The History of NCSoft: Empowering Games

NC Soft is considered a world premier and developer of mass multiplayer online-games. It is a successful company that has many video game fans all over the world.

NC Soft was established in 1997 in Seoul South Korea. Today, it is one of the most successful publishers and developers of online games.

The company is known for great digital games that include Wild Star, City of Heroes, Lineage, and Aion among many others.

The History of NCSoft

The company was created in 1997, and in the year 1998, NC Soft managed to launch its first video game known as Lineage.

Today, NC Soft has expanded to have offices in many countries including China, Japan, Taiwan, the United States and the United Kingdom.

It operates some of the most influential and successful MMORPG’s in the market.

Most of NC Soft video games have been played by millions of gaming fans in almost every country around the world.

By combining experience, talent, and a great infrastructure, NC Soft has made itself one of the best online gaming companies in the world.

NC Soft is a company that has remained at the top of the gaming sector that focuses on fun and entertainment for both children and adults.

Due to the positive history of the company, it has been able to leave a mark in the video game industry.


For many years, NC Soft has been dedicated to enriching people’s lives in many ways.

In both South Korea and Asia, NC Soft is known as one of the best and successful online companies.

The company has managed to create high quality, persistent, and fun online gaming experiences across several platforms.

Apart from fun digital games, there are various educative games under NC Soft’s name. Some of those games include:

PC online: Lineage, Lineage II, Love beat, Aion, Blade & Soul, Guild Wars, Wild Star, and Guild Wars 2 among many others.

In mobile devices: Final Blade, Lineage Red Knight, Pangya Mobile, Pro Baseball and Linkage M.

NC Soft has several video games under development that include Lineage 2 M, Aion Tempest, and Blade & Soul Mobile.

Major NC Soft milestones most people don’t know

* 1997 – the company was established.

* 1998 – Launched Lineage. It was the first South Korean internet based game. Even today, the game attracts many audiences.

* 2000 – the company expanded by establishing networks in the United States, Japan, China and Europe. It also showed that South Korea could export online-gaming.

* 2003 – Lineage II became a success when it gained attention worldwide by mixing remarkable 3D-graphics with the lineage play-style.

* 2005 – Acquired ArenaNet, a video game development studio in the US. This helped to open markets in Europe and America.

* 2008 – NC Soft launched Aion, a game that has won several MMORPG awards.

However, there have been some drawbacks and disputes.

For instance, some NC Soft employees were suspected of retailing Lineage 2 source code to several Japanese video game companies.

The future of NC Soft looks bright with many new games under development. The company has promised to explore new technologies to keep their fans entertained.

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