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Reviewing the SunData Flash Drive 16GB 2.0

The SunData Flash Drive 16GB 2.0 is a brand that is recognized by many people. With most of its products, you can be assured to get positive notes.

In this competitive world of flash drives, SunData 4 Pack 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Thumb Drives Memory Stick, 4 Colors: Blue Green Gold Red has excited many people.

Key Features

*The design of this SunData 4Pack 16GB is fantastic. It is available in four different colors for easier coding or use.

*The size and performance are excellent. With these drives, you do not need to install any program for them to work. Just plug and start using them.

*The flash drives have a top cover to avoid the USB port from being damaged when not in use.

*SunData 4Pack 16GB is compatible with USB-2.0 and below and the speed is fantastic as well.

*You can use it on Windows 10, Windows-8, Windows-7, Windows Vista and XP. It is also compatible with Mac OS.

*SunData 4Pack 16GB is suitable for transferring or sharing data from one system to the other.

*Comes with a 12-month warranty. This means the device is of high-quality can be returned to the seller within one year.

*It is one of the cheapest flash drives on the market.

Who can use the SunData Flash Drive Memory Stick?

These flash disks are simple but the most common devices for school and business use. The design has remained a favorite to many people.

They are not too big or small to lose them. In addition, they cannot break even when someone steps on them.

For someone looking for beautiful and great flash drives at a good price, SunData 4Pack 16GB is the best.

They work well on most PCs and laptops and you can use them for a very long time. With the little loop, you can connect them securely to avoid losing them.

Also, if you love to match colors, they are available in blue, red, green, and gold.


1. One advantage of SunData 4Pack 16GB is the price. Being a 4-Pack set, it is cheaper than buying one flash drive at a time.

2. You only need to plug and start using. There are no difficulties when using. Also, you do not need to install a program to start using.

3. For different school or business plans, there are different colors to help you separate the projects.

4. The size and style are ideal for everyone. They are not too small or big for personal or business use.

5. Availability of top cover around the USB port offer protection to the port.

6. Amazing storage space for an affordable price.


When it comes to SunData flash drives, they are always affordable and well-designed for business or personal use.

SunData 4Pack 16GB is a great package for students, business people, and professionals. However, the drives might be slow to copy, especially when transferring a large amount of data.

Alternative Products

Due to the style and the price, SunData 4Pack 16GB is one of the most recommended flash drives by college students for school and personal use.

These metal cased flash drives cannot break easily and are available in four different colors.

For someone searching for alternative products, you can try TOPESEL 5 Pack 32GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Memory Stick Thumb Drives.

Also check out the EASTFUN 4 Pack 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive Memory Stick Thumb Drive Thumb Stick Jump Drive Zip Drive Pen Drive, with LED Indicator.

2. The PhotoStick 64GB USB Flash Drive – Review

The PhotoStick 64GB USB Flash Drive looks like an ordinary flash drive but it is very useful. It is recommended by many users due to the quality and affordability.

Key Features

Having PhotoStick 64 is very encouraging thanks to the design and the quality of the product.

The design is unique, attractive and a great one for someone looking for something simple.

• PhotoStick 64 is a plug and play drive. You do not need any program to start using the gadget.

• It is one of the fastest drives you can have. With PhotoStick 64, you can save around 1000-photos in less than 10-minutes.

• The storage capacity is good for saving large photo folders, music, and videos.

• This drive works well on both Windows PCs and Mac PCs. This means it is compatible with all devices. You can use it on Windows-XP, Windows-Vista, Window-10, Windows-8, and Windows-7. And for Mac users, you can use it on Mac-OS X version-10.6 or later.

• So easy to use. It does not need passwords, filenames or cloud storage.

Who can use the PhotoStick 64?

When it comes to performance, the PhotoStick 64 is excellent.

It is a great product for someone looking for a nice backup gadget. It is impressive, fast and easy to use. The cost is also reasonable.

The PhotoStick 64 is recommended for individuals looking for a simple to use gadget that works well on all files.

Whether you are searching for a simple drive to store or transfer data, PhotoStick 64 is perfect. With nothing to install, it means you can use it as soon as you purchase it.


1. The design – The PhotoStick 64’s design is simple but unique. This makes it easy to use for any task. It also looks lovely even on professional presentations among other duties.

It is not too small or too big to be inconvenient.

2. Affordable – most people recommend this flash drive because it is not expensive. With a storage capacity of 64GB, the price is reasonable to all.

3. Safe to use – with no program needed to use, this means the device is safe to use on all documents.

4. Performance – The PhotoStick 64 is one of the fastest flash drives. Since it is compatible with both Mac and Windows PCs; it is designed to perform fast on all systems.

5. Storage capacity – the 64GB capacity is wonderful for office, school, and personal use.


The PhotoStick 64 is very easy to use. However, it has terrible write speed to some system. Some users have also protested that it does not work well on several operating systems.

Alternative Products

The PhotoStick 64 is a wonderful gadget. It has been in the market for several years and the ratings are still solid.

For someone searching for a simple device, The PhotoStick 64 is a good one.

For alternative products, you can pick ThePhotoStick 8 Easy, One Click Photo and Video Backup, 8GB which is also a great device.

Or choose the Xtra-PC Turbo 32 to turn your old, outdated, slow PC into a modern computer.

3. Picture Keeper 8GB Portable Flash USB Drive – Review

Today, one of the best-rated flash drives for photographers is the Picture Keeper 8GB Portable Flash USB. The product is easy to use, well-designed and reliable.

Key Features

Picture Keeper 8GB Portable Flash USB drive is more than the normal flash drives. Due to the simple to install software, the drive can help to safeguard all your photos from your tablet, PC or smartphone.

Here are some of the key features of Picture Keeper 8GB Portable Flash USB.

• Compatibility – the drive can work on many PCs. From Windows computer to Mac computers, you can be assured of great performance.

• Easy to use – although you need to install the software provided, the drive is so simple to use. After installing the program, you just need to click and let it do the work for you.

• Performance – the friendly software offers a simple solution for picture backup and for restoring your photos. For instance, once the first drive is full, the second drive you buy will continue from where the first one left.

• Backup reminders – you can sign-up for backup reminders. Through an email, you can be reminded to back up your pictures every month.

Who can use the Picture Keeper 8GB Portable Flash USB?

If you are a photographer, this is a must-have gadget. The drive is designed for photographers and people who store many photos on their devices. With a few steps, you can protect all your precious memories.

Picture Keeper 8GB Portable Flash USB is a simple to use because you do not need to select the folders to backup. Once you install the simple program, the drive starts backing the pictures immediately.


1. The product is easy to use. It can copy so many images from your computer without creating a duplicate.

2. The storage capacity is good enough for storing precious memories for your family, workmates or field projects. For images, you can select a bigger capacity.

3. Just as the name suggests, Picture Keeper 8GB Portable Flash USB can do the backup for you. All you need is to install the software, and the device will back up all the pictures.

4. By signing up for free backup reminders, it means you cannot lose your pictures.

5. The drive is user-friendly. It provides one of the best answers for keeping or backing-up photos.


1. Although the drive is compatible with Mac PCs, it might not work well as described.

2. For you to use the drive on your mobile devices such as a smartphone or a tablet, you need to purchase a different cable.

3. The storage capacity might not be sufficient for professional duties. Most users claim it cannot hold 8000 pictures.

Alternative Products

Picture Keeper 8GB Portable Flash USB is a great device that is more than a flash drive. It is a product that enhances the task of picture backup. If you have many photos to backup, use Picture Keeper 8GB Portable Flash USB to have a great time.

Alternative products include Smart USB Flash Drive 32GB – Picture Keeper PRO External Photo Video and File Backup Device for a PC and MAC computers.

Another similar product is the Picture Keeper Stocking Stuffer – 4GB Starter Automatic Backup Device for Backing up your Photos on your PC or MAC Computer (1-Pack) which is very affordable.

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