Playing Video Games and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The relationship between Video Games and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is the play style.

Today, video game technology has become very popular.

Most people, especially young kids, are addicted to video games.

They enjoy the benefits of the latest entertainment trends and mostly spend their time in front of a computer or a TV.

However, many are not aware that there is a possibility of health issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Computer usage or playing video games for a prolonged time can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Since carpal tunnel syndrome is affecting young kids, experts are looking for causes and symptoms to determine if they link to playing video games.

According to research, kids who spend most of their time playing video games have a higher chance of developing carpal tunnel syndrome than those who are not.

The Relationship between Playing Video Games and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Some studies suggest that there might be no relationship between playing video games and carpal tunnel syndrome.

However, certain study-parts have confirmed that there are many adverse effects of playing video games for a long time.

In addition, the injuries sustained are like those of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel is a disorder that affects persons over 30-years old.

But today, it is possible to find kids showing some of its symptoms.

Common Injuries

Some injuries include tendonitis, bursitis, and other injuries that have become common in children.

Nintendonitis or Nintendo is a popular term used to describe injuries caused by constant playing of video games.

If you carefully spell the word, Nintendo is a popular gaming company that offers consoles and games.

This doesn’t mean that people get injuries playing with consoles or games from the Nintendo company.

Nintendonitis is a medical term describing injuries sustained by playing games with the Nintendo D-game pad.

Children and Health Risks

If your children are using the Nintendo D-pad, we recommend it they stop using it.

This will allow their thumb blisters or swelling to heal properly.

Excessive gameplay can cause carpal tunnel syndrome

Apart from the video systems used at home, portable video game systems can also lead to this disorder.

Results from several doctors state that sitting for long hours in the same position and using fingers and thumb muscles over and over can cause imbalance, pain and functional problems.

Even though exercising your fingers is important, using the same muscle groups without engaging the other muscles can cause pain and injury.

Kids aged between six to seven may not develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

However, if they continue playing video games for long hours for a long time, they are likely to develop the syndrome.

Therefore, it is essential to take long breaks between game sessions to allow the affected muscles to rest.

Video Games Can Cause Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Use of flat keyboards, mouse, trackballs and other computer devices can trigger the development of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Several findings show that there is no difference between people who are affected by carpal tunnel syndrome because of video gameplay.

They associate injuries on their hands with long hours of playing video games.

Hence, it is wise to protect your health even if the studies suggest carpal tunnel syndrome is likely to affect adults.

If you are a video game fanatic, know the problems that the habit can cause.

Based on research conducted to determine the relationship between carpal tunnel syndrome and playing video games, findings might affect the video game industry.

We can make improvements to eliminate the problem.

It is possible to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome by studying the subject further.

My Experience with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

During the day, I work eight hours in front of a computer typing letters, writing articles and other activities.

I never paid attention to my sitting posture and how much pressure I was placing on my wrist.

Later I would go home and sit in front of my computer to play video games.

As a result, my wrist started feeling numb and I couldn’t feel my fingers.

It got so bad that I could hardly use the mouse for about fifteen minutes before I felt the pain.

This was not good, so I visited my doctor and asked for some advice.

My problem was so bad that they placed a wrist support brace to allow proper blood flow.

How to Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at Home

So I asked my doctor how to speed up my recovery so I could take off my support brace.

He told me to do some exercises that involved stretching, circular movements, and soft massage.

Stretching involves moving your wrists forward and backwards until you feel a little stretch.

Users can also stretch their wrists side to side while holding them in place for a few seconds then release.

Circular movements of the wrist can be done by rotating the hands clockwise and counterclockwise.

Finally, softly massage your wrists starting from the bottom arm all the way to the fingers.

Then, massage from the upper forearm, down to the fingers. This activity helps blood flow to the hand.

How to Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Never apply heavy pressure to the bottom of the wrist while using a mouse on a computer.

To avoid injuries, use an adjustable chair where you can change the height.

Lift the chair until your wrist slightly touches the desk but enough to control the mouse.

Use a super comfortable mouse pad with an extra cushion or a gel-like feature.

Always sit up straight and never lean on your arms or wrists while working on the computer.

If you play video games, I suggest buying a gaming chair that comes with excellent adjusting parts.

Ergonomic adjustable chairs are great alternatives to video game chairs.

Also, get an ergonomic mouse that fits comfortably in the user’s hands.


If any of these symptoms relates to you, take action now before it’s too late.

A small percentage of individuals who suffered severely from carpal tunnel syndrome needed surgery.

By following the exercises mentioned above, you can quickly eliminate further injuries.

Remember, playing video games don’t cause problems; It is how the individual plays video games that cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you need more information about the subject, please leave your comments below.

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