gameplay.

We can say Halo has improved in the graphics department.

Final Fantasy XIII (2009)

This is a video game series that has many happy fans, especially with the graphical interface.

It is a role-playing game that gives gamers a chance to wander in an open world, fight enemies and customize their characters.

One element in this game to consider is the facial effects.

Many players have noticed the transformation in the Final Fantasy series throughout the years.

The Witcher 3 (2015)

Another action video game that gave gamers more than just graphics is the Witcher 3.

The designers of this game attracted a lot of players due to their creativity.

From the characters in the game to the audio and the gestures, the game has truly changed the industry.

Also, the character’s body language could tell part of the story.

However, players could pick up the conversion and the atmosphere of the game by paying attention.

The graphics of the game keep getting better every time.

Brookhaven Experiment (2016)

A video game that has really transformed the industry is Brookhaven-Experiment.

Most of us agree that when good graphics are combined with horror virtual-reality, you get Brookhaven experiment.

It is a game that was released in 2016 and most people believe it’s at another level.

Apart from terrifying, the horror in game can make the most courageous players wet their pants.

The Brookhaven Experiment has definitely pushed the industry to a new generation of game graphics.

World of Warcraft (2019)

In 2004, the World of Warcraft graphics did not look like the ones we see today.

However, back in the early years of W.O.W., the character animations were the best.

As years passed by, major competitors like Guild Wars 2 showed us the video game graphics evolution.

Factors contributing to the success of video game graphics

For some time now, we have experienced an amazing growth in the gaming industry.

Apart from the income and prices of gaming products, video game graphics have moved the industry to another generation.

The animation, the stories, the characters and the soundtracks are inspiring and amazing.

And some factors that have contributed to the success include:

Changes in technology–development in technology has led to growth in the graphics department.

Today, the improvement in mobile technology and other devices has made it possible for designers to work freely.

For instance, the birth of smartphones has made it possible for video games to reach people all over the world.

Today, with mobile devices, users can download a video game wherever there’s an internet connection.

Finances–today, we can proudly say that the gaming industry is one of the richest fields in entertainment.

Also, there are magazines, websites, and other types of gaming information.

This has helped the game industry, and more people are willing to invest heavily in game development.

Accessibility–traditional games were not accessible to all.

Today, it is easier and cheaper to get your favorite game no matter your location.

Apart from mobile games, consoles and other games are more accessible than before.

Today’s games are also cheaper compared to the traditional ones.

It is also possible to find a group or another player to engage with online.

This means gaming has become entertainment for all.

Competition–because of the availability of games and the number of dedicated players, competition in the industry has pressed designers to be innovative.

Every game studio is working day and night to outshine competition.


From traditional games to video game media, there has been a significant transformation in video game graphics.

Consoles and mobile games have contributed a lot to the video game graphics evolution.

And with our technology advancing every day, everyone expects great developments.

Today, is an exciting time to live in a world where entertainment has moved to a different level.

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