Rosewill Thor V2 Gaming ATX Gaming Computer Case – Review


This is a redesign of the original Rosewill Thor XL ATX Gaming case.

There were several changes that were made during the redesigning of this gaming computer case.

These changes are not minor, but they were not included in the statement released.

Rosewill Thor V2 Gaming ATX Full Tower has a lot of space for hardware.

This makes it efficient when you want to either remove or add PC hardware.

The revised version is also suitable for those that need a colossal ATX full tower.


  • It has an extra USB 3.0 port to increase the super speed USB 3.0.
  • It is more sturdy and stable for the enhancement of the rear panel and the motherboard.
  • They enable it with many fans that cool the machine down.
  • This prevents overheating that results in slow speeds. In addition, these fans improve the flow of air in the machine.


  • The main disadvantage of this version is that it is very heavy. This therefore makes it difficult to carry around and costs more during transportation.
  • It is a little old and therefore lacks some of the latest features in the gaming world today. You should find one that was recently produced to enjoy the latest features.
  • It can accumulate a lot of dust. This therefore means that you should store it in a spotless place to avoid dust accumulation.
  • This is because dust can lead to damage of the functioning of the machine.

About the Rosewill Thor v2 gaming atx full tower

The Rosewill PC case has been going strong for the past 3 years.

The most outstanding features of these machines are the cooling mechanisms.

They allow air-flow through the machine and therefore increasing efficiency.

There are 5 fan slots in the Rosewill thor v2 gaming case.

They also fit the tower with a window screen for ventilation at the top.

It is easy to adjust the fan speed when you need to cool down your machine.

The major downside of these huge fans is that they have a tendency to attract a lot of dust.

Dust that settles in the machine may permanently damage the PC.

Therefore, it needs cleaning after a maximum time of 6 months.

Additional information about the Rosewill Thor V2 Gaming ATX Full Tower

This version of the machine is heavier than others.

This is because it has an approximate weight of 30 pounds, when the hardware is not in the machine.

This may increase the cost of transport and inconveniences when you need to move it around.

It is important that you find a suitable means of transport when you want to move it.

The size may also be inconvenient.

Ensure that you consider your space when you are looking to buy this machine.

Final Verdict

The Rosewill gaming computer case on an overall look is solid.

This ATX case is therefore suitable for gamers who are always upgrading their hardware now and then.

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