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PNY 64GB USB Flash Drive (Elite X Review)

The PNY 64GB USB Flash Drives from PNY are some of the most popular drives on the market.

Apart from speed and quality, most users recommend them for their size.

They are small but very reliable. PNY Elite-X fit 64GB is one drive that has won the hearts of many people.

Key Features

The professional design and build quality are the main features of PNY Elite-X fit 64GB.

In addition, the performance is good for office duties. Some key features include:

• Storage capacity – 64GB storage capacity is excellent for school, office or individual tasks. It is also affordable for many people. The storage capacity can hold more than 11,000 songs.

• Transfer speed – compared to many standard flash drives, PNY Elite-X fit 64GB is 10-times faster.

• Size – for people who love small flash drives that are unnoticeable when plugged in, PNY Elite-X fit 64GB has a small, perfect size.

• Design – the unique, plastic coating is excellent and very presentable. You can use it anywhere.

• Performance – being USB 3.0, the performance is good for everyone.

• Compatibility – for transferring or storing of videos, songs, and documents, PNY Elite-X fit 64GB is compatible with Windows PCs and Mac PCs.

• Long-stay design – for someone who hates inserting and removing USB flash drives, PNY Elite-X fit 64GB is designed to be left in host devices.

Who can use the PNY Elite-X Fit 64GB memory stick?

If you are looking for a stylish USB flash drive that can blend well with your professional duties, PNY Elite-X Fit 64GB is a good choice.

The drive can play movies and games, help you transfer large files, and store all your office or personal documents.

PNY Elite-X Fit 64GB has amazing read speed for up-to 200MB/s. It is a device that beats several drives in price and performance.

For someone looking for a device to edit files, keep backups or record directly, you can pick PNY Elite-X Fit 64GB.


1. PNY Elite-X Fit 64GB has great speed for its size. This means you can be able to transfer large or many files very fast. Also, you can be confident in watching videos and movies with ease.

2. The drive is compatible with Windows and Mac PCs, TVs, car stereos, tablets, and other devices.

3. PNY Elite-X Fit 64GB long-stay feature indicates you can leave it in the host device. This means you can plug the gadget and forget about it. It is a nice device for keeping backups.

4. The storage capacity is perfect for individual and professional duties. It is not too large or small for everyone.

5. The size is perfect for people who want to keep it plugged in their devices. It is small and unnoticeable.


PNY Elite-X Fit 64GB is a good device but there are some users who feel frustrated. Some drawbacks of the gadget include:

• The plastic body is not perfect for everyone

• Write speed may drop

• The drive may take longer to be noticed by Mac PCs.

Alternative Products

PNY Elite-X Fit 64GB is not big or too small. This means it has been designed for everyone.

In addition, the speed, performance and the storage capacity makes it a great choice for students, personal duties and office work.

For people looking for alternative products, SanDisk 64GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive is an excellent choice.

Or try the Samsung FIT Plus 64GB – 200MB/s USB 3.1 Flash Drive.

2. Reviewing the Enfain USB Flash Drive 16GB

If you are planning to be transferring a large amount of data, then you need to consider investing in the Enfain USB Flash Drive 16GB.

Key Features

The Enfain flash drives are those gadgets you use on your friends PC and immediately fall in love with them.

They are amazing in terms of speed, design, and quality. According to numerous customer reviews, the drives are reliable for any kind of data.

They blend well all with all the Windows and MAC PCs. The body is made of aluminum and plastic, and the size is appropriate for anyone.

In terms of performance, the drives have excellent read speeds. This is amazing and beat several flash drives for it cost.

Apart from performance and the cost, the size is also amazing. By holding the flash drive in your hands, you can easily notice the comfort that comes with it.

The flash drives support USB version 1.0 and 2.0. It also supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, and MAC PCs.

Whether you are using a laptop or PC, they work well with all brands.

So, if you are looking for a professional flash drive that offers a great amount of storage, you can pick Enfain.

Who can use these flash drives?

These flash drives are mainly for people who want to transfer large files. If you are searching for a cost performance package, this is the best deal.

With a 10 pack of 16GB, you can be assured of a great value package. For someone who does presentations or photography, it is the perfect gadget for you.

Most of the people who use Enfain Drives use them in offices, schools, and for personal use. This is because the drives are easy to read and the speed is high.

The Enfain flash drives get a solid recommendation from numerous people because of value, performance, and design.

Even though there are people who are not satisfied with the design, the performance is amazing.

They are nice devices that can handle daily usage that include copying large files, watching movies and playing music.


Even though most people look for popular or tested brands names, Enfain flash drives provide a great value of money.

They are some best USB drives on the market. Here are some reasons why many customers are satisfied with the devices and are posting positive reviews.

1. The drives are good for transferring large files in schools, offices or personal projects.

2. They are well-designed to for both personal and professional use.

3. The plug and use feature make it easy for everyone.

4. The rotating cover is made of aluminum to protect the USB port, and for easier storage.

5. Extreme value for money.

6. Stylish design that comes with great performance.


To some people, the performance of these flash drives are not impressive.

Even though the price is affordable for people planning to have several flash drives, some users experienced slow speed.

3. Reviewing the Sandisk connect wireless flash drive 64GB

When sampling the best flash drives on the market, Sandisk connect wireless flash drive 64GB is among the best. It is a good drive for all your mobile activities.

Who can use the SanDisk 64GB Connect Wireless Stick Flash Drive?

SanDisk 64GB Connect Wireless Stick Flash Drive is an excellent drive that has been designed for smartphones, PCs, laptops, and tablets. With his drive, you can wirelessly save or access your documents, files, videos, and photos.

The drive is affordable and compatible with almost all your gadgets. Whether you use android smartphone or tablets for your work, SanDisk 64GB Connect Wireless Stick Flash Drive can work very.

What does the Package contain?

This package is among the most recommended product when transferring and storing of data is concerned. With SanDisk 64GB Connect Wireless Stick Flash Drive, you can quickly free your PC, tablet or smartphone space.

The drive is designed for a mobile lifestyle. It is possible to save, transfer or share files, photos and other documents without plugging it to your device. Whether it is in your pocket or in your room, you transfer the data without the internet.

However, not user is happy or satisfied with the package. The wireless feature might not work well all the time and especially when connecting to iPhone 6s.

Even though the feature was meant for easier accessibility, it has several issues. It is also impossible to play or transfer large files to the drive.

What are the main features SanDisk 64GB Connect Wireless Stick Flash Drive?

SanDisk 64GB Connect Wireless Stick Flash Drive is a drive that designed to work on various devices that include smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers.

It has a wireless feature known as The SanDisk-Connect-Wireless Stick that allows you to save or transfer files on your gadget.

Also, with the wireless feature, you can stream videos and music to 3 different devices such as the smartphone, the PC and the tablet. This is a great feature that can help you share photos or videos with friends and relatives.

It is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, Mac and Windows computers that include Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista and XP. In addition, the design is presentable and you can use it for both personal and professional tasks.

However, the gadget is designed for a mobile lifestyle.

How to use SanDisk 64GB Connect Wireless Stick Flash Drive

The drive is so simple to use. You can use it wirelessly or plug it to your gadget. You also need to install the SanDisk-Connect app to ensure you transfer the files wirelessly. The app is available on Google Play Store, App store and Amazon App store.

Alternatives products

Whether you are in a meeting or taking some pictures with friends in the woods, SanDisk 64GB Connect Wireless Stick Flash Drive is a good choice. You can transfer your files to and from all your mobile devices.

However, if you feel this product is not for you, a good alternative drive is the USB 3.0 Wireless Flash Drive, Airdisk 128GB Universal WiFi External Storage Stick for iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphones, Computers and Tablets – Black.

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