Questions and Answers for Minecraft Beginners

Minecraft beginners need to know how to survive in Minecraft.

My first game in Minecraft was painful; I died under five minutes.

That’s why I created this resourceful question and answers guide to set new players on the right path.

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Then, I will add the questions and answers to this article for everyone to see. 

What is Minecraft?

Questions and Answers for Minecraft Beginners

Remember Lego Blocks? Well, Minecraft looks like a gigantic world full of colorful Lego blocks.

Minecraft blocks are special because players destroy them and contain useful items.

For example, punching on tree blocks will give you wood pieces.

Then, with the wooden pieces, you can create tools to help get upgrades.

Is Minecraft a Role Playing Game?

No, it has RPG elements like gaining experience, crafting but that’s not the focus.

Minecraft is mostly a survival game where players need to survive the dangers of the world.

So, to stay safe in the game, players need to build safe shelters.

We can build shelters or homes by gathering resources like tree wood, stones, and other game items.

What Genre is Minecraft?

The three most relevant Minecraft genres are action adventure, sandbox, and open world.

If you played games like Skyrim, then you will be familiar with an open world game.

In the game, players will go anywhere they choose, exploring the beautiful blocky world.

However, be warned, there are dangerous animals, people and monsters that roam the land.

What are the basics in Minecraft?

If you have the Windows 10 edition, users can play the game with a keyboard and mouse.

Also, owners of gaming computers can use the Xbox One controller for the PC.

To play Minecraft, gamers must master the movement controls first.

There are three movements, walking around, breaking and placing items and sneaking.

Minecraft beginners need to learn how to jump to higher places. 

Jumping is useful to climb hills and get to places with lots of resources.

Sprinting is necessary to get out of sticky situations like enemy mobs chasing you.

The sneaking control is important when hiding from monsters and not to fall off blocks.

Players will quickly learn how to break blocks and place items in the world.

Is the HUD in Minecraft important?

The HUD is super important because it shows information about character health, experience level, and hot bar items.

Just like any other game, we need to know our character’s health status.

The health status bar displays ten red hearts that show full health.

Don’t starve to death; watch your hunger meter, which displays ten pieces of meat.

The Minecraft HUD is helpful to see how much experience your character has got.

If you ever played games like Diablo 2, hot bar slots are very important.

With hot bar slots, players can place items like weapons, mining tools and food for faster access.

Players that like to swim underwater need to check their oxygen level so they don’t drown.

Why use the inventory in Minecraft?

They use the inventory in Minecraft to temporary store world items.

However, advanced players learn how to create chests to store valuable game items.

The inventory screen also displays the character’s equipped armor.

All items picked up in the game will be seen in your inventory tab, including crafting material.

What is crafting in Minecraft?

A good crafter in Minecraft will survive the game’s toughest challenges.

But, mastering the art of craft is not easy when zombies want to eat your brains.

To gather materials for crafting, players need to create tools out of trees, stones, and metals.

For example, users can gather wood to build wooden shovels, swords and mine picks.

Then, players can upgrade their equipment by using a crafting table.

We can view all crafting material directly through our inventory screen.

Inside the inventory tab to the left, users can view recipes to build new items.

To the right of the inventory screen, you will find the crafting grid.

The crafting grid is the place to experiment with many crafting materials.

If users place the right materials in the crafting grid, they create a new item.

The First Day in Minecraft

Minecraft beginners will experience pain, suffering, mass confusion, hysteria, and madness.

Just kidding, but for me it was mass confusion and a quick death.

Yes, I saw the respawn screen for the first time in under five minutes.

Some clown looking-dude exploded in my face; He died, I died and game over.

How long is one day in Minecraft?

One day in Minecraft equals twenty minutes in our real world.

The day cycle lasts for ten minutes while night time is ten minutes.

What to do the first day in Minecraft

Survival is the name of the game; First gamers need to create tools out of wood, stone or metal.

Go to the nearest tree and punch the lights out of it.

Collect many pieces of wood to create a crafting table.

Now, your crafting table allows you to make things like weapons, doors, and tools.

Create a mine pick to mine tougher materials like a stone.

Also, create a weapon to defend yourself from creeping enemies.

Start building a base where nobody can enter during the night.

Homes will shelter players from enemies and provide a place to rest.

How to avoid hunger in Minecraft

Minecraft beginners will starve to death if they don’t eat healthy meals.

Eating raw meat or flesh may upset the character’s stomach and them sick.

So, to stay in full health, players must kill animals or fish to gather food.

To cook food, users need to build a furnace out of stone.

Break stones to build a furnace and start cooking yummy food.

To cook food, players need wood to heat the furnace.

Old wooden tools or items can help heat the furnace to cook meals.

Where should I build my home base in Minecraft?

Before starting the game, draw a small picture of how your home will look.

I recommend building a home on a high hill so enemies can’t easily attack you.

By doing so, it allows users to dig tunnels underneath and create some cool rooms.

Remember to build escape routes in case of an emergency.

Which weapons should I use in Minecraft?

The sword is my favorite weapon; It has good damage points, and it looks cool.

Minecraft Beginners should craft bows, crossbows and tridents.

Tridents are special because we can use them under water and are highly effective.

Keep in mind that we can enchant weapons in Minecraft.

As a result, weapons can have higher damage points and other helpful effects.

What happens at night in Minecraft?

Minecraft becomes haunted at night and zombies, monsters and villains wander around.

These are the game’s enemies and will attack players on site.

Some enemies are easy to kill while others are powerful.

Therefore, it is recommended to stay indoors during the night cycle in the game.

Torches help keep monster away, place them near outside doors and inside homes.

How do you navigate in Minecraft?

Exploring Minecraft is fun, but when gamers get lost, they panic.

There are many ways to navigate the game, for example; a compass, map, locater map, and a cartography table.

A compass is handy because it points to the direction of your spawn point.

Create a compass with your crafting table and travel farther distances.

Maps are helpful in showing users where they have been.

The locator map shows players the location of a custom way point.

How do I protect myself from damage in Minecraft?

Early in the game, players can use armor for protection.

Armor is obtained by killing animals for leather, mining stone and metals.

Another way to protect yourself is to craft a shield.

Shields help prevent heavy damage and your character looks like a warrior.

Should I build a bed in Minecraft?

Building a bed in Minecraft is a good idea because it serves two purposes.

Beds act as spawn points in the game, and they help advance the night cycle faster.

So if you’re tired of waiting for daylight to come, build a bed.

To craft a bed, kill a few sheep and gather some wood.

Why are blocks important in Minecraft?

Blocks make the entire world of Minecraft and each one is breakable and resourceful.

We can find the most common blocks all around the world.

Some blocks have to be created by using a crafting table and experimenting.

When breaking blocks, you will notice that most blocks will stay in place.

However, weak blocks like sand and gravel will fall to the ground when broken.

What animals can I ride in Minecraft?

There are many types of animals that can be used as mounts.

The horse, mule, and donkey are the most common animals to ride.

Before riding them, players need to tame the animal by jumping on them and hanging on.

Once the animal is happy, users will see hearts surrounding the animal and now it’s tamed.

They also use llamas and pigs for transportation but are not as effective as the common animals.

Where can Minecraft Beginners Learn More?

There’s ton of Minecraft content out there to explore.

However, you want to make sure you visit the right places to get legit information.

I recommend visiting the following websites to get good Minecraft knowledge:

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