Skyrim Special Edition (Quick Gameplay Review)

Skyrim Special Edition is a solid game for hardcore players that enjoy using modifications.

The previous Skyrim version only supported a 32bit platform that limited gameplay.

With the 64bit game platform, users will experience better graphical textures.


Also, the game can handle a variety of modifications created by the community.

In Skyrim Special Edition, players can purchase mods through the game itself.

The publisher claims that most of the game bugs have been fixed.

But that’s not the case, there are still nasty little bugs appearing here and there.

If you never owned Skyrim, this is the perfect game and guide for you.

Is Skyrim Special Edition Easy to Install and Play?

Skyrim Special Edition Gameplay - Top of a stronghold

I had no issues downloading the game. Be prepared to download a big file that takes around an hour to finish downloading.

There are many modifications (mods) modules you can download for the game.

Don’t know what a mod is? Read this article about Nexus Mod Community.

If you’re planning on using a specific mod, download and install it before you play.

My game installation had not problems and was ready to play.

To play Skyrim players can use a keyboard/mouse or a gamepad.

Personally I enjoyed playing the game with my Xbox One wireless controller.

To use a gamepad to play the game, connect the controller while the game is playing.

Automatically, the game will detect the controller and the user-interface will change.

The fun part about using a gamepad is that it has vibration effects.

When fighting or casting spells, the game controller will shake alerting the player.

Tutorials and Story

Skyrim Special Edition Gameplay - The night sky

Being a veteran Skyrim player, I wish we could skip the tutorial part and jump into the action.

Unfortunately, we all have to go through the tutorial section of the game.

In the beginning of the game, players need to choose a character race.

There are ten unique classes in Skyrim to play.

ALTMER – The high elves are masters of magic and illusion.

ARGONIAN – These lizards characters are excellent lock pickers and make good thieves.

BOSMER – Expert archers, wood elves live in the outdoors and can be excellent thief assassins.

BRETON – The talented Brenton are good with summoning magic.

DUNMER – Dark elves have no time to waste, they are to be thieves or deadly sorcerers.

IMPERIAL – High society calls for Imperials. They perform well as warriors and healers.

KHAJIIT – These cat people are fast on their feet making them superb thieves.

NORD – Barbarians at heart, this race was born to be warriors. 

ORSIMER – The raging Orcs of Skyrim excel as tough warriors.

REDGUARD – Similar to imperials, Redguards are good warriors and can use magic.

The game’s tutorial is great for newbies because it lets them experiment with different professions.

During the game’s tutorial, they will present players with three stones of power.

The Warrior – Known for fighting in front of enemy lines. Warriors excel at using heavy weapons and armor.

The Mage – Spellcasters use Lighting Bolt spells as weapons. Mages wear light to no armor helping them move faster.

The Thief – Bandits and Assassins, trained to walk in the shadows and silently eliminate their targets.

Choose your Chosen Path

Skyrim Special Edition Gameplay - On top of a snow mountain

During the tutorial part of the game, players can choose to either follow their tutorial character or journey alone.

I recommend that beginners follow the tutorial character so you can choose a path.

The Three stones of power are optional and are not required to continue playing.

However, choosing one now will help your character level up faster.

For example, if players choose “The Thief” stone, they will gain experience when using an ability like “Sneak” or “PickPocket”.

If you don’t care about leveling up fast, don’t select none.

There are more power stones throughout Skyrim with special powers to use.

Choosing Skills

Combat Skills – Archery, Block, Heavy Armor, One-handed, Two-handed, Smithing

Magic Skills – Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Illusion, Restoration

Stealth – Alchemy, Light Armor, Lock-picking, Pickpocket, Sneak, Speech

Players can use a mix of skills on any character race.

However, I recommend that you master at least one skill that causes damage.

For example, if you create a thief, players should choose a combat skill or magic skill.

Choosing a combat skill will help your character overcome tough enemy encounters.

If you don’t want to use combat skills, I suggest learning Alchemy, Smithing, and Enchanting.

With the Alchemy skill, players can add poison damage to weapons.

As a blacksmith, you will build and improve many weapons.

Enchanting is a great skill, but it’s costly in the beginning of the game.

Start the enchanting skill once you hit level 20 or earlier if you have the extra coin.

Gameplay and Difficulty

Skyrim Special Edition Gameplay - A burning dragon

Skyrim Special Edition has six difficulty levels.

Novice– For newbies that don’t play these types of games.

Apprentice – This is the game’s default difficulty level.

Adept – On this level players are familiar with the game.

Expert – These are hardcore gamers that know what they’re doing.

Master – With this level, players know how to build solid Skyrim characters.

Legendary – Play at your own risk, kill or be killed on this game mode.

The best part of it all is that gamers can change difficulty levels any time.

I prefer to play as an adept, but sometimes I need to lower the challenge and drop to an apprentice.

It’s so much fun knowing that each challenge I face, could be my last.

The higher difficulty level chosen, the less chance you have to survive.

For example, if you play as an expert, a level one or two wolf can kill you with three blows.

Visuals and Music

Skyrim Special Edition Gameplay - A Dunmer mage

Here are the options for the Graphics Adapter and Resolution.

Aspect Ratio – 16:9 Widescreen and 16:10 Widescreen

Resolutions – 800×450, 1280×720, 1440×810, 1920×1080

Antialiasing – Off (Best Performance), FXAA (Low), TAA (Best Quality)

Detail Options – Low, Medium, High, Ultra

The advanced button allows users to adjust more specific details about the graphics.

I recommend using the detail options buttons to get a balanced set up.

The easiest way to test the game on your computer is to switch the detail options to ultra.

If you notice any lag or tears while moving around in the game, switch it to low settings.

Low settings are best for low performance computers that can’t handle heavy graphics.

The main reason I added these specifications was to pay attention to the resolutions option.

Resolution numbers can help users install the right gaming monitor for best performance.

Most modern gaming monitors can run on 1920×1080 resolutions and higher.

Skyrim Special Edition has a fantastic sound track specially while adventuring.

I didn’t have to adjust my sound options, everything worked fine for me.

Monsters and Loot

Skyrim Special Edition Gameplay - After a battle

Skyrim is full of beautiful monsters to fight. While traveling, you may encounter a pack of wolves, skeleton warriors or vampires.

However, large flying dragons appear in unexpected areas adding more action to the game.

This means that players need to be prepared with enough supplies to take down a dragon.

The game monsters differ from previous games like Oblivion.

Some monsters in Skyrim can be difficult or even impossible to kill until players reach a higher level.

To add more challenges, some monster bosses attack in groups with other enemies.

Sometimes things get a little crazy and players get attacked by monsters and flying dragons.

No need to worry, if all things fail, you can always run away and fight another day.

If you’re a treasure hunter, you will find lots of cool loot in Skyrim.

Warning, they locate most of the best loot in the game in places with tough monsters.

The good news is that players can find loot in the easiest places like crates, satchels, and furniture.

Tips and Cheats

Skyrim Special Edition Gameplay - Warrior in the city

Some of Skyrim’s rare ore material are located on top of mountains.

Make sure you have a pick-axe and journey to the top of hills and mountains.

Beware, dragons fly around mountain tops.

Do you like it when it rains in Skyrim? Well, I got hack that can make it rain instantly.

In order for this to work, you must use a keyboard and mouse.

Inside the game press the tilde key (~) on your keyboard to open the code console.

Type the following code exactly as shown: fw c8220

Press the enter key then press the tilde key again to close the console.

To be continued…

My Recommendations

If you bought the original Skyrim edition when it first came out, there’s no need to get the special edition.

But, if you want to purchase community mods through the game and experiment with different mods, get the special edition.

Skyrim Special Edition won’t impress you much because both games look almost the same.

The Special Edition brings all the downloadable content you need to start your adventure.

I highly recommend this game and stay tuned for more articles about Skyrim.

Pros Cons My Score
Replay Value
Difficulty Levels
Huge World
No Multiplayer

4.9 out of 5

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