The History of Capcom (Modern Games)

The History of Capcom reminds us about awesome titles like Streetfighter.

Most video game fans know of the name Capcom.

But very few know about Capcom’s history.

Capcom is a company in Japan that is involved in manufacturing video games.

They derived the word Capcom from two names: Capsule and Computer.

The History of Capcom


Based on research, Capcom is among the top 50 biggest software companies in the world.

Most of the company’s privileges include the game Streetfighter adapted for media.

Also, Capcom has many characters that are known all over the world.


Capcom is a video game development company that is based in Japan.

We know it for designing some of the best multi-million selling game franchises.

They established it in 1979.

Today, Capcom is an international company with many branches.

For example, branches are located in Europe, North America, and East Asia.

The History of Capcom tells us Kenzo Tsujimoto founded the company.

Capcom has partnered with great companies to produce video game machines.

The Japanese branch of the company had 3 development groups.

Consequently, it helped the company become effective in production.

They had several branches that were established in different locations.

Capcom has over 15 branches in Japan, Europe, North America and East Asia.

Also, it has affiliated companies that include Street Fighter Film, and Koko Capcom.

The video game giant is known for publishing strategy guides.

The History of Capcom’s Games

Capcom has released some of the best digital games we have in the market today.

One popular video game is Streetfighter.

Today, they estimate that the Street Fighter game has sold over 30 million units.

The Street Fighter series functions as the company’s flagship-franchise.

Capcom has developed several pinball games and many non-video arcade-games.

Other famous Capcom video games include Mega-Man, Resident Evil, and Devil May Cry.

Criticism and controversy

In 2012, they censured Capcom for its sales tactics.

They believed that the company was asking gamers to pay for unnecessary content.

But, the company has defended its position and denies all negative claims.

Capcom has again been criticized for various business decisions.

They made a decision not to release specific video games in a physical format.

Likewise, Capcom was criticized for several expected projects.

And the decision of shutting down the Clover Studio.

The company ended the PlayStation 4 versions of the Ultra Street Fighter IV from its tour.

In 2016, they released Streetfighter.

However, there were several stability problems with the video game network.

As a result, players reported that the game would boot mid way while playing.

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