Skyrim Tips and Tricks for Newbies


Become a wise gamer, and read these Skyrim tips and tricks before you play.

Skyrim is an open action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios.

It is a video game that revolves around the game character.

The game is playable in first-person or third-person perspective.

As a player, you need to complete several quests and develop your character by enhancing your skills.

Hence, whether you are an expert or a new gamer, there are some tips and tricks you may need to know to make things easier.

To help you enjoy the game, here are ten great Skyrim tips and tricks

10 Skyrim Tips and Tricks

1. Follow the Main Campaign through Whiterun

If you are new to Skyrim, the smart thing to do is to follow the main story line.

Though you might be curious to try something new, following the primary campaign through the town of Whiterun will benefit you a lot.

Here, you will unlock your first shout, have your first follower, and get an option to purchase a house in town.

Purchasing a house or learning skills might be hard if you are a new gamer and if you did not follow the main story line.

With these basics, you will be well-prepared to advance your character to the next level.

2. Walk and Ride Everywhere

Skyrim is a great game for everyone.

It is a role-playing video game that is full of amazing adventures.

Even though fast travel is nice and convenient, walking and riding are good for people who think the game moves quick.

Walking and running will allow you to view and see all the sceneries the game world offers.

Also, you will learn the best locations to purchase a house among other activities.

Here, you will explore hidden locations, properties, and enjoy the entire world created for gamers.

Keep in mind there are many hidden items in Skyrim.

Therefore, walking, riding and exploring will give you an upper hand when playing.

3. Level up Magic before you join the College

Even though most gamers prefer to join the college of Whinterhold as soon as they can, it is might be a good idea to level up magic before joining.

However, you do not need to attain 100 percent on everything.

But when gamers go in with some experience, they can use their magic to complete quests.

Happily, there are many ways on how you can level up your magic fast in Skyrim.

4. Begin with Bards College

Bards College is a great and short quest-line that is amazing to new and experienced gamers.

Apart from being short, it is interesting and has an extraordinary quest as well.

Bard College is a nice place where aspiring bards begin their careers.

Hence, it is worth doing for the skill quests.

After becoming a member, you can use their items freely.

Since the rewards are leveling skills, it is an incredible way for a new gamer to advance levels quick.

Moreover, the quests are unique and challenging as well.

They are also fun, and the entire environment is wonderful for gamers.

5. Do not Rush into Marriage

Love and marriage are a gameplay element in the game of Skyrim.

Happily, it is very easy to get married in Skyrim.

Moreover, your spouse can give you a lot of gold.

All you need is to go to the settlement of Ritten, then go into the temple of Mara, talk to the priest, and get information about marriage.

However, even if it is a straightforward thing to do, avoid rushing into marriage.

Although most gamers prefer to get married as soon as they can, it is not a good thing to do in a hurry.

Marriage comes with a lot of benefits in Skyrim.

For instance, your spouse might help you to get more gold.

But it is necessary to get married to someone you like.

Therefore, do not just get married to someone just because you gave out a gold piece.

Hence, help people out to ensure you marry someone cool and one you like.

Also, ensure you do companion quests to get the best spouse.

And since you can only marry one wife, it is important to choose wisely.

Keep in mind that you cannot remarry, even if your partner dies or if you murder him or her.

Even though there are several spouses to choose from, the most preferred one in Skyrim is the Aela the Huntress.

6. Do not ignore Cooking

Even though some gamers believe cooking is useless, it is not a worthless skill.

There are many benefits to learning how to cook.

There are many foods from cooking that can help restore health, stamina, Magicka, and provide temporary buffs for your character.

Moreover, you need to learn more about ingredients and where you can get them.

The good news is that most of them can be purchased for cheap.

For instance, if you want to make a vegetable soup, you need a cabbage, a tomato, and a potato.

You can take these ingredients from a farm or find them from a shop.

This will help to restore your stamina in case you have limited stamina for power attacks.

7. Save Money for a House

In Skyrim, you need to save, save, and save.

Read this article on making money in Skyrim: 8 Ways to Make Money in Skyrim.

This is because you need to purchase a place to stay; Therefore, saving should start immediately.

Even though there are factions that can give you a place to stay, having your own house is very important.

Whether you are married or not, you need to gain a house.

Joining a faction will help you if you do not have enough money to purchase a house or money to pay for a room every night.

Though you can join the dark brotherhood, kill a few people mercilessly, and go back to them.

You need to save for your own house.

A house will help you with marriage and storing items.

The cage or the small room for the dark brotherhood cannot help you the entire game.

Besides, you do not want to keep moving with your weapons, ingredients, armor, and others.

Moreover, in your own house, you will store all your pieces of gear with no fear that they may disappear.

A normal house has a bed and a shelf where you can store your things.

But you are free to add some improvements such as a tanning rack, a cooking pot, additional storage, and many more.

8. Avoid Spending Gold on Equipment

Whether you are in a new town and you have found unique equipment, avoid spending your gold on stuff.

Although some pieces of equipment are essential, you need to manage your money.

Keep in mind that you need to save gold to purchase a home.

Hence, acquiring equipment that you can get once you kill an enemy is not an excellent choice.

Purchasing or upgrading your house in major cities should be your priority.

Remember, you can buy five houses in Skyrim.

And houses are the most expensive things a character can have.

With a house, it secures all your items.

Health portions are items you should spend your hard-earned gold.

Additionally, you can spend your gold on training.

Happily, different people can train you; This is a quick way to level up.

So whether you have enough gold to purchase an item, avoid having that weapon.

9. Specialize in Enchanting

This is very useful but also easy to ignore; Therefore, try not to ignore enchanting.

Most gamers are not aware that a player’s success depends on crafting items.

You can use crafting to make your own weapons or a good way to make money.

Since you can turn some materials into weapons and armor or sell them to the blacksmith, it is a marvelous way to make money.

With crafting skills, you can build your own armor for enormous battles against dragons.

Enchanting is also one of the best ways to get the most powerful weapons in the game.

Hence, this is an amazing skill that gives you more flexibility and power.

Even though it takes a lot of investment, it is one of the most useful skills in Skyrim.

Besides, you can make good money from that skill.

10. Avoid Newly Discovered Enemies

If you come across a big rival, and you have a feeling that you cannot bring him down, do not fight the enemy.

This is because they have more health and power than you.

Whether you have just found a brilliant piece of armor or you have an excellent weapon, walk away.

Also, do not fight newly discovered enemies unless you saved recently.

Perform a quick save before facing a tough enemy in case you die.

Leave that newly discovered treasure chest alone until you gained some levels and have more powerful gear.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these Skyrim tips and tricks will give you an idea about the things you can do in the game.

Explore and go off the beaten path to find special places and things.

However, be prepared because undiscovered areas are full of monsters and traps.

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