A Beginner’s Guide to System Requirements Lab (7 Alternatives)

Before you buy, test your computer’s components with System Requirements Lab.

If you have seen a new video game and you would like to buy or download it, the obvious thing to do is to ensure it can run well on your computer.

There is no need of buying the latest Call of Duty, Skyrim, or GTA V if you know your gaming PC is not tough enough to run it.

The most crucial thing to do is to know your PC specs before you can download or purchase the game.

But how do you tell that your desktop or laptop can run the new game?

Video game developers release minimum and recommended system requirements to tell if the game can play on your PC or not.

The system requirements are guidelines or hardware specifications needed for the game to run.

A Beginner’s Guide to System Requirements Lab

Beginner’s Guide to System Requirements Lab

The Minimum Requirements and Recommended Requirements.

The minimum requirements are the specs of hardware you need for the game to run even on very low settings.

But the recommended requirements are the perfect specs the PC needs for you to get the best experience out of the video game.

Even though the game can run, even if the computer does not meet the above requirements, you will experience poor or reduced performance.

But you can research online to tell whether your gaming PC can run the new title or not.

Some websites or platforms can provide the information you need.

However, to do research online is a lengthy process that can take hours before you get reliable results.

Happily, some sites have been designed for that precise task.

They are easy to use, available for free, and mainly for gamers.

But if you are a beginner, selecting the best for the job might be a challenge.

This is because some are not trustworthy or do not give reliable results.

One of the most recommended and used site by veteran gamers is the systemrequirementslab.com.

It is a popular and free site that can easily tell if your computer meets the minimum or the recommended system requirements for a particular video game.

Below is a Beginner’s Guide to System Requirement Lab.

What is System Requirements Lab?

What is System Requirements Lab ?

The System Requirements Lab is also known as the Can-You-Run-It website.

It is a significant site that helps gamers check their gaming PC hardware and software specifications.

It has an extensive database for top and recent video games and the official system requirements.

Hence, your PC is analyzed to tell how it compares against them.

You will get a detailed report of whether the game you want to download or purchase can run on your PC.

The site can easily tell if a particular video game can run or cannot run on your gaming desktop or laptop.

System Requirements Lab’s primary task is to check the computer’s specs and matching them with the official video game requirements.

In case your computer has failed on a specific component, the program will suggest options.

It will inform you to upgrade the component or the driver for the hardware.

It is a common website among gamers because no one would like to buy or download a game only to find out it cannot work on their gaming computer.

You do not want to waste your time and money on something that cannot work.

With a site like System Requirements Lab, popularly known as Can-You-Run-It, you can easily tell even before you use your money.

Fortunately, using the site is free and quick.

Read this quick guide on How to Run System Requirements Lab.

You do not need to register, sign-in, or subscribe to use it.

Also, even if you are a new gamer, the system is simple to use.

The results are apparent to read, even for a beginner.

Is System Requirements Lab secure?

Is System Requirements Lab secure?

Yes, Systemrequirementslab is secure, free, and safe to run on your computer.

If you have never used the website before, it is a safe program to consider.

It is a known program that is used by many PC gamers every day.

With just a click, you can simply get the results you want.

The System requirements lab is a web-based program.

Its duty is to help you compare your computer specs and that of the video game.

You can run it in any part of the world without fearing whether you may lose your data or get hacked.

Moreover, you do not need to register or log-in to use the program.

Systemrequirementslab is legit, and its work is to analyze your computer information system and give you a report.

The report is a detailed and summary of your computer that includes driver status analysis, technical information, support web links, and many others.

Who uses this Website?

Any PC gamer can use the System Requirements Lab.

They design the program for computer gamers; It also contains a lot of gaming information.

Any video game player who wants to check his or her computer specs before downloading or purchasing a game can use the program.

You can use the system to check whether a specific video game can run on your desktop or laptop before committing your time and money.

And since you cannot remember all your hardware and software specs all the time, systemrequirementslab is a perfect program for that work.

Before you download the latest FIFA game, purchase a new version of Call of Duty, or upgrade your PC to play a particular video game, you need to use the Can-You-Run-It program.

The good news is that if your PC is short of on requirements, the program provides suggestions.

This is to help you accomplish all the requirements and run the game.

What is the Official Website for System Requirements Lab?


The official website for the System Requirements Lab is www.systemrequirementslab.com.

Some gamers know the site as canirunit since it analyses your PC in seconds.

The system has tracked over 8,000 latest PC game requirements.

This means it is possible to check almost all the games you can play on your computer.

The website is well-designed and simple to use even for beginners.

All you need is to type the title of the game, and the system will report in seconds.

There is also a feature where you can test your computer to see all the games it can run.

The One Click Solution

The program will analyze your gaming PC against the new and top games for minimum requirements.

Systemrequirementslab is accurate and reliable.

It provides just a one-click solution to know whether your PC can run a product.

Systemrequirementslab software tests all your computer components to see if it meets the recommended or minimum requirements for a specific product.

Also, it recommends how you can upgrade your computer on each component that does not meet the needed requirements.

Tip: One of the most important PC components is the video card.

Sometimes, all you might need is to download free software and you are good to go.

Or you might need a new video card to enjoy that new game.

What other services does System Requirements Lab provide?

What Services Should I Expect?

System Requirements Lab is an impressive site to use when you want to know whether a specific game can run on your PC.

However, the website also has an updated list of the most popular PC games to consider.

You can find top games and the most recent ones.

Also, the system has a section where you can compare your PC stats with others.

By ranking your computer, you can tell whether to upgrade.

The major section on-site includes game lists, my computer details, ranking my computer, GPU compare, and others.

When Should you use the System Requirements Lab?

The best time to use System Requirement Lab is before downloading or purchasing a computer game.

This will ensure you do not waste your time and money on the video game.

Keep in mind that you want to know whether that new game can run on your PC properly before you download it.

Also, if you are planning to upgrade your computer to run a specific game, System Requirements Lab is a significant site to visit.

Here, you will learn the components to upgrade to ensure you receive the best gaming experience.

How Accurate is System Requirement Lab?

System Requirement Lab is accurate because it tests your gaming PC against the minimum and recommended system requirements.

You are getting reliable and accurate results; they regularly update the website.

Even though some people may claim that the system requirements provided are not accurate, System Requirements Lab compares the developers’ recommendations against the computers.

Hence, it is one of the best sites to check whether a particular video game can run on your desktop or laptop.

What are the Benefits of using System Requirements Lab?

What  are the Benefits?

*Saves your time and money–Since downloading or purchasing a video game needs money, the program can help a lot.

You can run the video game on the site to tell whether it can run properly on your PC.

*Video games need different requirements–Since they make video games different, you can benefit a lot when you use the platform.

Since you cannot remember all video game requirements, System Requirement Lab will provide a detailed report about the game you want to run.

*Available for free–Another benefit of using the system is because it is available for free.

You do not need to pay any fee to use the program; The results are legit and accurate.

*No sign-in or subscribing–Also, they do not ask users to sign-up or subscribe to use the system.

By just visiting the site, you can use it to get the results you need.

What are System Requirements Lab Alternatives?

System Requirements Lab is one of the most reliable programs that you can use to compare your computer specs for running video games.

But if you feel it does not fit you or check alternatives, there are many sites to consider.

There several System Requirements Lab alternatives that are designed and work just like it.

However, it is important to go through every one of them to ensure you pick one that will provide reliable and accurate results.

If you are searching for a SystemrequirementsLab alternative, here are some to consider.

Top 7 System Requirement Lab Alternatives

1. Game-Debate (Can I Run It)

PC Game System Requirements-Game Debate Website

This is one of the most common System Requirements Lab alternatives.

The site tests your PC hardware against game requirements.

It compares the minimum and the recommended requirements to provide a detailed report.

Game-Debate compares the graphics hardware, and other elements of your computer.

You can compare graphic cards, performance vs. Game systems, GPU and RAM, and others.

Moreover, it is easy to use even for a beginner; The site provides a lot of information as well.

You can select games from 2000 to 2021.

This means the platform has almost all the databases you need.

There are also video game reviews among other information.

The official website is www.game-debate.com.

2. Game System Requirements

Another common site where you can check whether the games can run is called Game System Requirements.

Even though it is not a popular website, it works and has been designed as a Can-You-Run-It system.

It has a database of many video games that will help you determine whether they can run on your PC.

However, you are required to register and log-in to use the program.

Once you are a member, you can be able to enjoy the benefits of the site.

Apart from checking whether you can run a game on your PC, the site has a lot of information concerning video games.

There is video game news, reviews, forums, giveaways, or you can join a community.

The official website is gamesystemsrequirements.com.


System Requirements-SYS RQMTS Website

SYS RQMTS is the other website that is very similar to System Requirements Lab.

It is a famous website that is simple to use and very user-friendly.

It provides accurate and up-to-date information about the game system requirements.

You can type the title of the game or search from their database, and the search with just a click.

It is free to use the tool and they don’t ask to register or sign-up to get started.

The site has a database of over 7000 games.

Apart from checking whether your PC can run games, the website provides a list of popular and upcoming games.

Also, there is information about processors and graphic cards, among others.

The official site is sysrqmts.com

4. Yougamers.com

When looking for a PC gaming performance analysis, among the best sites to consider is You Gamers.

It is an excellent system that has been well-designed to estimate PC stats on your hardware and software.

You can visit yougamers.com where you will find a list of popular and top PC games.

You can also search or browse the required game.

Once you have found the game, click on it and click the blue button to run it.

Here, you will get the details you need about the game and your gaming computer.

Understanding the results is simple since it will easily display on your screen.

The site also has several reviews about the games and other important information for gamers.

You Gamers is a simple to use program that works quick on any computer.

The official website is Yougamers.com.

5. PC Game Benchmark

System Requirements Test-PC GAME BENCHMARK Website

Another famous site similar to System Requirements Lab is PC Game Benchmark.

It is an easy-to-use program where you can check whether your system can run the games.

The program will test your computer, rate the PC, and recommend what you should upgrade.

The website is user-friendly and a good one, even for a starter.

All you need is to search for the game or software you want to run on your computer.

Then you are provided with a list of games to choose.

Click on the specific game, and click on the button, Rate my PC.

You will get results about your computer and whether it can run the game.

Also, you will get recommendations on the best upgrade.

The site also has information about upgrading your gaming PC.

You will find information about the Windows, Graphic Cards, Processor, and Memory.

The official website to visit is pcgamebenchmark.com.

6. Pick Gamer

Pickgamer Website

This is another site that helps you determine the actual requirements needed for a particular game.

If you are looking for an alternative to System Requirement Lab, this is another significant site to consider.

It is also easy to use and get the results you need.

Also, you can find games, players, and other gaming information.

It displays the best suggestions in case you may need to upgrade your PC.

If you are searching for new or top games information, the site has everything you need.

The official website is pickgamer.com

7. 7dfps.com

This is another great alternative to the System Requirements Lab program.

If you would like to know games that can run on your PC, you need to visit the site.

Unlike other platforms where you need to enter the title of the game, here you need to enter the CPU, RAM, GPU, and OS.

Then you will have a list of all the games that you can run on your gaming PC.

You can also use the tool to know your computer specifications.

Hence, if you do not know more about the components, you can use the program.

The website is well-designed and easy to use for anyone.

Also, you can browse through the pages to get the information you need.

To Conclude

System Requirements Lab is free and a legit program to use.

Before you buy or download a new game, you need to use the site to check whether it can run.

The good thing about the site is that you can delete the browser history and software after running the program.

Also, you can check popular and recent games to purchase or download.

However, if you feel the site does not provide results, consider the above alternatives.