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The history of Electronic Arts started slow, but quickly gained traction.

Today, Electronic Arts is one of the most successful video game companies in the world.

With a huge list of successful video games, EA has attracted fans all over the world.

Electronic Arts is an American video game company headquartered in Redwood City.

Having been in operation for many years, the company has grown to command the gaming industry in different genres.

EA has video games for kids, teenagers, and adults.

The History of Electronic Arts

Tim Hawkins found electronic Arts in the year 1982.

However, it began developing serious video games by 1990.

Later, Electronic Arts grew by gaining several successful developers making it a gigantic video game company.

Today, EA is the world’s third-party digital game publisher.

They started the company as a home computer video game industry.

It was famous for promoting programmers and designers in charge for its video games.

From the home computer video game industry, Electronic Arts is now in the list of the largest digital gaming companies in Europe and America.

Electronic Arts started the distribution of services and video games by gaining a common online gaming site known as

Later, EA attained a London social gaming company named Playfish.

Then launched Origin a site that sells downloadable digital games directly to consumers.

The history of Electronic Arts has been on the front line in the production of great video games.

It is a company that has established itself almost in every continent.

In America and Europe, Electronic Arts is definitely the most successful gaming company.

Before the formation of the company, Trip Hawkins was an employee of Apple Inc.

He left Apple Inc. in 1978 and formed EA.

Between 1982 to 2000; EA began producing games for Nintendo Entertainment System.

In 1995, it won a European award for being the best software publisher of the year.

Today Electronic Arts has grown and is divided into several sections.

These sections include EA Worldwide studios, EA sports, EA Maxis, EA All Play, and EA competitive Gaming Division.

List of popular video games from Electronic Arts

There are many video games published by EA.

However, some are developed by independent video game development studios.

Here is the list of the popular games under EA.

  • Pinball-Construction Set in 1983
  • The Bard’s Tale in 1985
  • Madden NFL series in 1988
  • FIFA series in 1993 to date
  • Dungeon Keeper series in 1997 to 2014
  • Command and Conquer series in 1995 to date
  • SimCity series in 1999 to date
  • Need for Speed series in 1994 to date
  • Battlefield series in 2002 to date.
  • Army of two series in 2008 to 2013

Electronic Arts Achievements and Controversies

In the history of Electronic Arts, there have been controversies concerning gender and the LGBT community.

For instance, they debated EA for including LGBT characters in certain video games.

The positive representations of LGBT have attracted many fans and critics.

However, it has published some of the best video games in the world.

Even with its controversies, the future of EA looks very promising.

The history of Electronic Arts brings us hope and a promising future.

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