Minecraft Game

What is Minecraft?

Endless worlds to explore, new horizons with vast landscapes waiting just beyond; limitless resources for building palaces, cities, and landscapes.

Use your imagination for gathering and protecting resources; fighting legendary creatures and monsters, or even other players; an adventure story spanning different worlds, Minecraft brings these to you.

Minecraft is a game, a sandbox where you can use different elements to make the game be whatever you want it to be, a universe of its own in which you can create endless worlds and build anything you can imagine, an ever-growing world of sweeping, epic adventures, and an ever-expanding environment.

Gamers can build a world, play, and enjoy together.

Free trials are available, even if you are not yet certain that Minecraft is for you. Why not try Minecraft?

Download today and join the worlds of fun.

Who uses Minecraft?

Players of all ages, from many countries, speaking many languages, all play Minecraft.

Educators can bring Minecraft building and exploration into the classroom using the Minecraft Educational edition.

Community development projects have used Minecraft for community members to collaborate on designing community improvement projects.

Where can I buy Minecraft?

Minecraft can be obtained from the Minecraft website.

At the top of the page is a picture of the chief characters looking across a beautiful valley to see a small village, and in this picture is a button labeled “Get Minecraft”.

Clicking this button leads to selections for downloading Minecraft on different devices.

For consoles and mobile devices, Minecraft is available at the game download location within the device.

We can also download Minecraft for Windows 10 from the Microsoft store.

Free trials of Minecraft are available, so you can try it before you buy it.

Where can I get Minecraft Game Support?

The Minecraft Support website has troubleshooting help available and is also available for players to leave feedback about the game.

The Minecraft Wiki has information on unique items and actions found in the game.

A Minecraft Support Twitter account, as well as a chat on Discord, are available to ask for further help if needed.

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