Is The Bard’s Tale Remastered Worth it?


Yes, The Bard’s Tale Remastered is worth it if you enjoy playing games with humor and old-school graphics.

The Bard’s Tale video game feels like a mix of Gothic games with Disney humor.

You know how Disney enjoys adding musical scenes in their movies, this game has it too.

However, the humor is not goofy; it has a purpose, and it relates to each unique event.

The game is better suited for teenagers and adults because of alcohol and adult scenes.

If you enjoy role-playing with funny cut-scenes, and musicals, get this game now.

Game installation

Simply click on the install button and choose a destination folder to begin the downloading process.

Tip: Choose a dedicated drive to store all your Xbox games.

Once it’s done downloading the game, press the play button to start the game.

Is The Bard’s Tale Remastered Worth it?

Is The Bard’s Tale Remastered Worth it? Character Sheet.


I enjoyed playing this game mostly because of the funny cut-scenes throughout each quest.

During quests, players will have a variety of magical companions to aid them in battle.

Be prepared to laugh because some of these companions don’t look like the typical healer, magic and tank classes.


The quest log in this game needs more improvement.

It sucks when you can sort through your quests to read specific notes.

As a result, once users receive multiple quests, they will have to search for quests by turning pages in their journal.

The overall graphics of the game are outdated and in some locations they look 2 dimensional.


You are a bard with musical powers that can summon creatures to aid you in battle.

Each summoned creature is different and has a variety of abilities it can use.

Also, once you discover a new creature or ally, the game adds them to the journal.

The game journal keeps a record of all summoned creatures and your abilities.

Your character receives talent points later in the game, which helps strengthen your character.

Graphics and Sound

Enemy encounter cut-scene

The Bard’s Tale Remastered has improved its graphics visually and with cut-scenes.

They created this game in 2004, so the graphics look outdated compared to today’s newest games.

However, the game’s graphics have more details in the remastered edition.

One important aspect of the game is the cut-scenes because they help tell the game’s story.

Some of these cut scenes are hilarious and it would be a shame not to see them correctly.

Fortunately, in my experience, cut-scenes look great with bright colors and animations.

Monsters and Loot

Bard’s Tale Remastered Edition has a lot of cool-looking monsters like goblins and orcs.

Be careful, there are a variation of monsters that attack in groups.

The good thing about the game is that you can summon a magical companion to aid you in your quests.

Sometimes when you kill enemies and complete quests, you receive loot.

This treasure could be gold, items to sell, or new character gear.

Gameplay, Difficulty and Multiplayer

This game is single player with no multiplayer options.

The gameplay in The Bard’s Tale Resnarkled is very easy.

Players could use the keyboard and mouse or the Xbox joystick to play the game.

I enjoy playing with the Xbox controller because it runs smooth.

Also, there are two important moves you make which are hitting and dodging.

Tips and Tricks

A friendly goblin.

*At the beginning of the game, you will receive ability points.

Add ability points to each of your character’s stats up to 8 points.

As a result, this will make your overall character stronger from the start.

From then on, you will receive 2 ability points to add to your main stats.

Focus on how you want to play the bard before adding your points.

There are several roles you can play as a bard.

Summon Friendly Creatures

*Summon a creature that helps you the right way in battle.

For example, if you build a melee combat bard, summon a creature that shoots arrows or magic.

You will need to have an excellent combination of skills to beat gangs of enemies.

*Practice your blocking skills to avoid getting hit a lot and spending healing potions.

The trick is to swing your sword first (hit), wait and block.

With proper timing, you can beat two or three enemies at once.

*Save your game or lose all your experience and gold.

There are checkpoints throughout the game; use them or you can lose all your progress (yikes!).

Final Words

Funny goblin cut-scene

I highly recommend this video game to anyone that wants to have a fun time with a musical hack and slash game.

Surprisingly, this game has turned out to be one of my favorite hack-and-slash games because of its witty humor.

Where could you find goblins singing happy poems about the day the main character (you) met his death?

We need more games like this one that can be an effective RPG with humor elements throughout the game.

This game is full of surprises, and you will do a lot of puzzles, avoid dungeon traps and fight tough bosses.

If you don’t mind dated-graphics, you will love playing this game.


Should I buy this game when it goes on sale?

No, the game is of high-quality and you won’t find one that matches its uniqueness.

Where can I buy this game?

You can buy this game in major digital game stores, but I’m playing it through the Xbox game pass for PC.

Does the game run smooth with the Xbox gamepad?

Yes, I play it only with the Xbox gamepad.

Does the game have bugs or broken content?

No, the only thing to note is that when fighting enemies, the area terrain can get in the way.

For example, when running from monsters, you may get cornered between rocks or trees but never stuck.

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