Parts Needed to Build the Best Gaming Computer

Gamers want to know the parts needed to build a gaming computer.

Whether you love to play racing or first-person shooter games, you want to get the best. 

For many gamers, playing a game on the PC is the best experience ever.

Computer gaming has many fans because it is affordable and can upgrade their components.

However, you need to decide whether to buy a pre-built gaming system or just build one.

Although there are people who prefer to buy an already built computer, building your own gaming PC has many advantages.

For example, when you build a gaming computer, it is easy to pick all the parts you want. 

From the motherboard to the power supply unit, you can use the components you want. 

Also, you will have control of the entire machine.

However, the parts needed to build a gaming computer are very important.

A gaming PC is a system that needs to process a huge amount of information. 

This means you need to buy one that is powerful, reliable, and efficient. 

In addition, a gaming system needs to be connected to various devices. 

Therefore, when building your gaming computer, you need to consider many factors.

The parts needed to build a gaming computer

With the right gaming computer parts and a screwdriver, you can build a powerful system. 

Here are the main parts you need to build a gaming computer.


They refer the motherboard to the central hub for the rest of the computer parts. 

It is a component that houses various parts of the system.

The quality of the motherboard regulates how powerful it is and what components to install.

When selecting the motherboard, ensure you consider the socket type and the chip-set type.

Both will determine the central processing unit (CPU) that the motherboard can support. 

In addition, you need to check the number of RAM slots. 

Some popular formats of the motherboard are Mini ITX, Micro ATX, and the full ATX. 

The most recommended format for gaming computers is the Micro ATX.

The CPU (Central Processing Unit)

The CPU or the processor is the brain of your system. 

The work of the CPU is to process all computer data. 

There are various manufacturers of PC processors, but the most used are Intel and AMD. 

Both of them are reliable and work well for today’s modern gaming PCs.

However, when choosing the processor for your system, ensure you learn more about them. 

Some gamers prefer Intel processors while others use AMD processors. 

But with the right information, you will choose the best processor to handle all gaming activities.

Computer gaming case or tower

Though some people may think a computer case is not important, we cannot ignore it.

The case holds and protects all your valuable PC parts. 

Just like other PC parts, a good computer case can serve you for many years. 

To ensure you get a good one, invest in a light-weight metal case rather than one that is made of plastic. 

In addition, when buying one online, check several reviews to ensure you pick the right one.

Gaming cases come in different shapes and sizes, pick one that’s right for you.

Memory (RAM)

For gaming, you need to equip your computer with the right memory. 

RAM is what the computer needs to store information and retrieve files. 

But the most important thing about RAM is the capacity. 

To have a great gaming experience, you need a minimum of 8GB DDR4 2400 RAM. 

Anything less than 8GBs of RAM may slow down your gaming experience. 

Power Supply (PSU)

You need to connect the power to your system. 

Since gaming is a serious activity, avoid buying a low-quality power supply unit.

If other computer components are of high quality, ensure you get a powerful unit. 

In addition, it is wise to buy a PSU from a reliable manufacturer. 

It is also necessary to consider having a PSU that will run a gaming PC.

A power supply unit should be able to power all major components of a gaming computer.

Video card or graphics card

If you want video games to appear cool or photo-realistic, you need to get a quality video card or graphics card. 

There are many companies that produce graphic processing units, but the main ones are AMD and NVIDIA. 

So, when choosing the right one for your system, do a bit of research to ensure you pick the best one. 

Data Storage

Although it might be impossible to know how much storage is necessary, look for extra storage space. 

You can install a hard disk drive, solid state drive, or both of them.

Optical drive for CDs or DVDs

If you own several DVDs and CDs, then you need an optical drive. 

However, make sure it supports both CDs and DVDs.

Operating System (Windows 10)

When building your gaming computer, the best operating system is Windows 10. 

Ensure you get Windows 10 (OS) so that your system runs the latest games. 

Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor

These are parts of the computer that serve as input or output ports:

The Monitor–its work is to display game visuals,, but it differs from a TV. 

The most important thing is to choose the right size and screen resolutions. 

Other parts needed to build a gaming computer:

The Keyboard–when choosing a keyboard for your gaming PC, you need to decide whether you need a regular keyboard or a tactical one.

The Mouse–when choosing a mouse, the technology used is the most important factor to consider. 

Users can choose either an optical mouse or a laser mouse. 

Although a laser mouse is very accurate, it can be too sensitive at times.

Hence, a good mouse for gaming activities is the optical one.

Why do you need all these gaming computer parts?

When buying a gaming computer, the above parts are necessary.

Consumers can also include headphones, controllers, speakers, and a microphone. 

However, these are not as important as the main PC parts.

Getting all these PC parts will enable you to build a gaming PC that can play all your favorite games. 

Keep in mind that every part of the system is important. 

Hence, always ensure you use high-quality parts when building your gaming PC.

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