The History of Minecraft: Giant Steps for Video Games

Knowing the history of Minecraft is the path to understanding legendary games.

Many people have played or heard about Minecraft.

However, very few people know how it was created or where it all began.

Who created Minecraft?

The History of Minecraft

Today, Minecraft is among the best and biggest video games in the world.

However, it did not start huge.

A Swedish programmer known as Markus Notch Persson created the video game.

Before focusing on Minecraft, Notch worked for game developers, King and jAlbum.

He created the first Minecraft edition, the Java Edition in early May 2009.

But they released the edition to the public until later in May.

After receiving feedback from his friends and peers, he updated the game to the classic version.

After several months, they released more updates before they released the Alpha in mid-2010.

Game Updates were Key

During this period, Minecraft had attracted many fans in many countries.

Later, Markus Notch Persson quit his job to focus only on Minecraft.

He founded the famous Mojang Video Game Company with his previous workmates.

During this time, Minecraft was continuously updated and adjusted.

New blocks, items, mobs, game mechanics, and resources were added.

They added the popular Survival Mode with many fixes.

In December 2010, the game entered the Beta-phase.

As it was preparing for the full release, the company (Mojang) employed more staff, and people who played the video game grew quick.

A Successful Game Release

Pickaxe and a Minecraft Face

In November 2011, they released the full version of the Minecraft video game.

And from that time, the video game has remained a success.

Later, Markus Notch Persson stepped down from lead designer position.

They hired Jens to take over the creative control of the game.

And because of a high number of players, Mojang brought in more partners and more developers.

After a few years, they released new editions and updates.

This includes the adventure update, pretty scary update, and many more.

In addition, more objectives, types of mobs, items, biomes, and game mechanisms were added.

Fresh New Features

The reason Minecraft has remained a success is that it was constantly being updated.

They added additional features every year.

After the success and winning the hearts of many video game players, Mojang and Minecraft were bought by Microsoft in 2017.

Happily, the game continued to develop, and more items and features were added.

Underground elements, more areas, and additional dimensions were installed.

In addition, the video game introduced new editions and versions of various platforms.

Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, virtual reality, and Pocket Edition all got a slice of the Minecraft cake.

Today, if you have an electric media machine, you can play Minecraft.

Happily, there are tons of things to do in Minecraft.

Some players focus on building things in the Creative Mode, others try to survive on the highest difficulty in the Survival Mode.

Other players want to discover the secrets in adventure mode.

How was Minecraft Created?

A Man and Lady Creating Minecraft

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game released in 2011.

It was created by Markus Notch and maintained by Mojang studios.

From its creation, it was exclusively developed by Markus Notch until he started working with Jens.

Here is how they created this popular game.

They created Minecraft as a simple game that anyone can play.

The game allows players to interact, explore, and modify a map made of blocks.

Additional to blocks, the environment has mobs, plants, and other items.

A player needs to be involved in various activities such as mining, crafting new blocks, fighting mobs, and gathering resources.

Being a simple game, they dropped gamers in a large open world with many biomes that include forests, mountains, oceans, caves, and plains.

Fun Things to Do

A chosen but optional goal of Minecraft is for a player is to travel to the End to fight and defeat the Ender Dragon.

Minecraft world consists of blocks that can be created, destroyed, removed, or replaced by the player.

In addition, it is a day and night cycle.

And players need to feed and defend themselves from hostile mobs.

The game world takes place with a dimension of cubes where every cube has a certain number of blocks.

There are different blocks that players can use.

There are natural blocks such as stones, grass, and ores.

These blocks randomly generate within the world.

Also, players can craft blocks such as the furnace and crafting table.

Discover and Create

Discover and Create things

Activities in the game include fighting hostile mobs, mining for ore, crafting tools, and gathering resources.

Since it is an open-ended game, gamers may use blocks to create structures such as houses, farms, mansions, towns, and others.

One of the fundamental aspects of the game is to mine and discover.

They require you to extract ore and various materials below the surface.

The ore to mine includes Redstone, iron, gold, coal, diamond, emerald, and lapis lazuli.

To mine, you can dig a hole or go through a cave; There are mobs in the game.

These are animals and creatures that occupy the map.

There are hostile mobs that always attack players, and there are Neutral mobs that attack when provoked.

The two crucial dimensions in the game are the Nether and the End.

You can access the Nether from Overworld by the Nether portal.

The End is where players battle the ender dragon.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a popular sandbox game and among the most played game in the world.

Mojang developed the video game, and it is available in single-player and multiplayer modes.

There are various Minecraft editions, namely Java Edition, Bedrock Edition, Legacy Console Edition, Education Edition, and New Nintendo 3Ds Edition.

Java edition is the original one that runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, and started via the launcher.

It has received numerous updates since they released it in 2011.

The Bedrock edition was developed by Mojang and Xbox Game Studios.

It is an edition that allows cross-platform multiplayer on mobile devices, consoles, and Windows 10.

The Legacy console edition is Minecraft for consoles.

It was initially announced for Xbox 360 in 2011 but later released to other consoles such as Xbox One, PlayStation, and Nintendo.

Education Edition

Educational books and a Student

Education Edition is a version designed for students and teachers.

It is for classroom use; It has outstanding features that make learning simpler and interesting.

They newly released the Nintendo 3Ds edition in 2017.

You can get it at Nintendo eShop; However, the edition was discontinued in 2019.

Minecraft has five game modes, namely survival, adventure, creative, spectator, and hardcore.

Players in survival mode get natural materials such as stone and wood to build and craft items.

In creative mode, gamers have access to all items.

The mode helps players be creative by building small and big projects.

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore mode is exclusive to the Java edition.

It is a survival mode, but locked to the hardest settings.

Adventure mode is where players interact with mobs, buttons, and levers.

Another game mode for the Java edition only is the spectator.

In this mode, players can clip through the blocks; However, they cannot interact with entities, blocks, or inventory.

How much is Minecraft Worth?

In 2011, Minecraft collected revenue of more than $33 million.

This was from a sale of 800,000 copies of the Alpha version.

Because of the popularity of the game, much revenue was collected where Microsoft made $63 million in 2015.

And as of 2021, we estimate that the net worth of Minecraft is $1.7 billion or more.

They have sold over 150 million copies of Minecraft since the release of the full version of the game in 2011.

It is one of the best-selling video games of all time.

Additionally, Minecraft has won many awards since 2010.

In 2015, the game won the most addicting video game of the year in the Kid’s choice award.

Did Microsoft buy Minecraft?

Buying a Product

In 2014, Microsoft purchased the ownership of Mojang together with Minecraft for $2.5 billion.

Today, the game has many new editions such as Minecraft 4k, Minecraft classic, and the famous Minecraft education edition.

In addition, they have introduced more features and versions.

For instance, there is the Pocket Edition that allows Minecraft to be played over mobile phones.

The Pocket Edition full version for Android, Windows 10, Windows phone, and iOS was released in 2016.

Will Minecraft Ever Die?

Minecraft will probably never die.

Even though the game may be replaced as the best-selling video game, it will never die.

One reason why Minecraft may not die is because it has been a success since they released it.

It allows players to build anything they desire.

Whether it is in the creative mode, survival mode, or other sub-genre modes, you can build any structure in Minecraft.

In addition, it provides a simple way for gamers to become innovative.

It is a game that provides 3D textures along with landscapes.

A Huge World to Explore

A Minecraft player takes control of their generated world.

They can do what they want within the world.

Another reason the game might not die is that kids are obsessed with Minecraft.

Children love being creative and building things.

Hence, Minecraft has given them a chance to create anything they want.

Also, the Minecraft community is a great place where fans and players gather to discuss servers, builds, and share ideas about the game.

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