Samsung 850 EVO Series 500gb 2.5 Solid State Drive – Review

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The Samsung 850 EVO Series 500gb 2.5 solid state drive (SSD) is a super fast internal drive.

However, the 850 EVO does not have the most massive storage capacity.


  • Works well with a hard disk drive (HDD)
  • Fast and Responsive
  • Helpful Software Utility


  • Expensive
  • Short Warranty

A Fast and Furious SSD

The Samsung 850 evo series 500gb 2.5 solid state drive operates fast.

Due to its quick response time, video games and programs process faster.

I’ve had the 850 EVO for over two years, and it performs excellent.

It handles job loads with my hard disk drive with ease.

Though it performs nicely with an (HDD), I prefer pairing it with an (SDD).

Two solid state drives operate much faster than with an (HDD).

The Samsung 850 EVO is packaged with a practical software utility.

With the Samsung utility, you can check the status and speed of your (SDD).

The utility software is an optional feature created for the 850 EVO drive.

Installing the drive was easy, and it comes with the owner’s manual CD.

Price vs Warranty

Samsung is a quality brand, but it’s also expensive.

However, why is it costly and yet it offers a short warranty?

One of the first things I check before buying anything is the product warranty.

If I’m going to spend a right amount of cash, the warranty must last for years.

Therefore, it makes me think if the Samsung 850 EVO will continue to operate after a year.

So far after owning the 850 EVO for over a year, it still functions the same as the day I bought it.

Most noteworthy is that the Samsung EVO has various storage capacities.

Consumers can purchase drives with 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB of storage space.

I mostly use my 500gb Samsung 850 evo solid state drive to play video games.

At the same time, I use my Seagate Barracuda (HDD) to store large game files.

As a precaution, compare the price of the solid state drive with its warranty to determine if it’s worth buying.

This is my second solid state drive next to my laptop’s Crucial (SDD), they’re both excellent.

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