Playing Video Games on Drugs (A Lethal Game)

Today, video games have captured the minds of both children and adults.

In fact, the introduction of simple software such as mobile device games has made it possible for anyone to play at home, school or while traveling.

Based on numerous studies, gaming consumes a lot of time as gamers try repeatedly to win.

Although gaming has numerous health benefits, it has many harmful effects as well.

Research shows that kids, adults and elderly people who spend too much time playing games can develop serious health problems.

Drugs and Games don’t Mix

The following is a table chart with a list of popular substances while playing video games.

Playing Video Games on Drugs Table Chart with Substances.
Image Source: NCBI.NIH.GOV

For instance, it is believed that kids who play violent games may become violent in the future.

The negative effects of gaming are even worse for people who play video games on drugs.

Nowadays, a good percentage of teenagers are playing video games on drugs for various reasons.

Some use drugs to be able to play violent video games, while others play games on drugs so that they can last playing longer.

Playing video games on drugs has several harmful effects.

5 Harmful effects of playing video games on drugs

1. Aggression in teenagers

One main effect of playing games on drugs is increased aggression in kids and teenagers.

Based on various studies, playing digital games on drugs can easily increase aggressive behavior on a young mind.

Today, most teens prefer playing games that contain violent acts instead of playing simple games such as educational ones.

To fit well in the gaming environment, some young adults think it’s safe to be on drugs while playing video games.

Researchers believe that playing video games on drugs can desensitize teen, kids, and adults to violence and lower pro-social behavior.

2. Addiction to games

Another harmful effect of playing games on drugs is the addiction.

Game addiction has become a serious problem in almost every country.

The addiction is worse on gamers who play games on drugs.

If you are on drugs, it is impossible for you to control your game-time or choose the right video games for yourself.

Apart from the addiction problem, gamers who play video games on drugs are likely to develop depression, anxiety, social isolation, and insomnia.

In addition, drugs can influence children or teens to ignore studies or other important duties just to play games.

Drugs can also make the gamer more inclined or attracted to gaming than normal.

3. Poor academic performance

Other negative effects of playing games on drugs is the poor academic performance of kids and teens in school.

When someone is on drugs, he or she can play games for a long time. This can easily affect academic performance in school.

Studies show that kids and teenagers who are on drugs cannot make the right decisions, especially when it comes to making decisions in school.

Also, studies have also shown that if children spend a lot of time playing games, they ignore studies, homework, and other physical activities.

According to research, more than forty percent who play digital games on drugs got poor grades while casual players performed better than them.

4. Health problems

Gaming on drugs can also have serious health effects on children and teens health.

This is because children tend to spend more time on computers and mobile devices instead of engaging in physical activities.

Apart from increasing obesity due to bad eating habits, some of them become under-weight due to loss of appetite.

Some players even skip sleep or meals to play their favorite games.

Playing games for long hours can also affect the player’s eyesight.

5. Suffering relationships

For people who play games on drugs, their relationship with family members and friends may suffer.

For instance, if your kid is on drugs and is spending most of his time playing video games, he or she may not have a good relationship with his family or friends.

Studies show that gaming can affect your kid’s life if they only think about gaming.

Drugs also make people ignore important relationship matters such as sex, care, and love just to play games.

Are there positive effects of playing video games?

Playing Video Games on Drugs

Although most people believe gaming only contains harmful effects, there are several benefits of playing games.

Some are obvious, while others develop over time. Actually, researchers recommended playing video games at least for one hour every day.

Even though there are many bad and good effects of playing games, playing games on drugs is not recommended at any level.

Some positive effects of playing video games include:

• Develops problem-solving skills – when kids play video games such as Angry Birds, they come up with creative ways on how to solve problems in a short time.

• Improves hand to eye coordination – children who play games such as shooters are able to enhance their hand-to-eye coordination.

In first-person shooting games, the player is required to keep track of the score, engage in combat and aim with a weapon accurately.

• Develops multitasking skills – Gaming can help players, especially kids to develop multitasking skills.

Games like The Sims requires players to initiate multiple actions to control your characters.

• Enhance quick thinking – game players are always required to think fast in many situations while playing a game.

• Become Social – Joining an online multiplayer game will help you develop your social skills.

Some online games require you to group with a few players to defeat enemies.

This is a great way to interact with others and have fun at the same time.

• Other positive benefits of playing video games include accuracy, learning how to preserve things, and increasing your memory capacity.

Drugs ruin the Experience

Studies show that children or teens who play video games on drugs frequently engage in the negative activities.

Some of these negative activities include class fights, arguing with teachers and parents, and miss their homework.

Since they want to spend most of their time playing games, they become addicted to both games and drugs.

Playing video games on drugs also leads to bad relationships.

This happens because gaming on drugs will not let them balance family or social time with gaming time.

Hence, they fail to devote quality time to their relationships.


It is therefore important for parents and the teachers to monitor their children at all times.

The effects of drug abuse are severe and can even lead to death. In addition, games are rated based on age.

Hence, parents should choose games for their children and ensure they monitor their behaviors in school and at home.

One way to ensure your kids are not playing video games on drugs is gaming with them.

This will encourage teamwork and help parents learn more about different types of games.

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